How to pack fragile items for storage

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When you decide to pack fragile items for storage, there are a couple of things you need to know. Most people tend to pack fragile items the same way as the would any other piece. However, we strongly recommend against such a thing. There is a reason why fragile items are labeled fragile, after all. If you don’t take proper care of them you can bet that they will not survive the trip to the storage unit. At the end of the day, fragile items are, well… Fragile. And proper care is advised. So the next time you decide to hire moving and storage Florida make sure to keep the tips mentioned in this article handy.

A box that says fragile.
Fragile items require special care!


Pack fragile items for storage by gathering the supplies.

As with anything in life, when you decide to execute an idea, that idea is based on a plan. There must be solid groundwork that was done beforehand if you want your idea to work. The same logic applies to packing and moving. Especially, when you decide to pack fragile items for storage. So the first thing that we recommend you get is packing supplies for storing belongings. These include the following:

  • plastic containers (or moving boxes if you have to);
  • packing paper (or newspaper);
  • duck tape;
  • sharpies or markers;
  • bubble wrap, packing peanuts or newspaper (again);
  • dish dividers (or find a moving box with dividers in them).
Make sure you have all your supplies ready for the go!

Now you are set for your move.

Doing this you have struggled your way out of a very uncomfortable situation that many movers know very well. That situation is that when you decide to pack your items, you remember that you don’t have all the necessary supplies. Then you have to postpone the packing until you get the necessary equipment from the store. Thankfully, you won’t encounter that. Now all that remains is for you to pack your fragile items.

A word before we start…

While on the topic of equipment we would like to underline an important issue regarding supplies. We here at Moving Kings have been dealing with packing services Florida for years. And the most common problem we see with people packing fragile items for storage is that they use cardboard boxes. Now, this is not a terrible mistake, but it can cost you. Plastic containers are more durable. Given the fact that fragile items are going to be sitting in storage we recommend that you get the plastic containers instead of moving boxes. The dampness can get into the moving boxes and destroy all your precious pieces. So in order to avoid it, do yourself a favor and get yourself plastic containers of different shapes and sizes. And pack your items there.

Pack fragile items for storage

The time has come to pack your items for storage. Now there are several strategies to do this, but we recommend the following. Firstly take out the packing paper (or newspaper) and gently pack the paper around your fragile item. Now you want to make sure that packing paper is tightly on there, so wrap everything with packing or duct tape.

Prepare your moving container

Now before you place the packed item into the plastic container we recommend that you fill that container with some cushioning. For example, the cheapest way you can do this is to crumble up pieces of newspaper and lay a bed of them in the container. The second, more costly method is to put bubble wrap inside. Lastly, the most expensive one is to fill the container with packing peanuts.

Pack fragile items for storage by labeling!

So the last, but the most important part is to label your moving boxes! The worst thing that can happen is that you pack all of your fragile items and put them in a storage unit. Then once the day comes and you need to take those items out of the storage, you have no idea what you packed. So make sure you label your containers properly.

pack fragile items for storage
Don’t forget to label your boxes as fragile!

A special method for labeling.

Now there is a special method we recommend here. That is called index labeling. What this method means is that you are going to label the container with a number, for example, 1. Then in your index (on a piece of paper), you are going to say what is packed in the box labeled 1. So the next time you need to unpack anything you just need to look at your index, and you know exactly what plastic container you need to unpack to get the item that you want.

Ask for help

Some people will recommend that you move all of these fragile items by yourself. The idea is that only you know what is packed in those boxes, and only you will handle those items with the proper care. However, as while we understand the logic these people make we do not agree with it. Anybody who sees a box labeled fragile will handle that package with care. Because if they don’t they will have to pay the damages they made. The art of labeling boxes has you covered here. Not only is it much faster and efficient to move boxes that way, but it’s also easier.

In conclusion – how to pack fragile items for storage?

Packing fragile items for storage, just as any other move, requires planning. Acquiring the proper materials,  making sure you pack everything by the rulebook, and if you need – asking for help. Now, this is easier said than done. We know that. But hopefully, by following these tips and tricks you will be able to safely transport your fragile items to the storage. Since these tips were hand-picked from the years of experience working in the field with other customers and movers. Which we felt obliged to share it with you. We hope it helped.


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