Month: April 2018

Moving to Lake Worth FL

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Lake Worth is a coastal city, located in Palm Beach County, Florida. This “heaven on Earth” is shaped by the Atlantic Ocean and the broad waters of the Lake Worth Lagoon. It is a vibrant, multi-cultural, ever-changing city with a strong public and environmental awareness. People are drawn to moving to Lake Worth FL because

Easy guide for packing your kids’ clothes

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Moving house is can be a stressful and tiring process, but if you have kids, that process can be even more complicated. For parents with young children, this means that they need to pack everything by themselves (older children can help though). That’s why you need to start on time. Packing your kids’ stuff can be

Best places to live in Lake Worth FL

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So you are thinking of moving to Lake Worth in Florida. This place definitely has its charms and you will love living here. You probably want to get as many information about this small town as you can. Well, Lake Worth is located in Palm Beach County in Florida. The climate here is great and

Arranging a perfect garage sale – how it’s done?

stuff on a perfect garage sale

If you are planning on getting rid of unnecessary things and earning some money during the process, a garage sale is just what you need. Get ready to move, pack, sort out and sell all of those things you don’t need. Arranging a perfect garage sale demands a lot of organizing and effort. However after

Tips for adjusting to a new home

Many people move each year. The problem is that this is not always by choice. Reasons can be different – a new job or school, marriage, lower cost and higher quality of life, more opportunities, …  Adjusting to a new home can be frightening and even more difficult—especially when you are in love with your

Moving to Tampa – tips and hints

Tampa harbour

You are thinking about moving to Florida, but you are still not sure which city is good for you. Making a list, Tampa is probably one of the options. If you still haven’t decided whether moving to Tampa is a good idea, read this guide with some main tips and hints about moving to this

How to move stress-free?

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Many people become anxious when it comes to the moving process. And to be honest, changing home address without stress is almost impossible. The good news is that tension levels can be reduced to the minimum. The question that we will try to answer is: how to move stress-free?

The Benefits of Professional Packing Services

Moving can be a stressful, overwhelming process. The last thing anyone wants to do is go through every item they own, carefully wrap and pack the delicate pieces, and still stress over whether they protected everything properly. In some cases, this is a lifetime worth of possessions, and they all need to be treated with

Tips for Moving with Kids

Moving can be very difficult, especially when there are little ones involved. It’s hard to get everything done while still keeping your kids entertained, and it can make moving seem overwhelming. Moving Kings is here to make your move as easy and stress-free as possible. We’ll work with you every step of the way, with packing and

Moving Mythbusters

There is a lot of information out there about moving, and not all of it is accurate. As an industry professional here at Moving Kings, I’m telling you — don’t believe it all. We have helped families move for years, and we are going to share a few words of wisdom with you. In today’s post,