Prohibited items – the items movers won’t move

Moving your household, means that nothing is left behind. It is only when we start packing for the move, that we realize how much items we really have. And long distance movers Florida know this, and are here to help you pack and move your items safely. However, for your own safety and for the environment safety, there are some prohibited items, which you have to transport on your own or dispose of. We will gladly introduce you to this topic, as you should make plans accordingly.

bonsai tree is one of the prohibited items your movers will not move
Plants and pets are among the prohibited items that your movers will not move

Plant and pets

Living and breathing organisms are definitely on the list of prohibited items your movers won`t move. As for plants, the movers will not move them usually if the move is longer than 150 miles. When it comes to pets, due to extreme temperatures, they are high on the list of prohibited items of Pembroke Pines movers, no matter how short the journey is. You would not want to risk hurting your pet and damaging your plants in this way, so make room for them in your vehicles, or on the plane.

Perishable items

This means that any items which have an expiration date on them, will not make it to the moving truck. Eat or share frozen or fresh food before the moving starts. The reason for this is that they can make serious damage if the spoil. Food attracts rodents and insects, can produce an unpleasant odor and damage the rest of the items. Make sure to unplug your refrigerator 24 hours before the move and clean it thoroughly. Perishable items are also among the items that you cannot keep in your storage units.

a man carrying three boxes by himself
Valuables, perishables and hazardous materials are items that you will have to transport on your own


Your valuables are best kept with you at all times. Items like medical records, keys to your new house, money, jewelry, fur coats, personal documents, etc. should be in your essentials bag. It is best to have valuables with you in your vehicle because they would know exactly where they are at any moment. Should something happen to the items from the moving truck, you would still have your valuables. Anything that is irreplaceable and has sentimental value is on the list of prohibited items. Prepare an essentials bag, and do not risk losing your dearest items.

Hazardous items are prohibited items

Any items that are likely to explode or change during transportation is considered to be a hazardous item. Now, we will provide you with the list of hazardous materials because they are prohibited items, but you should also consult with the moving company to get their list. When the moving company is transporting prohibited items without their knowledge, they will not be responsible for any damage if it occurs. Here are the most common items of hazardous nature:

  • Guns and ammunition
  • Fireworks,
  • Lighters, matches
  • Acids, ammonia
  • Pesticides
  • Fire extinguishers
  • Aerosol cans such as deodorants or hair spray.

Packing prohibited items and transporting them with the moving company is dangerous and you should move them yourself. Safety comes first. Good luck.

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