How to help children settle into a new home

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Your kids are your pride and joy in life. As a parent, you are happy when your kids are happy and are sad and worried as soon as you notice there is something wrong with them. If you are moving to Florida from a different state, or just moving within the country itself, you can rest assured that your kids will take it the hardest. And it will be your job to make them feel better and make them realize all the benefits of this process. But, beware – to help children settle into a new home is a process that will require lost of patience and understanding on your part. Keep that in mind and always keep your composure. When kids are involved, you can rest assured you’ll need it.

The best way to help children settle into a new home is by unpacking their room first

A child’s room is its sacred place. It’s a place where he or she goes to in order to get away from the world; more importantly, it’s a place that contains all of his or her personal belongings. You have to admit that even as an adult, you would feel lost without a place to call your own. Since a child’s room presents some sort of stability, you have to ensure that stability is regained right after the move.

A teddy bear on the bed.
If you want to help children settle into your new home faster, surround them with those things they love.

If you have hired Pembroke Pines movers to handle the packing/unpacking process as well as the moving one, have them unpack your child’s room first. And if you are unpacking on your own, make sure you do it in those first 24 hours after the arrival. We are not suggesting you should do it minutes after first stepping into your new home. Far from it, we are all for you getting the rest you deserve. But, don’t put off this task for the last minute, thinking that a few toys take no precedence over other items. No matter how silly it may seem to you, but sleeping in his or her own room will help your kid adjust to the new home.

Have a quick tour of the house

Naturally, this isn’t the first time all of you are seeing the house. Before buying/renting, we are sure you made it your task to check it out and see whether it has everything you are looking for. Even if you were excited about starting your new life, the process of long distance moving has the potential to make you forget about that excitement right away. Both you and your kids could use a little reminder about the exciting new life that’s about to begin.

A house.
The new house represents a fresh start. Remind your family of that fact.

So, once the movers leave the premises, have a little tour of the house as a family. Talk about which furniture could go into which room, which activities you could do in that room, and what you could remodel. Being positive and optimistic about the future will help children settle into a new home. Kids aren’t that complicated – if you transfer positive vibes onto them, they will feel them.

Stick to your routine

All people are creatures of habit. While it’s good to come out of our comfort zone every once in a while, we still thrive best when not in a state of chaos. Moving is chaotic by default. And that’s not a good breeding ground for a happy and healthy life. Whether moving to Oakland Park, Miami, Los Angeles or any other city in the world, those first few days after the move are bound to be chaotic. That doesn’t mean it should remain like it for a long period of time.

As soon as possible, get back to your normal daily activities. If your kids were taking dance lessons on the weekends, find a good dance club in the new city and enroll your kids as soon as possible. In case they loved playing football and having picnics, make sure you indulge them as soon as possible. Yes, we understand that with everything else you have going on, finding some time to play games might not be your priority. But if those game will help your children settle into a new home, then why not?

Be prepared for a few tantrums

Whether you have school-aged kids or toddlers, one thing is for sure – you can expect a few fits of rage. That’s because your kids may be confused and hurt with all the changes – especially if they had to say goodbye to their good friends and move to a place where they have no friends. And like any parent, your first instinct would be to punish them. However, you should do the exact opposite.

Help children settle into a new home by allowing a few tantrums.
Kids, just like the rest of us, have emotions. How well you help them deal with those emotions depends on your parenting approach.

Whenever they have a tantrum, try to reason with them. Talk it out and listen to their problems and feelings. Believe it or not, kids are more sensitive than us adults. They are also very perceptive, which is how they will be able to perceive your mood and let it reflect on their behavior. Nine times out of ten, this will be nothing more than a passing and short-lived rebellion. How long it lasts depends solely on you, and your parenting approach.

Don’t be worried! Soon enough, the entire ordeal of relocation will be behind you. Trust us, you will successfully manage to help children settle into a new home. After all, this is a process every family has to go through after moving. By following our tips, there’s no reason why yours should fail in the attempt. From our family to yours, we wish you good luck!


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