The ultimate guide for a successful moving day

a man carrying boxes, representing guide for a successful moving day

Planning a complex process like a relocation can be very difficult and stressful. However, once you think about how overwhelming the moving day can be, planning it seems like a good idea. In this way, you will know what tasks you have to complete, from hiring the best Florida movers to unpacking – and you will not forget them. Of course, there is a number of them that can be done beforehand and make your moving day easier. In order to help you with this, we have thought of a guide for a successful moving day. Here are some tips and tricks for you and we hope that your moving day will run as smoothly as possible.

Make sure you put aside the items that should not be loaded

The first thing you should do is to clearly mark the things you do not want to be loaded in the moving truck. Notify the driver about this as soon as your movers arrive and there will be nothing to worry about. Something that should be on this pile is your important paperwork.

Box with paperwork
Your important paperwork should always be near you on your moving day

For example, this will include your moving arrangement, the lease, the contract, etc. After you notify your movers about this, make sure you conduct your preload walkthrough. In this way, you will check whether you have forgotten to pack something.

Preparing your children should be part of your guide for a successful moving day

Yet another thing that will help you go through this part of your move successfully is organizing your children. You can do this by telling them to pack everything they will need during that day in one box. Those can be their toys or some books, for example. Of course, it is also advisable to pack an essentials box of your own. Inside, you should put everything you may need for two or three days. This is something you should do in case you do not manage to unpack everything in one day.

Throw the garbage and flammable items

Something you would like to do before the moving day itself is to get rid of as much garbage as possible. You can do this a day before the move itself. This will be of great help and you will not have to go around the piles. In addition to this, you should also throw away all the flammable items you have.

Sign- flammable
Part of your guide for a successful moving day should be getting rid of all the flammable items beforehand

The moving company is not going to allow you to bring them with you and there will also be a possibility that some of your items get damaged. In case you hire movers Lake Worth FL, they are going to let you know this from the start.

Think about the parking spot

If it happens that your new home is in a congested area, this is something you should not forget to see to. The reason for this is simple- if it happens that there is a lot of traffic, the chances that you are going to make a traffic jam are high. This especially applies if you are moving long-distance. If you are, for example, moving to Miami from some smaller town, you are going to realize that this task should be taken care of as soon as possible.

Clear your hallways as well as your driveway

You should do everything you can in order to make it possible for your movers to carry out your belongings safely. One of those things is certainly clearing your hallways and your driveway. If it is possible, you should also remove all of the doors and floor mats.

Of course, you should avoid getting everything dirty. You can simply put some cardboard on the floor or some old blankets you are planning on throwing away.

You should also pay attention to your movers

Another thing to consider on your moving day is the needs of your movers. It is perfectly fine to tip them, but there are also other things you can do. For example, you can offer them some snacks and cold or hot beverages. This will be of great help to them since they will be able to take a break and get their energy back. Also, if your move is going to last long, you can offer them some lunch. There is no need to cook anything, it will be enough if you simply order a pizza. Just make sure to add this to your guide for a successful moving day and you will have nothing to worry about.

In the end, clean your old home

Before you lock the door and walk away, check whether the floors are clean. In case they are not, make one final sweep.

If it happens that you notice that your floors are not clean, all you need to do is to sweep them

Also, look through all the closets, shelves, the attic, the garage, your storage space, under the stairs, etc. These are the usual places where some tiny but important things may be hiding. So, take some time to check all of these spaces even though you are in a hurry- it can be more than valuable.

We have tried to give you a helping hand when it comes to making a guide for a successful moving day. As you have managed to see, here you have some pieces of advice and all you need to do is to put them into practice. Even though this is an overwhelming and tiresome process, you are going to manage it much better if you think about its organization. Keep the chaos away and try to enjoy this endeavor as much as possible.

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