How to stay healthy during the move?

Sleep deprivation, unhealthy diet, stress and bad time management can impact your health significantly. Nobody wants to feel bad or get sick, and we usually stick to good habits at the beginning of the moving preparations. But, afterward, somehow we give in and order pizza every night, and wake up feeling exhausted. And this feeling is absolutely not due to moving tasks, it is because of what we do on a daily basis. In order to stay healthy during the move, we must stick to the good stuff like sleeping enough and eating healthy. And, do not worry, with moving companies Boca Raton your move will go smoothly.

vegetables on the floor, a knife and a tea spoon
Stay healthy during the move by planning out your meals for the upcoming week.

Eat well

Every single day. Remember that while it is important to focus on moving, a healthy diet is a must. Everything is possible with the right planning and organization. Make a plan once a week that will include exactly what you will eat during the week. Although it sounds boring and you may have cravings for a cheeseburger, think about the benefits of it.

A balanced diet will make you rise and shine every single morning. Take out the frozen food out of the freezer, make weekly visits to a grocery store. Buy enough fruit and vegetables, eggs, dairy products, and almonds or walnuts. And stick to your eating schedule, do not skip meals just because you do not have time. You can make time for it by organizing your day every morning.

Stay hydrated

You do not have to drink countless liters of water every day to stay healthy during the move. It is enough to drink a glass of water every hour or so. Include herbal teas in your daily routine. They are proven to reduce stress and help your mind relax. And when moving, it is really necessary not to overthink and become anxious when anticipating every possible issue that can arise. Licensed movers Florida know this, so when movers knock at your door and start carrying out box after box, offer them a glass of water.

stay healthy during the move by sleeping well. a double-bed and a lamp on the night table
A solid 6-8 hours of uninterrupted sleep will do many wonders for your health.


Sleep deprivation is a big no-no when you want to stay healthy during the move. As we already mentioned, the organization is the key. In order to have enough time to sleep every night, start your moving preparations on time. For an interstate move, you should begin at least 16 weeks before, while a local move requires around 12 weeks. You do not have to sleep for ten hours each day, but a solid 6-8 hours is enough for your body to recover after a long day. Even when you are moving to Florida with a newborn, ask someone to help you, because exhaustion will not get you anywhere.


No matter how busy our schedules get during a move, even 10 minutes of relaxation a day can have a positive influence on our bodies. You can choose from a wide variety of relaxing techniques. Listening to music while you are doing chores around the house, for example, can boost your immune system. Packing, dusting, taking photos of your belongings can all be done with music. And we can all agree that everything is much more different when the music is on. Play your favorite song and just enjoy yourself while getting the job well done. In order to stay healthy during a move, you can try out different things for relaxation:

  • Reading a book – Books are a fantastic way to relax your mind and thus leave all the stress out of the equation. Choose books with light and comic content and enjoy yourself.
  • Doing yoga – If you can`t make it to the gym, there are tons of videos online that you can watch and replicate. And remember all it takes is 10 minutes a day to do yoga and stay healthy.
  • Running – If you already had a habit of running every day, do not stop with it just because you are moving. It will make you feel good after exercise and most importantly, it does not have to last long.
a woman running outside during the day light in grey shorts and a crop top
You do not have to drink liters and liters of water everyday or exercise for hours, the key is to find the balance and not exaggerate.

Don`t make excuses

You know what you have to do in order to stay healthy during the move. But, more often than not, we just talk about these things, rarely putting them into action. If you are not in the mood for preparing food, it is okay to order some fast food once in a while. However, do not make excuses because they will lead you into a stressful moving experience and also health issues. The moving will not last forever, but every day counts and it is super important to treat your body and mind with the care that they deserve. Just like you have made your week by week moving checklist, make your week by week stay healthy checklist. It will pay off eventually, and you will be happier.

Hire professionals to help you

In order to prevent the burnout syndrome and preserve your health, learn how to delegate your tasks. Professional movers can help you with a lot of things during the move. If you feel like you cannot possibly be able to pack, move, unpack, deal with the paperwork, find a new apartment, job, and school, just delegate. You will decrease the risk of accidents, have insurance, have more spare time when you will be able to relax. Our day can get chaotic and in the end, things will get resolved, but our body remembers everything. Stay healthy during the move by realizing that you are not alone, that you can delegate, and that you do not have to be under stress 24/7. Good luck!

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