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What should you wear on moving day?

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Even if you have moved numerous times in your lifetime, it might be a good idea to get some help. That is the main reason for us being here today. Moving is never easy. Every relocation is different than the previous one, and that is exactly what makes every relocation difficult. You never know what

How to get precise Florida moving quotes?

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Moving to Florida? Yes. Welcome to the land of the Sun and prestige beaches. Your new life is waiting just around the corner, but before you start living the fairytale – you will have to deal with the moving process itself. Moving is almost never a simple task, and many people get anxious even thinking about

How to move stress-free?

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Many people become anxious when it comes to the moving process. And to be honest, changing home address without stress is almost impossible. The good news is that tension levels can be reduced to the minimum. The question that we will try to answer is: how to move stress-free?

Tips for Moving with Kids

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Moving can be very difficult, especially when there are little ones involved. It’s hard to get everything done while still keeping your kids entertained, and it can make moving seem overwhelming. Moving Kings is here to make your move as easy and stress-free as possible. We’ll work with you every step of the way, with packing and

How to Move a Piano

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Many of our customers need professional moving help to relocate their pianos, keyboards, or organs. Whether you are a professional musician and your piano means everything, or it’s a keepsake from a family member that hasn’t been played in years, we’ll take excellent care of your belongings. Moving Kings has a complete training program to make sure our moving

How to Move a Gun Safe

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Back when our Senior Moving Coordinator was a young man, he recalls moving many gun safes both locally and over long distances. Gun safes generally weigh anywhere between 200 and 800 pounds, but some of the larger safes can weigh more than 1000 pounds! Moving a gun safe is a liability nightmare for any moving company, so it

How to Pack like the Pros

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Packing is without a doubt the most tedious and time consuming part of moving. However, it should also be a priority on your moving to do list, because it will help to save on the cost of your move and prevent potential damage or misplacement of your belongings. Keep reading for a brief tutorial on the

Can You Pack Hazardous Materials?

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Moving Kings is a fully licensed and insured professional moving service based out of South Florida. But what does it mean to be fully licensed and insured? It means that our company follows the rules and regulations implemented by the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) and are licensed as a “motor carrier” to transport household