Pack toys for storage like a pro


Deciding to pack toys for storage can be a difficult process for everyone. Not only for you but also for your family members and your close friends. 

Since moving is a very complex event that is comprised of many factors that tie into each other, organizational skills are a must. Add packing toys on top of that list and you can start to see why moving is considered by many a very stressful event. However, as we have mentioned above, you are not the only one for whom this packing extravaganza is difficult for. This issue also palpates on your children, who spend most of the time with those toys. So make sure you take proper care when dealing with this issue.

Planning is important when moving if you want to elevate stress.


Pack toys for storage by informing your kids first

So the most important thing before you hire moving services Florida to do is to inform your children that you will pack their toys. Not only that but also try to incorporate them into the process of packing toys for storage. This way they will feel like they are in control and will help them cope better with moving stress. So make sure to give them the ability to decide on what toys they absolutely must pack. This will help not only you but also your kids with dealing with moving.

Gather the supplies.

Of course, as with any packing of items, you must first make sure you have the necessary supplies for packing. There are a lot of things to get but what we recommend is firstly getting the supplies in which you will be able to store your toys. There are a couple of things to consider here. Firstly, you need to make sure that the container fits the room in which it will be stored. If you have a decently equipped storage service, you might want to consider getting small and medium-sized moving cardboard boxes. However, if the storage is damp and in not in such good shape we recommend you store the toys in plastic containers, as they will fend off any of those weather conditions that you might want to protect your toys from. Or you can prevent mold in your storage unit and use cardboard boxes instead.

Pack toys for storage
Make sure you have all the proper tools for packing.

Also, this goes without saying but any material that can be used as a way to cushion and protect your toys is an absolute must. So in this category, we recommend things such as newspaper, bubble wrap or packing peanuts.

Picking the correct storage

Tightly in line with the above mentioned we also recommend that you find a suitable storage facility. So make sure you call up moving companies and inquire about their storage units. The key here is to find reliable and cheap storage. However, make sure it fits all your needs. From the minute things such as the size of the storage to the more luxurious questions such as climate-controlled storage units. Whatever you choose make sure you pick the correct storage for you!

How to pack toys for storage

There are several steps when you decide to pack toys for storage so we have divided it into several phases.

Step #1: Ask for your children’s help.

As we have mentioned above, the most important part of the packing process is letting your kids in on it. This way you give them the feeling of control and help elevate the stress of moving. Which is a huge deal since people find moving one of the most stressful experiences in their life. This will also give them comfort and familiarity during the actual move, so it’s always a smart idea to ask your children for help.

What we mean by asking your children for help is actually two-fold. The first part is to ask them which toys they like the most, and the second part is helping in the process of packing those toys for storage. This way you are killing two birds with one stone!

Step #2: Pack the toys.

Now comes the most important part of this whole article. Packing. There are several strategies you can go for, but we recommend the following. Take one piece of packing paper (or newspaper) and place one toy at the end of that roll of paper. Then simply roll that end of the paper into the toy. Place the second toy on the paper, next to the rolled piece and roll the newspaper again. And so on and so forth. This way you can pack a lot of toys with one packing paper. Now place all of that packed toys into the cardboard box, or plastic container and fill it to the brim with cushioning. Depending on what you got, you can either go with crumpled up newspaper or some sort of packing peanuts.

Teddy bear escaping from a briefcase
Make sure you pack everything properly, so everything can fit perfectly!

Whatever you do, just make sure there is no space for your toys to move whilst inside the box, so they don’t get destroyed during the move.

Step #3: Don’t forget to seal and label the boxes!

Lastly but certainly not least, don’t forget to seal and label the boxes. This is an important step since these boxes will be in a storage unit for god knows how long so you do not want anything getting in or out for that matter. So make sure you seal everything tightly and label what types of toys you have packed in what moving box. So what the time comes to unpack you will know exactly what is located in which box. It also serves as a good heads up to movers to know to handle with care when transporting those moving boxes.

In conclusion – What’s the best way to pack toys for storage?

There really is no best way to go about packing toys for storage. There are just simple guidelines you should follow. Things like asking your kids for help, and getting the proper method when packing so as to make sure your toys don’t get destroyed during transportation. Also, labeling is pretty important since it will help you find the toys you need when the time comes to unpack them.

So the next time you decide to pack toys for storage doesn’t forget to check out storage Lake Worth for awesome offers!

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