Post-move paperwork to take care of

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Moving from one home to another one is never an easy task unless you are moving across the street. Even then, there is a whole lot of things that you have to do nonetheless. There is a lot of post-move paperwork that has to be done, for instance. And even if you are moving just across the street, you have to buy moving material and to ask at least your friends and family for help. Since you are likely not moving across the street, there are also many other things that you have to do, such as hiring a good moving company which is one of the most important tasks you have to deal with when planning a move.

There is a lot of post-move paperwork to be done
Moving requires a lot of paperwork

However, there is a whole other side of moving that people often underestimate or simply disregard completely. What we are aiming at is the period of time after the move has already occurred. There are a lot of things that you have to deal with and they are neither easier, nor less important those happening before the move. Since we are living in an organized society, that rests on the shoulders of bureaucracy, dealing with post-move paperwork should be a really important item on your to-do list, as you go about settling in your new home after moving to Florida, for instance. 

The inventory list is a very important pre-move and post-move paperwork piece

Without any doubt, this is one of the most crucial documents when moving to a new home. People often either forget about it completely or simply view it as something that is not that necessary. However, the truth is actually quite the opposite. When planning a move, one of the first things that you should do, even before hiring New York or Boynton Beach moving companies, for instance, is to make a good inventory list.

There are several important things that this list helps you with

  • It makes packing easier. This one is quite obvious since by having a complete list of all of your items at your disposal, you can plan the packing process a lot more efficiently. We recommend that you make a special inventory list for every room in your home separately. Then, as you go packing, you can mark each box according to the room it belongs to. You can also give them numbers, and then you can write by each of the items on the list in which room’s box and by which number is the item packed.
  • It will help you unpack. The reason why this is also one of the most important post-move paperwork items is that it helps you unpack. By organizing the items in the previously mentioned way, you can unpack in a lot more organized way.
  • It is important for your budget. One of the chief reasons why it plays a major role after the move is that by showing this list to the moving companies representative who is there to give you an estimate, and once he approves it, you will have a document that guarantees you the total worth of your move. This is important when the time comes to pay for moving services after the move.
  • You will need it for filing an insurance claim. After the move is over, this can be the most important piece of post-moving paperwork if it turns out that some of your items have been misplaced or damaged. It would be best to add the prices of at least the most important of items on your list. You must reach an agreement on those prices with the moving company’s representative. Once you do that, you will have the key document for filing an insurance claim.

A new license and registering your car should find its way on your post-moving paperwork

For almost every household, a car is one of the most important objects that they may possess. Once you move to a new home, you will have to deal with some important post-move paperwork regarding your car. Firstly, you have to register your car in the new town or city that you moved into. Do not forget to do this. This is really important as you can get in a lot of trouble with the authorities. However, you cannot do this without having a valid driving license. If you did not make an interstate move, then you may not have to get a new one.

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Driving license and car registration are on top of the must-do list

But, if you did move to another state, you definitely have to. Make sure that you do your research on this topic before you go through with a move. This is especially important if you moved to another state, as the regulations may slightly vary from state to state. Furthermore, as you go about getting a new license, you should also update voter registration. You can do this concurrently with registering your car. Simply ask for the voter registration process. There are ways of doing this even online.

Do not forget about your medical records

There are probably no other as important records as the medical records. Our health care system may not be perfect, but having to transfer your medical records to your new hometown is a must-do. Hopefully, you will not need them, but there is no point in playing with fire. Choose your new primary health care providers and move your records to their database. Do keep in mind that you may have to wait for a whole month for them to be transferred. This is because your previous provider has one month to process these papers according to HIPAA.

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You should move your medical records as soon as possible

Nor should you forget the school records

If you have kids, or you yourself are a student, do not forget about these! School records are, for obvious reasons, one of the most important post-move paperwork pieces. Transferring them can also take some time, so it may be best to move them just before you yourself go through with the move, along with the medical records.

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