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    As one of our core values is to offer our customers complete satisfaction in terms of moving and storage services, we always invite and appreciate feedback from you. Feel free to share your experience with our team of movers here!

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    Most definitely a moving company you can trust! The entire Moving Kings team were amazing! The movers worked so hard packing and loading our items, and I received delivery as promised.

    Moving kings has provided me with outstanding services. I could not have gone with a more trustworthy company! Everything went smooth sailing, from the moment I booked, up until the day of delivery. Thank you Moving Kings!

    I was relocating from Maryland to Miami Beach Florida, the second I posted my information looking for a quote I got hundreds of phone calls. I received many different prices and I spoke to many different companies, Moving Kings, weren't the cheapest so I made a mistake going with the cheapest. When the other company showed up, they were the exact of professional. Banged on my door at 3 in the morning and when I let them in they started tossing my things into the truck. I was not having that! I told them to bring my things back in my house and I canceled my move. The very next day I called Moving Kings and booked my move with them. Moving Kings literally came to my rescue! They called me an hour before showing up and made sure I was home, at a reasonable time. When the two men showed up they were extremely nice and made sure my things were secure in the truck. The two men were very professional. My things arrived at the new location in no time and there was no damage done. Having Moving Kings service my move was a blessing and I'm very disappointed I didn't go with them from the beginning. A huge thank you to the entire Moving Kings team. I know who to call in the future and will gladly recommend them to anyone!

    Here is a quick summary of my experience with Moving Kings - feel free to read below for a more in-depth experience: - Customer service was great with communication and clear about expectations for both the consumer and Moving Kings - All of the movers I interacted with were extremely professional, and efficient - The price, which was very inexpensive, included everything plus taking furniture apart, and putting it back together - Everything was wrapped in plastic and furniture blankets - This experience far exceeded my expectations of moving I have moved many times in my life, and never wanted to pay for movers...that is, until my husband and I decided we were moving New York City after many months of being out of town. I did a lot of research trying to see what would be the best deal and eventually landed on Moving Kings, based out of Palm Beach Florida, hoping that my research would pay off. I was so nervous about everything having never hired movers before, but the agent helped me out throughout the entire process and soothed my stress. She answered every question I could think of and assured me of a great move. The movers arrived at our home in Tampa early, which was awesome. They also called me giving me 40 minutes warning that they would be arriving, which was an even bigger bonus. I had plenty of time to make sure we were ready for them. The foreman, was very professional and was very helpful to my husband and myself. He had a team of about 5 guys and they were all so great! We were completely moved out of the apartment in under 2 hours! After the movers left with our stuff we expected to be without all our things for at least 7 business days, and no more than 10 business days so we packed our little car with essentials and headed down to New York. Much to my shock I got a call from customer service on Sunday (we left Friday afternoon) and she informed me that my things would be delivered on Tuesday morning! The team in New York was just as great as the team in Tampa! They were thorough, friendly, and helpful. Again, all our stuff was moved in to our new home in under two hours! Everything arrived in great condition and the movers were very careful with our new beautiful wood floors. I cannot recommend Moving Kings highly enough! They are fantastic! After this experience, I will always hire them to help me with my move! Best moving experience yet!

    We moved 1,146 miles away to be with our children and grandchildren, I went online for quotes and got about 40 phone calls. Moving Kings had a good rating and we liked everything that was included in their service, so we hired them on the first phone call. I was comfortable with them because we were not being pressured into making our reservation right away and my rep was very trustworthy. This phone call was about an hour and a half long because me and husband had a million questions. We went back and forth for an hour, we were promised a stress free and smooth move and that's what we received. After we made our reservation we still had a bunch of questions, we called Moving Kings at least two times a week up until we got picked up. Our representative was extremely knowledgeable and understanding which also made us feel comfortable. When it was the day for pick-up I received a phone call asking if I preferred morning or afternoon pick-up and they told me what time they were going to be there. When the movers showed up each of the three men introduced themselves and talked me through what is going to happen and when eta for delivery would be. The three men were respectful and quick. They were in and out in two hours which was amazing, same thing with delivery. The same man called me and again, asked me if morning or afternoon was better. I have nothing bad to say about Moving Kings, in fact they provided an outstanding service. Thank you Moving Kings!

