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International moving is always challenging. There are a lot of things that you need to coordinate and a lot of decisions to make. Sometimes, in the midst of all that stress, you do not remember all of the things you need to do, and all of the tasks you need to accomplish. That is why we have made the ultimate interstate moving checklist. After ticking off the items from this list your interstate move will be perfect and stress-free. Besides the checklist, we can also gladly recommend the great long distance movers Florida to help you with your move.

a person reaching his hand. Hiring reliable movers should on the top of the interstate moving checklist
Hiring reliable movers is one of the best things that you can do for your move, and one of the first things that should be in your interstate moving checklist

Start on time and make the interstate moving checklist

The organization is the key to every successful task, and the same goes for planning an interstate move. Hence, it is very important that you start on time. Make sure you start at least 6 weeks before the actual move and eventually you will deduct moving expenses. Because this will give you plenty of time to think through everything and not make decisions lightly. The goal is to release the pressure, and in this way, you will be stress-free. Make the to-do list based on this interstate moving checklist, and revise it weekly, even daily.

Choose a reliable moving company

The next big step is to choose a moving company that you can entrust with the moving process. The first item on your interstate moving checklist should be this. As for us, we can only say great things about the Pembroke Pines movers, and we want to introduce you to the best ways how to choose the best moving company.

  • Recommendations from friends – Do you have any friends or family members who have used some great moving companies? Contact them and find out about the moving company.
  • Internet – Internet is a place where you will be able to find exactly what you are looking for. Just beware of fake moving reviews, as they can be deceiving.
  • Visit them in person – If a moving company that you like has a physical address, go visit them in person, and see whether you should just them.


Remember to cancel all of your utilities. You will not need electricity, gas and water in your old house, but you will need them in your new house. Arrange for that at least the week before the move. Cancel your Internet, cable, subscriptions to all of the magazines. Remember to change your address. If you need a new bank account, cancel the old one and take the new one. Once you finish, tick these off the interstate moving checklist.

a blue and a green passport
Check the expiration date on your passport

Check your documents

When moving to a new country, you will encounter many papers and documents that you need. If you just need a passport for your move, check the expiration date on them for you and for your family. If your children do not have one, obtain them. If you need a visa, see what documents you need and start collecting them on time. This will save you a lot of stress and is one of the primary things you should do. Also, collect your medical records and have them in one place.

Obtain packing supplies and start packing

Packing is the one thing everyone finds dreadful. It does not have to be like that, especially with the right organization. You can include your kids in the packing process, or invite some of your family members to help you. Set aside two hours each day and choose the best way to pack for the move. Before that, go to the improvement store and get boxes in various sizes, scissors, duct tape, permanent markers for labeling the boxes, packing peanuts, moving blankets and bubble wrap.

Pack the essentials bag

The essentials bag is a life savior when you are moving. There are plenty of tips on how to prepare the essentials bag for moving. The best thing to do is to pack everything that you will need within 48 hours of your move. Make sure to pack your passports, medical records, keys to your new house and chargers. Then move on to clothes, your children`s favorite toys, and books and underwear. It is ideal when you have the most necessary items in your reach. You should also leave space for your valuables here. Your jewelry and other items that have a great sentimental value should be with you at all times. There is no need to risk it and send it with the movers.

friends at a dinner table
Throw a farewell party and invite all of your favorite people

Throw a farewell party

Saying goodbye to your friends and family may be heartbreaking, but on the other hand you will always regret if you do not do it. However, according to our interstate moving checklist, the party should take place at least 2 weeks before the actual move. If you are throwing it the day before the move, you will not be able to relax. Because you will be going through things, questioning yourself whether you should do something else. On the other hand, if you throw a party two weeks or a week before you move, you will be much more relaxed. Gather your favorite people and have a great time with them one last time. You are headed for a new life adventure, so you should allow yourself time to say goodbye.

If you use this interstate moving checklist, you will always be on track. Knowing what have you done so far, and how much you have left is extremely important. When you do not have the motivation to continue, just take a look at the checklist and you will feel calmer and more ready to handle the tasks. Interstate moving is not easy, but eventually, it will pay off and you will soon find yourself in your new home. Good luck!


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