Month: December 2017

How to Evaluate a Company’s Reviews

When looking for a moving company, the most critical part of your research should be reading through reviews on social media and on major sites like Google, Better Business Bureau (BBB), and HomeAdvisor. There are a few key points to keep in mind as you begin to sift through all the reviews:

How to Move a Piano

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Many of our customers need professional moving help to relocate their pianos, keyboards, or organs. Whether you are a professional musician and your piano means everything, or it’s a keepsake from a family member that hasn’t been played in years, we’ll take excellent care of your belongings. Moving Kings has a complete training program to make sure our moving

How to Move a Gun Safe

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Back when our Senior Moving Coordinator was a young man, he recalls moving many gun safes both locally and over long distances. Gun safes generally weigh anywhere between 200 and 800 pounds, but some of the larger safes can weigh more than 1000 pounds! Moving a gun safe is a liability nightmare for any moving company, so it

How to Move Large Pieces of Glass and Marble

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If you have a large glass or marble piece in your home and you plan to move, you will need to make special arrangements to transport it. Moving Kings has more than 20 years of military, household, and commercial moving experience, and in that time, we have unfortunately witnessed damage to very expensive glass or marble pieces. In many

Renting a Truck VS. Hiring a Professional Moving Service

As you start packing up your house and research how to transport everything for your move, you may find yourself with an inbox full of quotes and estimates, and you may begin to think that you could probably do this move yourself. What’s to stop you from renting a truck, loading and unloading everything yourself,

How to Estimate the Time it will take to Move

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If you are moving locally, this is the key question that will give you an accurate time and price for your move. Long distance moves often come with a guaranteed flat-rate price, but local moves are generally billed at an hourly rate. You are charged for however long the move takes, plus travel time. If you

How to Pack like the Pros

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Moving Day

Packing is without a doubt the most tedious and time consuming part of moving. However, it should also be a priority on your moving to do list, because it will help to save on the cost of your move and prevent potential damage or misplacement of your belongings. Keep reading for a brief tutorial on the

10 Tips for the Day After Move-in

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After a fun-filled day of moving with the professionals at Moving Kings, you are most likely waking up to a house full of boxes feeling like you ran a marathon. The hard part of physically moving is over, but unpacking can be very daunting. Moving Kings has developed ten helpful tips to make settling in

10 Tips For the Day before Move-in

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By now you have reserved your Moving Kings team and are making the final preparations for our arrival tomorrow. The stress and anxiety you are experiencing is completely normal; researchers have actually compared the stress levels of moving with the stress experienced by people filing for bankruptcy or coping with the death of a loved one. No

Can You Pack Hazardous Materials?

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Moving Kings is a fully licensed and insured professional moving service based out of South Florida. But what does it mean to be fully licensed and insured? It means that our company follows the rules and regulations implemented by the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) and are licensed as a “motor carrier” to transport household