Top pet friendly FL cities

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For a lot of us, having a pet is one of the most important things in our lives. Having someone who loves you innocently no matter how old you or they are is a true blessing that anyone who ever had a pet knows. Moving is a rather stressful thing to go through for an average human being. However, for a cat or even more so for a dog, moving can be a really stressful event. Having moving company’s representatives going through their things in their own home, packing those things in boxes, especially for the ever-protective dogs, is something that can cause a lot of anxiety. When moving to a new home in Florida, when you have a pet it is important to take into consideration these top pet-friendly FL cities that are also great for you as their owners.

Miami is definitely one of the top pet friendly FL cities

The iconic city of Miami. One of the most instantly recognizable places all across the world, Miami is a really amazing city. Moving here guarantees that you will be in the center of everything happening in Florida. Miami is famous for its beaches and fantastic weather, but it actually has a lot more to offer. Its streets are full of people, and the atmosphere here is one of vibrancy and life. There are great restaurants on every step, and generally, throughout the year there are many interesting events such as numerous thematic festivals every week basically. Many establishments here have the pet-friendly policy, so you can enjoy yourself in some of the best restaurants in Florida with your best friend by your side.

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Miami is a great pet-friendly city

For instance, in the Loews Hotel on Miami Beach, the dogs get a special welcoming gift. You can order food for them from a special menu too. There are also dog-walking routes, and you can also get pet-sitting and pet-walking services. Since the weather is constantly warm and sunny, people here do not have to worry about it. This means that you can usually get out in your shorts and a t-shirt at any point in time. This is why there are always a lot of people walking left and right. There are walking trails wherever you look and a lot of parks and places where you can relax. One of the most common sights in Miami are people running with their dogs or driving bikes while their pet friends follow them. So, not hesitate – Hire the best, licensed movers Florida has to offer and move here with your pet.

Boca Raton

Next on our list is the great town of Boca Raton. A lot of people have been moving here in recent years, and the movers Boca Raton have had their hands full. This town is of the perfect size for an average human being. It has around 100,000 residents and belongs in that group of cities that offer a rich variety of everything that big cities have including their vibe, while also having the calmness and slower life tempo of a smaller place. Living a healthy life is a part of the mentality of people here. This means that walking is one of the main hobbies for almost every resident, and is an overall part of the town’s lifestyle. 

Boca Raton is one of the top pet-friendly cities in FL
Boca Raton is a great place for pets

Living here is quite a relaxed process for numerous reasons. The educational system is great and the students of Boca Raton generally have great academical success compared to the average results on a national scale. The healthcare system is really good and when you add this to what we have already mentioned, it is clear why people are moving to Boca Raton. This is also one of the top pet-friendly FL cities without any doubt. There are great parks all over the city and a lot of them are pet-friendly. Vet stations are also quite numerous and you will never have to worry about your pets’ health here.


When it comes to the top pet-friendly FL cities, it would be a sin to overlook Naples. This city is one of the most attractive cities in Florida for a lot of good reasons. First of all, there are many great things happening here when it comes to the development rate of this city. Naples is among the leading most prosperous cities not just in Florida, but in the United States in general. Since 2015, there has been a steady growth of private businesses in Naples, which is one of the chief reasons why it is so attractive. It also belongs in that group of smaller cities that have anything the bigger cities have.

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There are many parks in Naples for your dogs

With its 20,000 residents, Naples has pretty much anything one may need to for a clam and fulfilled life. Furthermore, there are always a lot of tourists going through, so the place is always quite alive. Other reasons include great youth support tactics employed by the city’s government, great schools in the area, the constant care dedicated to green areas across the city, and, regarding the topic in hand, a great number of pet-friendly public areas in the city, as well as the fact that there are a lot of pet-friendly restaurants, cultural stations, and other important establishments that practice the pet-friendly policy.

Extra pro tip

Before deciding to move to Florida, make sure that you are mentally ready for this. A lot of people hasten into this type of decision, especially when they are in an emotionally tough situation. Take this into consideration before hiring a moving company and coming to Florida. Moving can be very stressful for adults, but it is even more stressful for the pet. Also, do your research about what can moving to such a specific type of climate mean for your dog’s health. People often overlook this element of the story, but it is really important and can be a very big deal.

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