How to protect, pack, and wrap a China Cabinet?

Moving is rarely easy. And when it comes to moving long distance or to another state – things tend to get even more complicated. Especially if you have to move some fragile items. Items such as china cabinets. Yes, they are very elegant and gorgeous, but they are also very fragile and easy to damage or even break. And that is why you need to know how to protect, pack and wrap a china cabinet before you load it into a moving truck. That is why we are here today. To help you do it quickly and stress-free! Watch this video to learn how to protect, pack and wrap a china cabinet with absolute certainty! And below the video, you can find the details for every step of the process, as shown in the video.

Protect, pack, and wrap a china cabinet in no time!

#1 Empty your china cabinet of all items on display or in storage inside

The first thing you should do is to inspect the contents of your china cabinet. Moving such an object is already hard as it is, and if it isn’t empty – things tend to get risky. So, make an inventory list and start emptying your china cabinet. You might not even need everything at your new house after all, who knows?

#2 Secure the edges

Yes. China cabinets are elegant. And in most cases, it means only one thing – sharp edges. Sharp, but fragile. And that is precisely where some professional packing materials can come in handy. Here is what you will need:

  • Moving blankets
  • Tape
  • Stretch wrap
  • Cardboard boxes

How to use moving blankets?

If you are trying to pack, protect and wrap a china cabinet – you will definitely need some moving blankets. No doubt in that. But, how does one use them properly? The answer is pretty easy. All you need to do is to wrap the moving blankets along the entire length and width of your china cabinet. And after you do – you should use some tape over the blankets to keep it all as tight as possible.

How to use a stretch wrap?

After you wrap your whole china cabinet into a moving blanket and tighten things up by using some tape – it is time for you to put some stretch wrap to use. Things might seem tight and secure now, but the reality is – they are not. Blankets will secure your cabinet only if they don’t move during the transportation. And that is why you need to take some extra steps in order to keep everything in place. How? By using some stretch wrap. Wrap your whole cabinet once more, but this time by using some stretch wrap. And make sure everything is super tight!

And what about cardboard boxes?

The final step of packing your china cabinet is actually wrapping everything once more. But, this time you’ll have to use some cardboard boxes. Just to ensure nothing gets damaged during the transportation. So, take your time and wrap everything once more. Extra precautions are never a bad idea. Especially if you are trying to protect, pack and wrap a China Cabinet. And if all this sounds too hard to handle, you can always call Moving Kings Van Lines FL to help. We are here for you, wherever and whenever you need us to be.

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