Tips for handling moving company insurance claims

When moving, we try to stay positive and keep the stress away. However, sometimes accidents do happen and we need to deal with issues as they come. If handling moving company insurance claims is not something you are familiar with, we bring you the best tips that will help you tremendously. It is really important to be prepared for every kind of situation, because only then you will be able to beat the stress. Especially if you are moving household goods, you need to know how to claim your rights.

handling a moving company insurance claim does not have to be stressful. Living room photographed during the day.
When handling a moving company insurance claim, one of the most important things is to take photos of the items before movers take them out

Before the move

The best tips for handling moving company insurance claims begin even before you make the move. There are a few things that will make your claim stronger. They will also increase your chances of winning the claim.

Make an inventory list

Your movers will also make an inventory list before they take your belongings into the moving truck. But, just to be on the safe side, make your own inventory list as well, when moving to Tampa. In this way, you will immediately know if some of the items are missing from the shipment. This list should also be among the documents you send for the claim.

Take photos and videos of your belongings

The best way to make your claim stronger is to show the before and after photos. Take photos of your items in the condition before they were sent out. If it is easier for you, make a video in which you can clearly see the items. Sometimes it can happen that your items were already damaged before the move, and this is the way to ensure that you do not make an insurance claim for no reason. Always be extra careful to protect your property when moving out.

Keep track of everything

We certainly hope that you will not have to be in the business of handling moving company insurance claims, but it is essential to keep track of everything. Keep every document, letter, contract and receipt that you receive from the moving company. And before you ask yourself if you need moving insurance, the answer is always yes. Furthermore, keep track of every conversation you had with the personnel from the moving company. In case of an insurance claim, you will need to provide a timeline. And this makes it indefinitely easier because otherwise, you might forget some crucial things.

a white, broken plate on a white surface
When your movers arrive with your belongings, check out if you have some damaged or missing items before signing a delivery note.

When your items arrive…

When the movers arrive with your belongings, do not sign the delivery note right away. If you first sign and then realize that some of your items are missing or damaged, you will decrease your chances of getting insurance money. Instead, open every box and compare the items with your inventory list and photos. If you find any issues, make sure to write it down immediately. Handling moving company insurance claims is not something that you will do on a regular basis, but with our tips, everything will be easier.

Make a call to the moving company

If your items are missing or damaged, you should make a call to the moving company. First of all, you should see if they want to resolve the issue directly with you, without filing a claim. If not, ask them about all the documents that are required for filing an insurance claim. When you gather all of them you can proceed with filing an insurance claim. Additionally, check your contract and see what insurance did you take:

  • Released value coverage – This is the type of insurance that is free, but in case of an accident it will not bring you much joy. Namely, for every damaged item you would get 0.60 cents, which is not much.
  • Full value protection – This is different as you have to pay upfront, however, if anything happens to your items, you will be fully compensated. So, it is definitely worth the risk.

Important time-frames for handling moving company insurance claims

The deadline for filing an insurance claim against the moving company is nine months. Needless to say, you should do it as soon as you can. The moving company then has 30 days to acknowledge that claim. Usually, this is done within the first week. Afterward, they have a deadline of 120 days to resolve this claim. Basically, if you have an ongoing insurance claim will be finished in less than four months.

a woman in black suit and a white shirt holding a card on which it says Terms and conditions.
Always check out your contract, and choose your moving insurance wisely before the move.

The most important tip of all: Be kind

Kindness will do wonders with your insurance claim. People from the moving company will be more cooperative, and you will be more relaxed. Let`s remember that material items are just that, material items. No one can compensate for your time, nerves, sleep deprivation, and energy. At the end of the day, what really matters is that you are happy about your moving decision. Try not to be rude when you speak to the moving company. There is a deadline for them to resolve the claim, so make patience your greatest virtue.

Handling a moving company insurance claim can bring out the best or the worst out of you. Always remain calm and try to take a more positive view. This does not mean that you cannot be firm at the same time. You should speak up for yourself, enclose hard evidence and hope for the best. If it gets difficult at times, remember the reason why you moved in the first place. Take pleasure at living in your new house and making it into a perfect home. Good luck!

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