    This has been an easy move from start to finish. I have never had a moving company (from the past) go so above and beyond for me, as Moving Kings did. The agent that was assigned my move made me feel comfortable from the very first conversation. I trusted them and went based off my judgement, and being that they had a great online reputation, I went with them. When the movers arrived, the foreman did a quick walk through of the house with the inventory list attached to the estimate. One mover started to load boxes into the truck, as two others began to carefully disassemble my furniture. Everything was carefully bubble wrapped, taped, and wrapped with blankets. I was amazed considering my last experience with a mover was not as professional. After the truck had been loaded the foreman advised me to keep in contact with my assigned agent, who will then put me in contact with an assigned customer service representative who will help me locate my belongings at any time. She was a delight to speak to and would even send me text message notifications and updates on how far out until my delivery. They did advise me that I would get a call from the driver 24 hours prior to deliver, but I had direct contact with customer service who kept me updated at all time. When my assigned customer service rep called me, she told me my delivery will be in the next 2 days. And sure enough the day before, I got a call from the driver and we scheduled a time. As the movers arrived, they began to unload. Everything still perfectly wrapped, in overall mint condition. It was at that moment I was truly relieved. The movers put everything in all the rooms I directed them to, and carefully reassembled my furniture. Moving Kings most definitely deserves more recognition! Moving Kings is a 5-star company hands down. I have recommended them to friends and family members and they will be the first company I call if I ever have to relocate!

    I wanted to take some time out of my day to share each phase of my move. I hired Moving Kings to move my house hold goods from Palm Beach Florida, to Akron Ohio. On 07/14/2017 I got a call from Moving Kings after I filled out a quote online for “best movers in my area” and I spoke with the agent, who I must say, has a lot of knowledge in the moving industry. Him and I spoke on the phone for about an hour as we went over every large item, as he called “un-boxable”, this included my couches, dressers, beds, etc. We then went through the smaller items that we were able to box up and get an exact box count. After that was finished he gave me a very reasonable quote that I just couldn’t pass up and I made my reservation right then and there. Fast forward to about 3 days before-pick up, Moving Kings customer service contacted me to confirm a time the moves would be arriving. Upon arrival and the guys came in uniform and ready to move my stuff! We walked through the house and they wrote down every single item I was taking and notated the condition that it was in. I really appreciated this so there would be no issues at delivery. They laid out their moving blankets and got to work. I have a lot of stairs in my house and I must say these boys worked their butts off. Packing and loading did take a few hours, but it was over much quicker than I expected. The way that they packed the truck was intelligent and strategic. It was air tight and everything looked safe for transit. I approved, signed my bill of lading, tipped the Moving King drivers and off they went. Four short days later Moving Kings customer service department contacted me to now confirm a date and time of arrival for delivery. Upon arrival for delivery, the foreman took another inventory as everything was loaded off the truck, and we went over the original conditions of the items. I am pleased to say that everything was in perfect condition as it was when it left my house. The overall quality of the move was just spectacular. If you took the time to read this, I highly applaud Moving Kings. Not only the laborers, but the entire staff at Moving Kings really came together to make this an easy move!

    My experience with Moving Kings was a fantastic one! I hired Moving Kings to move my household items back to West Palm Beach, Florida, from Oklahoma. They made this a smooth stress-free relocation for my wife and me. They were excellent every step of the way! Not only were they well organized and inexpensive, everyone was extremely professional. My assigned customer service agent kept in contact with me from the day I booked, up until 48 hours prior to the day of my scheduled move. She confirmed with me the time the movers would be arriving, and provided me with the drivers/foreman’s number. The driver called me the day before, again to re-confirm that they would be arriving around 12 noon. The communication throughout this entire process was phenomenal. Everyone at Moving Kings was beyond informative, they answered all questions I had before I even got a chance to ask them! Upon arrival, the movers politely greeted themselves, gave me a quick break down of what would happen next, and did one last walk through of my house before loading up. I purchased some additional packing and the gentlemen did an amazing job. Everything else was carefully wrapped with blankets, plastic wrap, and tape. As they began loading the truck, every item and box was counted for. Everything labeled, stickered, and written down on the inventory list. All my items, boxes, and furniture were neatly loaded onto the truck and they finished up within 3 hours. I was amazed at how promptly they got the job done! As soon as the last of my items were loaded, I was given copies of all the paper work that I had signed, and was told I would receive my items within 5 days. This all planned out perfect because I still had to drive to West Palm Beach and make some last-minute arrangements. Again, my assigned customer service agent kept in contact with me until the day of delivery. She let me know they would not have an arrival time until 24 hours prior to delivery and sure enough the driver called me, and we scheduled a time and they arrived that day around the exact same time we had confirmed. Upon delivery, the Moving Kings crew unloaded my items and placed everything in the designated rooms. They unwrapped everything and even cleaned up on the way out! I must say this has been the absolute BEST experience I have had with a moving company. I’m beyond grateful that a friend of mine had recommended Moving Kings to me, as I will do the same for anyone I know inquiring about a move in the future. And I know who to call if I ever must relocate again in the future. Thank you, Moving Kings, for making this such an incredible stress-free move for my family!

