Month: December 2018

How to estimate the cost of your move?


When you move you have a lot of things to think about. The first thing you will think about is the costs. If you do not estimate the cost of your move you might ruin the whole relocation and waste a lot of time and money. This can be very stressful so do not forget

Why families move to Fort Lauderdale?

A bird's eye view of Fort Lauderdale during daytime.

Are you thinking about moving to Florida? In that case, is relocation to Fort Lauderdale something that may appeal to you? Really, it’s no wonder – this is truly a place that has something for everyone. And while that’s true for pretty much any kind of lifestyle; the town is also pretty great for family

Pros and cons of moving to Miami

Miami skyline

Let’s be clear, relocation is the very exhausting process if you DIY. Hire professionals and chose the best destination that would please your needs. And if Miami is your choice trust us you won’t regret. If you take aside that Miami is the cultural, economic and financial center of South Florida, Miami is also one

Why families move to Boca Raton?

Eleanor P.Life in a new city
Brazilian Beat is onf the best festivals in Boca Raton

What is the perfect place to live in? Sure, everyone would give at least slightly unique answers, but a huge percentage would give a similar one. Florida, the Sunshine State. A place where it is always warm and sunny. Yeah, you won’t get your snowy Christmas, but nothing is perfect, right? Florida as a state

Why families move to Parkland?

Eleanor P.Life in a new city

If you’re going to move somewhere with your family – you’ve got a lot of decision-making in front of you. Let’s be realistic – relocating on your own is much, much easier. In that case, you’ve only got yourself and your needs to think about. But moving with your entire family means thinking about a

How to make a moving inventory list?

Eleanor P.Moving day tips
Moving Containers Vs. Truck Rentals

People often underestimate how complex a process is moving. It is a very common thing and kind of goes with human nature. The truth is, actually, quite the opposite. According to some studies, moving is among the most stressful events in our lives. When you think about it, it should not come as a surprise

 How to stay organized after a move

Eleanor P.After the move

Moving is a difficult process. It takes time and patience and it gives people a lot of stress. After all that stress your job is not done. You need to adapt to your new home. This means you need to stay organized after a move, if you do not you will get stressed. Since you

When is the best time to move home?

Eleanor P.Moving day tips

So, you have decided to move to another house/apartment? Well, congratulations are in order then! That is a big decision by anybody’s standards and also not an easy one at that. Leaving your home, especially for the first time is never an easy thing to do. Now, if you have been moving a lot, it

Boca Raton home buyer guide

Still looking for your dream home? It can be hard to find your new home. Florida can provide you with many beautiful places to live. And you’re in luck, we can provide you with a perfect area for living and enjoying in your life. Boca Raton is located in the heart of Florida’s Atlantic Ocean

5 tips to know before moving to Miami


So, you are thinking about moving to Miami? Well, congratulations are in order then. Moving is always a big deal, whether you are moving for the first time or for the tenth. Before moving to Miami, there are a couple of things to know. As one of the largest cities in the USA, there are many