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    Moving Checklist

    One Month Before Your Move:

    • Choose a moving company and confirm arrangements
      Get written confirmation of your moving date, costs, etc.
    • Give away or dispose of anything you no longer need
      Go through all the rooms in your home and sort through what will move with you and what should be left behind. Organize a garage sale or donate unwanted clothing, furniture, or other household goods. Buy only the foods you will need up until moving day. Clear out your cupboards and pack or dispose of perishable items you will not need prior to moving day.
    • Notify your friends, family, and place of employment
      Notify your employer and arrange a day off from work so that you can supervise the move. Be sure to notify the important people in your life about your move and find ways to keep in touch. If you have children, begin to prepare them for the transition and give them time to say goodbye.
    • Gather your valuables
      Separate items such as jewelry, sentimental items, and important files for safekeeping. You may want to consider personally transporting these items to your new home.
    • Submit a change of address
      Fill out a change of address form at your local post office or do it online at
    • Know what you can and cannot move
      Be sure to go over the moving company’s list of items that may not be allowed in your shipment.

    Two Weeks Before Your Move:

    • Begin packing
      Start to pack anything you don’t use often. During your packing, note items of special value that may require additional insurance.
    • Label everything
      Label and number each box with its contents and the room it is destined for. Pack and label any essential items you may need right away. This will help you keep an inventory of your belongings.
    • Confirm your travel plans
      If you plan on driving to your new home, be sure to get your car tuned and inspected. If you are flying, make sure to book your plane tickets. If necessary, book any hotels or stops you will need to make along the way.
    • Notify other businesses
      These services should be made away that your address is changing:

      • Insurance company
      • Auto finance company
      • Bank
      • Credit card companies
      • Home maintenance services
      • Pharmacy
      • Healthcare providers
      • Utilities
      • Department of Motor Vehicles
      • Social Security Administration
      • State/Federal Tax Bureau
    • Clean out your safety deposit box
      Remove everything from your safety deposit box and put it in safekeeping so that you can take those items with you on moving day
    • Begin cleaning and do some walk throughs
      Clean any rooms in your home that have been emptied, such as attics, basements, and closets. Double check to make sure you did not leave anything behind. Make arrangements to clean your new home. Arrange any services for your new home that may be easier to do prior to move-in day.

    One Week Before Your Move:

    • Notify your moving company
      Be sure to follow up with your moving company to re confirm all the details. Find out when they will be arriving and what time
    • Refill prescriptions
      Stock up on prescriptions you may need during the next couple of weeks.
    • Pack your suitcase
      You want to finish your general packing a few days prior to your move. It’s best to pack a suitcase for everyone in the family with essentials, valuables, important records, and enough clothes for a few days.
    • Arrange payment for movers
      Make sure you have the correct funds available to pay to the movers. Get cash to have on hand if you wish to tip the movers.

    24 Hours Prior To Moving Day:

    • Defrost your freezer
      If your refrigerator is being transported, make sure to empty, clean, and defrost it at least 24 hours prior to your move date.
    • Be available
      Make it a point to be on hand when the movers arrive. See that all of your items have been loaded and remain close by until loading is complete. Do not sign the inventory list, until a final walk through is done.
    • Double check the paperwork
      Read the Bill of Lading carefully and sign if everything is correct. Do the same with the inventory list. Make sure to obtain copies of all paperwork!

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