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Does Lake Worth Lagoon seem like a great place for your next home destination? Well, moving to Lake Worth in Palm Beach County, Florida will definitely give you a chance to enjoy many beautiful public parks and open spaces near water. So, if you are a nature lover, hire Moving Kings Van Lines FL and let the moving experts deal with all those tiring moving activities while you enjoy a move to your dreamland. Contact our movers Lake Worth FL and schedule your move today!

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    Get A Free Moving Estimate

    At least once in a lifetime, people need to move for many different reasons. The problem occurs when they face this task for the first time. Many, in an attempt to save some money, try doing the whole thing completely alone. Another problem arises when they realize that they do not possess the necessary knowledge and skills to deal with this issue. Thus, the best solution is always to contact professionals for help. When dealing with such a complex task, it is more than recommendable to seek help from a professional moving company. Luckily, there is always a choice. Our movers Lake Worth FL, located in Lake Worth, offer the best moving services in Florida.

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    Palm Beach

    A bit about Lake Worth

    The city of Lake Worth is just around 58 miles north of Miami, Florida. It is located in Palm Beach County. It was used to known as “Jewel”. However, a set of unfortunate events such as floods and hurricanes have caused a slower development. This was the situation all until the Second World War ended when the city has seen a great improvement. Today it is a community with a steady economic and industrial growth. It is no wonder, why we have chosen this area as our base.

    Another thing is that there are numerous attractions around the city such as Plaza Del Mar, and Town and Country Shopping Center where all of you with a great desire for purchasing famous brands can come and enjoy. For those seeking more adventure, there is a great variety of water sports and those that you can play at the beach. By the newest estimations, the city has around 34,910 people. Therefore, you’ll never feel this place as overcrowded. It is truly a jewel by itself.

    What do Movers Lake Worth FL offer

    As a company with a long experience in the moving business, we offer an absolute professionalism and reliability. We are completely dedicated to fulfilling every request our customers have regarding packing and moving their belongings. The range of our services is really wide as we offer:

    • Local moving services
    • Long distance moving services
    • Household, Commercial, and Military moving
    • Packing your belongings
    • Storage

    General Information


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    Palm Tran, Tri-Rail


    Lake Worth Beach, William O. Lockhart Pier, Bryant Park, Snook Islands Natural Area


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    Moving locally

    To put it as simple as possible right away – Movers Lake Worth FL is here to provide you with the fastest and the most efficient local moving you will ever experience. As someone who has helped relocate thousands of people all across Florida, from Boca Raton, Key West, to Pembroke Pines and Weston, we know how to do our job. And perhaps even more importantly – we know this area! Whenever you want to move somewhere; make sure that you’re dealing with a moving company that knows what they’re doing in that region. And if you decide to go with Moving Kings Van Lines FL – you’ll soon see that we know the roads of Florida as well as anybody.

    You can always reach us at our offices where we will be more than happy to provide you with useful moving tips. Our always kind personnel is ready to listen to all of your requests and solve every concern you might have regarding the moving project. Don’t worry, no question is stupid, or meaningless; everything is just another stepping stone towards a successful relocation! What you should do is come prepared so that we would be able to help you as best as possible.

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    Our movers Lake Worth FL will take care of any relocation you need them to!


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    Palm Beach State College-Lake Worth

    Moving long-distance

    Of course, not all relocation is quick, nor easy. There are certain types of moves that are far more complicated; these require professional assistance more than others. Which is why you should definitely think about contacting the most professional movers Lake Worth FL can offer. And don’t worry; if you’re looking for these, Moving Kings Van Lines FL is most certainly the right number to call! No matter the distance or the type of move; we’re still prepared to do everything in order for your relocation to be smooth and effortless. With us, you won’t even feel the distance; everything will go like a breeze.

    Long distance moving is something every customer is concerned about. And obviously – there’s plenty of reason for that. Truth to be told, it does take more preparations and more time to set everything. Therefore, as we’ve mentioned, we suggest that once you make a decision to move – contact the movers. Together, we will manage to finish your long-distance relocation without any problems. However, if they do occur, do not worry. Our professional movers are trained in such way to react fast and solve problems as we go.

    Moving long distance comes natural to our movers Lake Worth FL.
    Choose movers Lake Worth FL as your assistant when moving long-distance.


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    24.7 mins


    Contact us when in need of Commercial, Household or Military moving

    When you start looking for movers, what’s one of the first things you think about? That is right! You wonder what moving services you specifically need; after all, each relocation is different in its own way. Don’t worry though; with us, you’ve really got nothing to wonder about. We are among moving companies Lake Worth FL which is specialized in many different types of moving. To us, it doesn’t matter what kind of relocation you require; we’re still here to lend you a hand. So, if you need to relocate your office or any household item, no matter the size and weight, we are here to assist you and offer you our expertise, knowledge and all the necessary equipment.

    Moreover, if you, as a soldier, need to change your station, and you need someone to quickly do it, we are the right choice for you. We’ve handled this many times before. Without any doubts, we are able to ease the relocation process as we know it can be very stressful, especially if you’ve been in this situation before. While you are concentrated on finishing up other important business, leave the box lifting and transportation of your belongings to us!

