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Change of address forms, packing, phone calls to your bank and utilities company — you have a growing list of things to do and boxes are piling up everywhere! Moving can be an extremely daunting task, but it is far from impossible. It can even be a therapeutic and enjoyable experience. The Moving Kings blog was created by a team of professional moving experts with more than 20 years of experience in the field, and we created every article to share our knowledge of the moving industry and explain why Moving Kings is the new standard in moving and relocation services. We firmly believe that everything in your home is not only a representation of you, but also shows what you have worked so hard to earn, buy, and safeguard. It is only right that you and all of your belongings get the royal treatment when moving, and that is exactly what Moving Kings is here to provide.


Relax! This is the first step and best advice that we can give to anyone who is starting the moving process. You are just beginning to pack and research moving companies, and it’s important to remember that moving is a marathon, not a sprint.

Sort and Inventory Your Household

You never know how much you have before you move! Before you start calling and emailing for moving quotes, it is a good idea to clean house and take inventory of everything. Decide what you want to keep and what will be discarded, sold, or donated. Why spend the money to move something that you haven’t touched in years? Most companies are going to ask for an inventory list of everything you plan to move in order to build you a quote, so it’s best to make this list ahead of time. You don’t want to forget anything on the phone or in the email, because the quote you get will only be as accurate as your inventory list, no matter which company you choose for your move.

Reconnect with Your Belongings

Now is a great time to downsize and reconnect with all of the belongings you have collected over the years. Try not to get overwhelmed during your initial walk through — you don’t need to start packing and labeling everything into boxes all at once. Enjoy the fond memories of each item you find. Remember the positive experiences you had and the people you were with when you acquired each piece. A trip down memory lane can be very humbling and therapeutic, because it reminds you of times forgotten and memories shared with friends, families, and loved ones. This does not mean you should procrastinate packing because in lieu of having friends over for wine! In our experience, packing the weekend before your move never seems to work out!

Start Planning

The best Plan A has a Plan B, and in the moving industry, organization is everything! It is never too early to start planning for your upcoming move and organizing your belongings. You can start today by choosing a professional moving company that will help you every step of the way. Call Moving Kings today!

From packing to trustworthy transport and storage, Moving Kings will give you the royal treatment that will soon become standard with every move across America. We have the experience to handle the most difficult household goods and our 24/7 customer service puts the rest of the industry to shame. Call us today for a free, customized estimate!

You can also follow this blog for more tips and advice from our expert moving team. Learn the best way to move a piano or get a checklist for the day before and the day after your move. Questions? You can contact our team any time! Call us today or email info@movingkings.comfor more information.

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