Ideas for keeping kids entertained on moving day

Keeping kids entertained on moving day

Moving is a stressful, hectic time for everyone. Moving without disturbing your daily life sometimes seems like an impossible task. If you move with children, you also need to ensure that your children are safe and entertained throughout the process. On the day of the move, licensed movers Florida will come in and out of the house, carrying heavy furniture and appliances. If your children get in the way of all the bustle, they could get seriously injured. That’s why you need to think about keeping kids entertained on moving day.

Child coloring
If they have something to do, that will most certainly keep them out of the way

Here are the ways for keeping kids entertained on moving day

If you are worried about how to protect your children from danger, and also have fun on the day of moving, this guide will provide you with some ideas on how to keep your children in the midst of chaos.

Let your kids play in the backyard while you move

If the weather is nice, sending the kids to the backyard is the easiest way to keep them away. Keep a cooler with snacks and drinks at all times. However, it is important to make your backyard a safe place if you are leaving your children outside.

If all of their toys are already packed, suggest hide and seek. You could also give them chalk to decorate the sidewalks or driveway of your home for the last time, marking the event of your departure.

Have your children pack the first night box to stay busy

Have your child pack their essentials box with all the objects of the first night – pajamas, a favorite blanket, pillow, stuffed animal or doll, hand-held electronic games and a change of clothes. They should keep their favorite toys with them to ensure comfort, as well as provide safe passage to your new home.

Take your kids for a walk

Most of the time, both parents do not need to moderate the entire move. If one of you can get away from the business for a short time, separate from the move and walk around the neighborhood for the last time to get closure. A walk will be useful for several reasons. Your children can look around for the last time, and both of you will receive much-needed fresh air when you leave home. Maybe you can have a bite while you are out.

Ask a moving company if they provide activity packages for children

Some moving companies Boca Raton provide relocation day packages for children of a certain age. Ask your movers about this in advance so that they know how many packages to bring with them and what activities are age-appropriate. Activity packages often include things like coloring books, stickers, play dough, bubbles, or decks of cards.

Make a note with your child about the move

It is best to plan this event in advance. But it can be an interesting way for older children to stay busy and find solitude while moving. This is especially good if you are moving with your children long distances. Gather an assortment of photos capturing your family’s memories in the home. Provide your child with notes, colorful markers, stickers, and paper. They can put photos in a book and write down memories related to this day, next to the photos. They can then use markers to draw pictures or decorate the rest of the page with funny stickers.

Coloring with crayons
Assigning age-appropriate tasks is a great way of keeping kids entertained on moving day

Let them keep a diary

If your children are old enough to write, buy each of them a blank journal to write their thoughts. You can present this diary to them on the days preceding the move. But it is important for them to express their feelings on moving day. They can add pictures of their new room, photos that they took, funny things that family members told, songs that were played on the radio or just get creative.

Decorate moving boxes with your kids

Before the boxes with your child’s belongings are picked up by movers and loaded onto a truck, they may like to decorate them with stickers, paint, markers or sparkles. This is great for keeping kids entertained on moving day. And it also makes it easier for them to determine which boxes contain their belongings when they arrive at your new home. This can bring them some comfort if they fear that their most expensive toys will be lost while moving.

Have the kids unpack their stuff first

Moving somewhere new is very convenient for your children, so they need to feel important. Before diving directly into unpacking the kitchen, living room or dining room, involve your kids in the unpacking process. Let each child choose one of their boxes and get a few items.

Create an unpacking scavenger hunt

Give your children a list of items that are in the moving boxes. If your boxes are already color-coded, you can easily identify the contents of each mailbox. For example, you can ask your child to find a favorite bedtime story, family photo, or movie. If you want to add a little glare, give the child a prize for filling out the list first.

Play hide and seek with your children in a new home

With a new home that is not yet ready, your children can be creative with their shelters! It is also a good way to get to know their new space, which will help them settle in. However, let them know if certain areas are closed, such as unfinished basements or attics. Keep hide and seek on the main floors of the house until you get comfortable with new digs.

Have fun with old packing materials

Of course, you can get rid of all these moving boxes and packing materials as soon as possible. But first, let the children have fun! If they are small enough, let them climb into empty boxes, dip into a package of peanuts and stomp on a bubble pack.

Child in a box
Once they burn excess energy, they can be more focused to help you with some of your unpacking tasks

Keeping kids entertained on moving day is not hard. All you need is some imagination and planning in advance. If your kids are busy during the move, the whole process will be much easier. Therefore, think carefully and find the right entertainment for your kids.

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