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Top Florida winter vacation ideas

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Sunlight beaming through palm trees, representing Florida winter vacation ideas.

Let’s face it – during the winter, we all feel the need for a warm weekend getaway. Especially if you’ve recently finished a big relocation; you’re probably itching for a vacation. And luckily for you – Florida offers plenty of options in this regard! There are many destinations here for people who want to escape

How much to tip movers?

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Your moving day has come and gone. The movers you hired for the job came to your home and did either a good or a bad job. Perhaps they exceeded all of your expectations or failed to live up to their reputation. So, you know that it is common courtesy to tip your movers, but

 How to stay organized after a move

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Moving is a difficult process. It takes time and patience and it gives people a lot of stress. After all that stress your job is not done. You need to adapt to your new home. This means you need to stay organized after a move, if you do not you will get stressed. Since you

Most popular Halloween celebrations in Florida

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Halloween items

Holidays. Is there anyone who doesn’t like them? As the year comes to an end, we start to contemplate about what we had done during the past year. For better, or for worse, this year is nearing its end. This also means that the holiday season is just around the corner. Its vanguard, the most

Unpacking tips

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You’re finally done with your move! Really, we’re picturing it right now. You’ve been served by great Florida movers. All the boxes have been unloaded, your family is there, you’ve got the keys to your new place. All that’s left is to unpack all of your stuff, and then you can finally get some rest!

Highest paying jobs in Florida

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So you’ve moved, or you’re at least thinking about moving to Florida? A lot of times, the process of relocating can be vastly different depending on where you’re moving. After all, moving to Miami isn’t the same as moving to Paris. But, there’s one thing every place from Bangkok to Palm Beach has in common

How to pick a public storage in Lake Worth

Public storage in Lake Worth

Everybody sometimes needs to put things in a storage for some period. Even you can be in that situation. In this case, you will need the services of companies where you can rent a public storage in Lake Worth. But, how to pick the right storage? In this article, we will give you some reasons

Benefits of moving to Orlando

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Orlando is a city in the state of Florida, in the south of the United States. The Metropolitan Orlando has more than 2,000,000 residents. It was named Orlando in 1857, in honor of the soldier Orland Reeves who died in a war with the Seminoles. When Orlando comes to our mind, we think about two

Tips for adjusting to a new home

Many people move each year. The problem is that this is not always by choice. Reasons can be different – a new job or school, marriage, lower cost and higher quality of life, more opportunities, …  Adjusting to a new home can be frightening and even more difficult—especially when you are in love with your

10 Tips for the Day After Move-in

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A living room with sofa surrounded by cardboard boxes as if someone is moving in.

After a fun-filled day of moving with the professionals at Moving Kings, you are most likely waking up to a house full of boxes feeling like you ran a marathon. The hard part of physically moving is over, but unpacking can be very daunting. Moving Kings has developed ten helpful tips to make settling in