    I recently hired Moving Kings for my move from West Palm Beach Florida to Pennsylvania. To say that this company was worth the money is an understatement!! Here's some insight on the process I endured from start to finish... First was the quote process. I was contacted by multiple moving companies that were eager to service my move when I filled out a request form online. The first company to contact me, almost immediately after I clicked submit, was Moving Kings. The Agent was extremely polite, knowledgeable and patient with me as this was my first time using this type of service. After explaining the service and their company we went through my inventory and I was provided with a quote. Obviously since this was my first time I was shocked at the price, but it wound up being one of the most affordable. I was informed to stay away from what they called "low ball quotes" and I was glad I did because those companies had awful reviews. Moving Kings was far and above better than any other company I spoke with. My assigned Agent answered all my questions in detail, double and triple checked that we included all my items informed me of certain industry standards, followed up with me when he said he would (since I listened to other companies and received other quotes), and was outstanding overall from start to finish. I eventually booked with Moving Kings due to this outstanding service. In the weeks leading up to my move and throughout the move Moving Kings customer service team was one of the best I had encountered in any industry! They were available 24/7 like they promised, they were always professional and polite, everyone answered or called back immediately when calls were urgent, and the entire company was upfront/honest with everything I asked of them. I was able to speak with every single person I needed to from my moving agent, to customer service, to management. I was absolutely blown away with their service! The move itself went so smooth I was amazed. After reading all of the horror stories online I was so nervous, but Moving Kings was unlike any other!! My items were treated with so much care, they acted like they were moving their own items it seemed like! I was so happy with how the movers treated my move, from their actual moving service to their manners towards me. It was done very professionally with blankets, wraps, pads and tape, just like my sales rep stated they would. The truck arrived to my new home in the time frame I was told and they kept in contact throughout the entire delivery process. They even set up my home perfectly just like they said they would!! I was thrilled with the movers just like I was with the representatives over the phone. All in all, I would 100% recommend Moving Kings Van Lines to anyone out there looking for an amazing moving service from one state to another. Every single person in their company from top to bottom treated me and my move with respect and compassion. Thank you so much Moving Kings!!

    Moving Kings recently reached out to me to follow up with my move after it was completed. I wanted to take a moment to share with everyone my experience with this company, It started with the initial agent I spoke with. He was so educated in the industry and gave me full preparation and disclosure of everything I needed to know and prepare for. We were working on the order for my move for about a month and he would always call to let me know when the rates were going up and down based off of the availability of the truck space. I really appreciated this. He worked very hard to get me the best deal and bugged his manager every time we were on the phone for discounts. He was an amazing piece of my move, so I wanted to thank you again. I was given a 2-day window for pick up with a preferred date of the 20th. They were able to work that out for me so that I didn’t have to miss a day of work. When the drivers arrived, they were in clean uniform and very professional looking. The foreman walked through my home and wrote down each piece I was bringing and notated the condition of the items which I really appreciated as I was concerned with some of my things being damaged. After the walk through he said that he didn’t think I was going to take as much space as I reserved and that I would possibly owe nothing when my things were delivered. The guys packed all my stuff with care. They took their time, laid out their blankets and just did a phenomenal job. I was very impressed with the precision of the foreman. When they began to load the things on the truck they would set some pieces aside to fit in later in the attempt of saving me as much space as possible. They were working hard so I ordered them some pizza and asked them to take a break for a while. I spoke with the foreman while we all ate, and I must say what a lovely young man he is. He was so respectful and intelligent I was shocked, and I felt safe moving with them. Moving Kings would call me every day to update their location on the truck and narrowed down my delivery as the days went on to the date and time. When they arrived, I was so pleased to see the same crew that loaded my items at delivery. I ordered them some more food and they got straight to work. Unloading and unwrapping all of my furniture took a while, and I want to add that these guys never once complained (I have a lot of stairs). They put together my bed, my couch, my tables, and anything else that they disassembled. I was unpacking the boxes while they were unloading and found 1 broken glass. I literally couldn’t be more impressed considering how far they traveled. They packed everything so so so well that all my glass came back in one piece. I want to commend Moving Kings for their amazing employees and impeccable work. I will always use you in the future (hopefully I don’t have to move again though) and I will always recommend you to anyone who is looking for a mover!

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