Interstate moving – how to prepare?

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Planning a move is often a tricky task, and for a lot of people, it can be a really stressful experience to go through. Sometimes it can seem like there are simply too many things to think about. For starters, your whole life is being displaced, and if this is your first time moving, then you are leaving your childhood home, which by itself is an emotionally exhausting thing to experience. So, when faced with planning a move, one has to be mentally ready for numerous challenges. An important factor in planning a move is the distance you are going to be crossing during the move. Moving to the other side of a city or a town is complicated enough, but going through an interstate moving process is on a whole other level.

You have to prepare yourself mentally first

People often underestimate the impact of stress on a person’s mental and physical health. Taking care of yourself during stressful times like interstate moving is really important. Before you start looking for the best nationwide movers Florida, you should take a moment for yourself and think about what is ahead. People often tend to overreact when they face shortcomings. How we face them and how we respond to them is what plays a major role in shaping our lives. So, you have to make sure that you acknowledge the fact that almost whatever may happen is not going to be the end of the world. Your interstate moving is probably going to stress you out, but that whole process lasts for only a couple of days (in some case, weeks) and after that, you will be free of it.

Before planning an interstate moving, relax first
Before planning an interstate moving, make sure you take a moment for yourself

If you are not the only one moving, i.e. if you have a partner and kids, you have to take care of them too. Or, rather, help them take care of them themselves. Talk with them honestly and with an open mind. Ask them how they feel about moving to a new home. Talk about any potential consequences of such an act, both the good and the bad. The kids are, in particular, susceptive towards stress and sadness and even depression caused by moving to a new home. It is crucial that you make sure that they feel and know that you are there for them. Also, help them look towards what is coming and help them understand why this is a good thing.

An expert tip for preparing yourself and your family for the move

Once you decide that you are going through with the move, you should start planning a trip. And not just any trip, but a trip to your new hometown. If possible, going with your family on a weekend trip to your new home can be really useful for everyone involved. By going there and spending some family time, you will actually be getting acquainted with your new home before you even move there. Visit downtown and go for ice cream or a pizza. Then take a stroll across the waterfront or through the largest park. Visit the kids’ new school and your new home. This will allow you to make some personal connections with your new home and hometown before you actually move there. This will make the transition easier because once you move there, you will only have some memories connected to the place, preventing it from feeling strange.

Hire a good moving company to help you with interstate moving

Often people tend to underestimate the importance of having a good moving company backing you up during a move. They are the professionals who have trained for a long time and are experts in what they do. Well, at least the good ones such as Moving Kings Van Lines FL. It is important that you do your homework carefully before you actually hire someone. Why? Well, sadly, there are some moving companies that may actually prefer to scam you rather than actually help you properly with a move. These scams range from charging you with some secret, extra costs, to not showing up at all after having taken the money. There are many ways you can recognize a bad moving company.

a person's hand writing in a notebook
One of the most important parts of planning a move is hiring a good moving company

The easiest one is to check their online ratings and see what their customers have been saying about them. Next, if they do not want to send someone to check your apartment and give you a moving estimate, or at least ask for a detailed video recording of your belongings, they may be either new in the business or someone who is going to scam you. If they, without these sorts of data, tell you that they are going to use your own estimate, that is a real red flag. Another way to recognize them is if they are refusing to sign a real contract with you. 

Create a quality inventory list

Another often forgotten thing that can be really useful for organizing an interstate moving process is creating a proper inventory list. A good inventory list can be useful in more than one way. First of all, having all of your items on one list will be useful when it comes to packing. You have to plan the packing thoroughly if you are to be as effective as possible. We recommend that you inventory your belongings according to each of the rooms of your home. That way you will have a much clearer picture of all of your possessions and thus you will be able to group them more effectively.

assorted-color cloth on rack
An inventory list can help you in many ways, not just for packing clothes

The second benefit you get by making an inventory list is that you can also unpack more effectively. By visibly marking boxes with different marks for each room, you can plan your unpacking better. Unpacking can sometimes last several days or even weeks. By combining an inventory list and the properly marked boxes, you can make your life a lot easier. The third way the inventory list can be useful is that it is one of the documents that you will need if you have to file an insurance claim. So, before the move, write the worth of each your belongings and make sure that you get it verified by the movers in writing.

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