How to include your kids in the unpacking process

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When the moving is finally over, and all you need to do is unpack, remember that you have a lot of opportunities here to make your children be your partners. If you include your kids in the unpacking process, they will feel valued, and most importantly they will grow accustomed to their new home. This is extremely important because moving for kids can sometimes be very stressful as they cannot see the bigger picture just yet. While you should not worry about the packing, with excellent packing services Florida, you should make unpacking as much fun as possible.

a living room is also great place where you can include your kids in the unpacking process
Include your kids in the unpacking process in the living room and in their rooms as well

Why should you include your kids in the unpacking process?

We know that it is easier to ask someone to take care of your children while you unpack the entire house with these great unpacking tips. And this is something that you should definitely do if your children are really small. However, if you have an opportunity to include your kids in the unpacking process, then you absolutely should do that.

Not only will they feel as if they are important and competent enough, but their confidence will also go through the roof. Treating children as if they were adults, will produce a child that acts more like a grown-up. Furthermore, when they decorate their room in the way they want to do it, they will grow attached to it. Then, the idea of moving will not seem so strange and they will come to terms with it.

Acknowledge your kids` wishes when it comes to unpacking

If your kids have separate rooms, you should give them a chance to place their stuff as they want to it. Sit down together and talk about possible ideas for decorating the room and arranging the furniture in it. Movers Sunny Isles Beach will be more than happy to place the furniture wherever you want it, we know that for sure. But you will see a happy child if you include your kids in the unpacking process from the beginning. if they participate in making big decisions, they will have a good feeling about it and will not be scared of change when they grow up.

girls` room with pink sheets on their beds
Your kids should unpack their rooms and decide how to decorate them

They should unpack their rooms

When you have unloaded all the labeled boxes in your children`s rooms, they should do the unpacking. Make an agreement with them where everything will go to, and leave them be. Talk to them about the ways to unpack efficiently after moving. Ask them for suggestions and ideas they may have about their new rooms. Let their creativity do the work. Even if you want to change it afterward, it is still possible, but they should get the sense that they are included in the process.

Make unpacking fun

Games and challenges can be a part of the unpacking process that will make the whole experience more interesting. Here are some examples of how to do this:

  • you can set a challenge that whoever unpacks their clothes faster will get a prize.
  • you can say that the prize will go to the one who unpacks their room first.

While they are unpacking their rooms you will have enough time to focus on the kitchen and bathroom. These are the rooms that should be unpacked first. This will lessen the load off of you, and your children will have a responsibility which they usually find fun as well as challenging.

Motivate them with a housewarming party

When they have a goal in front of them, the unpacking will be much easier. You can make an agreement that they help you in the unpacking process, and that you will host a housewarming party afterward. This is a great way for them to meet new children from the neighborhood. In this way, they will do an excellent job with the unpacking. It will also help your child adjust faster to the new environment.

With new friends in mind, they will be more than happy to help you. You should try to include your kids in the unpacking process in all areas of the house, as well. Their rooms are the first step, of course, but the living room is a place where they will spend a lot of their time. Ask them to choose the photos, souvenirs and toys that they want to put in the living room. Opportunities are endless here.

kids playing video games on a laptop
Allow your children to play video games for half and house, and remember to take frequent breaks

Remember to take a break

While we, adults, are accustomed to working long shifts and don`t look at the clock until the work is done, it is different with children. They need frequent breaks from chores of any sort. This is because their attention span is shorter and it can be counterproductive to expect that they should help you for two hours straight. Hence, you should always have a backup plan if you want to include your kids in the unpacking process. Allow them to play video games for half an hour, for example. Or, let them play outside. Have their favorite toys and books in the essentials bag. When you notice that they are becoming tired, play some music and dance it off. It is important to teach them to be responsible, but also to have fun meanwhile.

When you include your kids in the unpacking process, they will benefit from it. No matter how easier it would be if you did the whole job on your own, give them this opportunity to grow. Acknowledging their part in the process is very important, and they will be grateful to you. There is nothing better than making your new house a home together as a family. Do not worry if you get a little bit behind, in reality, everything will be done much faster, as kids are fast learners and have great ideas. Enjoy!

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