How to negotiate with moving companies

negotiate with moving companies and reach an agreement

Moving home is a highly stressful and time-consuming event. If we calculate the time we need to invest and the money required, the result can bring headaches. Almost everyone endured the moving process at least once in their lifetime. But if it is the first time for you, you’ll need to know a few things. We will help you today with one of the subjects that will reduce the cost of your move. And that is how to negotiate with moving companies.

A trustworthy moving company

First thing on your quest to find a reliable moving company is extensive research. A proven method is to go online and look for the best local moving company. You should know from the start not to choose the lowest priced nor the first one you find. If something is too cheap, does not mean it is good. Find a few moving companies you like and check up on them. Figure out if they have a license to operate and if they are a registered moving company. The best way for that is to check if they have a physical address you can visit. Pay a visit and check on their working space, and ask to take a tour of the place. Check up on their vehicles and if they have proper tools for the job.

Finally, read positive and negative reviews on the company’s website. You can learn a lot from the customers’ previous experience. After accumulating enough knowledge about a moving business, then you can negotiate with moving companies. Even the best long distance Orlando movers are open to negotiation. With thousands of satisfied customers, they are your most reliable choice. Give them a chance and become another happy customer.

Laptop on the table
Do online research to find a reliable moving company

It is not easy to negotiate with moving companies

Do not be afraid to ask anything that comes to your mind. You need to take into account the size of your cargo and the complexity of your move. Also, if you are hiring interstate movers Florida, or moving locally. Or if movers have to use extra manpower, or to spend more hours than anticipated. You need to sum up everything and calculate your moving costs. Unexpected fees are behind each corner. Hence, if you miss something, that will be extra charged in the end. Make a deal with your moving company and agree on a fixed price. If you negotiate with moving companies on time and list it all in your moving contract, you’ll be fine.

Every move has a moving contract

As we already stated, almost every moving endeavor has a moving contract. One thing to remember to ask while you negotiate with moving companies is the list of extra fees. They should be able to provide a list of most common situations and avoid unpleasantries in the end. Get to know the binding and non-binding estimates of your contract. Try to cover everything, especially how many hours are required for your move. Also, check the moving packages that moving companies offer. Some services are bundled together and you might not need some of them.

Therefore, you need to know a few things beforehand. You don’t want to pay for the service that you could do better on your own. For example, if your cargo is too big to fit in a single vehicle, you might consider decluttering and downsizing. Or simply rent a Florida storage unit and decide later. In conclusion, cover everything, and read your contract a few times before signing. And do not forget to read the fine print at the bottom.

People signing a contract
Check the moving contract, before signing

Best times to negotiate with moving companies

You should always try to negotiate with the moving companies. But especially on the days when they have less work in the moving industry. Those days are in the middle of the month. People usually tend to move a few days before ending and a few days after the beginning of next month. Also, there is a non-peak season which is autumn and winter. If you are moving over the colder months there are plenty of opportunities for you. Colder months are usually quiet for movers and they are not rejecting any offers. But be fair, get a good deal for everyone, after negotiating like a pro.

In case you are moving to Orlando, we have to propose a deal that is good as it gets. Moving Kings Van Lines FL are one of the best in the field. They approach each customer individually and offer a unique offer that will suit everyone involved. Give it a go, you won’t be disappointed.

Stay safe with the insurance you bought

It would be wise to consider purchasing moving insurance. Most of the moving companies will offer partial moving insurance. This depends on the policy under which they operate. For example, some moving companies shield themselves by simply refusing to transport certain items. Usually, those are the items with high damage risk, hazardous materials or extremely fragile items. Check with your movers if they can transport everything in your possession. But what is certain is that if someone damages your cargo mid-transport, they should pay for it. Therefore, moving insurance can protect you from the damages. You can buy one from your movers or purchase a full coverage from a proper insurance company.

One more thing, be sure to check if your belongings arrived safely to your new home. Remember that you have one week to file a moving insurance claim, in case you are damaged somehow.

Safety of your cargo

It is important to pack moving boxes properly to minimize potential damage. Label everything, to raise awareness of the box content and to be easier for you while unpacking. Also, you will reach your fragile items much faster, when you need to check for damages. Packing can be a tiresome and hectic process if not organized on time. If that is the case, check on the packing services while negotiating with some moving companies. Packing is a basic service that every moving company provides. Maybe it is the best choice for you to leave that part of your move to the professionals.

Box with fragile items on a hand
Label your moving boxes

Those were the basic things you need to know while negotiating with moving companies. Do not hesitate to ask and to make a list of your choices. After all, your safety and the safety of your cargo is what matters most. Not to mention your moving budget as well. Hopefully, after reading this article, you will have the bargaining power. Use it well and have a successful relocation.

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