    We pack your belongings for you

    When you need to relocate to a new home, or to a new office – what’s the worst chore of all, that you can think of? That’s right – packing everything up. Let’s face it; this is truly a difficult task. And not only is it menial and boring; it can also take a long while. And if you don’t devote enough time to it beforehand; you can truly be in a bind. Which is something professional moving companies like Moving Kings Van Lines FL know full well – and we want to help you with that!

    Yes, packing is is usually one of the most tedious jobs for everyone who needs to relocate. So why bum yourself out and get bored with doing it on your own? Stay stress-free, because movers Lake Worth FL can also easily assist you with this issue as well. We are famous as very efficient in everything we do. Furthermore, in case you don’t have all the packing supplies, we have it all! From moving boxes of all sizes to bags and cushion foam and dollies for transporting heavy and bulky objects, your household relocation is truly in good hands!

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    If you need any assistance – just give us a call!

    Store your belongings

    Every once in a while, we face a problem of lack of free space in our homes. And let’s be realistic – this is something that’s especially true if you’re in the middle of a relocation. It’s really nothing to be ashamed of; all of us tend to keep way too much stuff – more than we need anyway. And when the time comes to judge how much space you’ll need during a move – we all tend to underestimate that.

    If you face this problem too; you should know that there’s really no need to worry. At all times during your relocation, Moving Kings Van Lines FL is here to help you out! To us, it doesn’t matter what kind of situation you’re in during your move; we can help you handle it! So, if you need to use the services of storage for any other reason, then you can use our storage in Lake Worth. Simply contact our movers Lake Worth FL – and leave the rest to us! You can choose the size of the storage facility or make an agreement with the moving company to pay only as much space as you need it.

    Why go with Moving Kings Van Lines FL?

    Of course, by now you’ve realized that you definitely need to hire some of the best movers Lake Worth FL has; but the question is – how to choose the right ones? After all, there isn’t a lack of moving companies around; especially in Florida, where people relocate all the time. With people moving to the Sunshine State constantly, and also relocating within Florida itself; the moving industry here is definitely strong. So, how do you find a company which suits you the most? And why is Moving Kings Van Lines FL the right choice for you?

    Up until now, we’ve described some of the services we offer to our customers; but let’s face it, many companies offer a very similar set of services. Of course, there are some things that separate Moving Kings Van Lines FL from the rest of the pack; and we’re more than happy to explain what those are. For one, we offer an all-encompassing set of relocation services; no matter what you need for relocation, our company is the place to find it. And also – it’s not just about what services you offer; the quality and manner in which you provide them is just as crucial.

    We’re extremely punctual

    When you’re dealing with moving; you’re really juggling a lot of things simultaneously. Which is why you need someone who’s adaptable to your schedule; but also keeps their word and completes tasks on time. And that’s where our movers Lake Worth FL completely excel at their job! With us, you’ll never have to worry about a missed deadline, or a moving team not arriving on time; punctuality is definitely one of our key traits. So why not contact us? And we’ll handle the rest of your relocation from there.

    Our staff is skilled at what they do

    Of course, it’s not just about being on time; completing all given tasks with the utmost professionalism is also very important. Don’t worry though; that’s another thing you won’t have to worry about with Moving Kings Van Lines FL! When you encounter our relocation specialists, you’ll realize that you’re truly dealing with the most gifted movers Lake Worth FL has to offer you! Our people have had experience with all manners of relocation; all of which they’ve completed without a flaw. As you’ll soon see – there’s really no reason to hire anyone else.

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    No road is too distant for our relocation experts!

    We have what it takes

    Regardless of the kind of relocation you’re thinking of; our movers Lake Worth FL are more than prepared to handle it! And we’re not just talking about the needed experience, although that is quite necessary as well. Apart from that, you’ll find that our moving teams utilize the latest methods and equipment; we’re constantly pushing new boundaries, always ready to stand at the forefront of the moving industry. So if you’re looking for experienced professionals that are also constantly innovating; you’re definitely in the right place! Moving Kings Van Lines FL will easily complete any moving job you have in mind.


    What Our Customers Say

    Most definitely a moving company you can trust! The entire Moving Kings team were amazing! The movers worked so hard packing and loading our items, and I received delivery as promised.

    Jason Stein

    Moving kings has provided me with outstanding services. I could not have gone with a more trustworthy company! Everything went smooth sailing, from the moment I booked, up until the day of delivery...

    Raveesh Kumar

    I was relocating from Maryland to Miami Beach Florida, the second I posted my information looking for a quote I got hundreds of phone calls. I received many different prices and I spoke to many different...

    Brenda Shea

    I was relocating from Maryland to Miami Beach Florida, the second I posted my information looking for a quote I got hundreds of phone calls. I received many different prices and I spoke to many different...

    Brenda Shea

    Here is a quick summary of my experience with Moving Kings - feel free to read below for a more in-depth experience: -Customer service was great with communication and clear about expectations..

    David Goldstein

    We moved 1,146 miles away to be with our children and grandchildren, I went online for quotes and got about 40 phone calls. Moving Kings had a good rating and we liked everything that was included in...

    Mike G

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