How to pack your kitchen in a day

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It’s no secret that the kitchen is one of the most challenging rooms to pack for the move. Whether your kitchen is small or big, there’s no doubt you’ll have to spend a lot of your time in order to pack everything. But, will you be able to pack everything in just one day? We won’t lie to you, it will be a bit challenging! However, this shouldn’t be the reason for you to already start to panic. Instead of panicking, make yourself comfortable and start reading our guide. We will explain to you how to have a stress-free and hassle-free packing of your entire kitchen! So, buckle up and keep reading to learn how to pack your kitchen in a day!

Make a moving plan for packing a kitchen in just one day

Whether you’re moving to Florida or any other state, you’ll need to come up with a moving plan! Trust us, having a moving plan and schedule will make your relocation so much easier! And, if you want to pack your kitchen in one day, it’s necessary to write down all of the things you’ll need to take care of. As soon as you write down everything, make at least two or three copies. Place your moving plan in a visible place to make sure you’ll remember everything that you wrote. As soon as you make a moving plan you’ll realize how useful it will be for you. Therefore, make one if you want to have a simple and organized relocation!

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Do you want to move with ease? If so, make a moving plan!

Call in the troops to help you pack a kitchen in one day

Even though you can pack your entire kitchen by yourself, it’s better to ask someone to help you out. Once you start packing this room, you’ll realize why the kitchen is one of the most challenging rooms to pack. All of us have rooms that are drowning in items we don’t use anymore. And, kitchen is the room that has the most of these items. Whether you have too many plates, glasses, or small appliances you don’t use anymore, it’s necessary to get rid of them. Remember, separating these items will be only one of the things you’ll need to do before packing the entire kitchen. Therefore, if you want to do this with ease, ask your family members or friends to help you out. Even if only one person is available, their help will mean a lot to you!

Gather the necessary materials

If you want to pack your kitchen in the fastest possible way, you’ll need to gather packing materials ahead of time. In most cases, people don’t know which packing materials they should get. Well, let us help you with this matter. First of all, you’ll need a lot of moving boxes. And we mean a lot! Also, find moving boxes in various shapes and sizes. You should take into consideration getting plastic moving bins, and not just cardboard boxes. One of the reasons why people like using plastic bins during the move is because they’re sturdy enough to keep all of your packed items safe during transportation. And, they’re also reusable! So, if you’re thinking about going green, these bins should be your choice!

Next, you’ll need enough of wrapping materials, packing paper, and cushioning materials to protect your fragile items. In case getting all of these materials sounds pricey to you, fear not! You can deduct moving expenses by using some of the alternatives to traditional packing materials. For example, old sweaters and other pieces of clothes, make excellent wrapping and cushioning materials. Also, you can use towels, blankets, suitcases, laundry baskets… The list just keeps going on!

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There are so many great alternatives to traditional packing materials.

Know what to pack first

As you already know, there are some rules you’ll want to follow when packing your items for the move. One of these rules includes knowing which items you should pack first. For example, you can pack all of your small appliances immediately! Even if you need to use your microwave, there are other alternatives that can help you prep your meals. Also, another thing you can start packing are those extra bowls, wine glasses, and cutlery. In short, you’ll want to have one or two plates, glasses, mugs, and kitchen utensils for each member of your family. Pack the rest of the items.

Kow what to pack last

So, you’ve learned which items to pack first. But what are the items you should pack last? Well, whenever you need to move you will need to prepare an essentials box for moving. There are no rules when it comes to packing this box. You can place non-perishable food, bottles of water and plastic plates and utensils. Think about items you’re going to need during the first days in your new home and pack them in your essentials box. This way, you won’t have to search through every box in order to find something you need. Oh, and there’s one more important piece you’ll want to pack last. Yes, we’re talking about the fridge. However, don’t forget to defrost it one day before the big move!

A white refrigerator that needs to be handled with extra care when you need to pack your kitchen in a day
Make sure your refrigerator is completely dry before you pack it.

Even though you have to pack your kitchen in a day, you’ll need to keep it organized and clean. There are no excuses for creating even bigger chaos! Make sure to clean as you pack and you won’t have to deal with the mess later. You can thank us later for this tip!

 Hire professionals to pack your kitchen in a day

So what do you think, will you be able to pack your kitchen in a day? Remember, you don’t have to do this alone! You can always hire reliable movers Lake Worth FL to help you out! By hiring someone as experienced as Moving Kings Van Lines FL, you won’t have to worry about your relocation! Our moving experts will help you pack and relocate everything in the safest and fastest possible manner!

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