How to prepare an essentials box for moving

your passports go into the essentials box for moving

Packing might be one of the longest and probably most dreaded parts of any move. There is just so much to do! Getting emotional about your items doesn’t help the case. You need to go through each room and handpick which of your belongings go with you – and which ones stay behind! This can be tough for anyone, especially when moving on a budget and need to cut some expenses. And when you are moving to Florida, just like in any move, you will need to prepare an essentials bag or box. But what should you put in it – and should you try to overpack it? How big of a box do you need, and how many of them? In this article, find out all you need to know about preparing an essentials box for moving.

The importance of having an essentials box for moving

The first question someone might ask is why would you even need an essentials box for moving? Can’t you pack all your items in regular boxes and stuff them on the moving truck. Well, this line of thought raises quite an obvious question – what happens when you need an item that’s already in the moving truck? Do you try reaching for it, stopping your movers in the meantime? And if you are going to your new home by plane, you won’t even be able to reach your movers altogether!

So, basically, you need to take some items with you. And since you will discover that there will be quite a handful of items that you need a way to transport separately from our moving services Florida, then you will need a box for them. In the moving industry, this box is called an essentials box – and, as the name suggests, it is essential to any move!

Find your box in the pile of boxes!

In this box, you will pack all the items you cannot risk to lose during the move. However, what many people don’t realize is that this box is beneficial to keeping things in order. It is so easy to lose something in the towers of boxes. Simply putting your important things in a box that’s separate and away from other ones will make a huge difference! It will save you time and save you from loads of stress, too! That’s why packing an essentials box for moving is, well, essential!

What size of the essentials box for moving do I need?

When it comes to the number of boxes and their size, this usually depends on what your move is. Different people move in different ways – and one person can have countless different moves too. Usually, the general rule is that every person has one box. So, if you are moving with children, then each of them would get a box of their own. However, if you have a lot of essentials to pack (we will talk about them in a second), you should feel free to use two boxes for this.

The size of the box varies based on the move as well. It doesn’t even have to be a box altogether! If you are moving locally, you can use a simple gym bag. On the other hand, long-distance moves will require something larger. Usually, you won’t have a chance to get to your items in a day during this time – and your essentials box for moving is where you pack for staying somewhere overnight.

Each child needs an essentials box of their own.

The thing to remember here is that you shouldn’t fret about overpacking your essentials bag or box. The main reason you have it is so that your essential items will be close. An extra one or two items won’t hurt you. Just make it easy enough to carry around – you might need to do it from your car to the place you are staying overnight on a cross-country move.

What should I pack in the box?

Now we have come to the most confusing part for the majority of people – what actually goes into the essentials box for moving? Weirdly enough, the answer here is not that it depends on the move. Yes, each move is different, but there are some key components that always remain the same. These are the items you should carry with you in the essentials box:

a wallet
Pack your wallet carefully!
  • your wallet and keys – we are prone to losing these on an average day, let alone when all the moving drama comes around. You can keep these in your purse as well, but usually, you will want to keep all the essentials in the box, so they stay together.
  • medicine – this is an important one. If you are taking prescription medication, you will want to keep them with you at all times. They can be hard to refill if you lose them since it might look suspicious.
  • documents –  you want to keep all the important documents with you during the move. First, you should keep all the move-related paperwork with you when moving. Then, you should include your birth certificates, passports, social security cards and all those important documents in the essentials box for moving. HOPE Coalition America has even created a list of important legal documents that you need with you.
  • toiletries – finally, you should pack all the toiletries and a change of clothes in the essentials box. This is in case you need to stay somewhere overnight. Another option is that your moving truck doesn’t arrive at your home at the same time you do. By having an essentials box for moving, you won’t need to wait for the truck. Instead, you’ll be ready to start your life fresh!

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