How to unpack efficiently after moving

a cardboard box, representing how to unpack efficiently after moving

You have successfully gone through the two-thirds of the relocation process. You have completed the packing part and transportation. Now, you have come to the best part of the whole moving process and that is unpacking. You are probably tired from all the hard work, but this is something that will keep you energized. Of course, you would probably like to avoid having your entire home cluttered and, for this reason, you would like to finish with this as soon as possible. In order to give you a helping hand, here are some tips for you on how to unpack efficiently after moving.

Take pictures before you start packing

In case your new home is similar to the old one and you would like them to be the same, take some pictures. Even though this does not seem to be that relevant, it is quite the opposite. Even if you remember where everything goes, some small details can make a great difference.

Living room
Take a picture of everything before you start packing

For example, you can spend more time than needed on getting a shelf look just the way you want it. Therefore, pay special attention to the following items:

  • bookshelves,
  • kitchen drawers,
  • the back of your TV,
  • tool shed and
  • desk area.

By doing this, you will be able to replicate the look of your old home in no time. After you get all of your boxes, you should put each of them into the room it belongs. This is a somewhat harder task, but you can count on moving companies Fort Lauderdale to help you with it.

Think about a good labeling system for your boxes

After you finish taking pictures of each and every nook and cranny, gather all of your packing supplies. These include items such as boxes, tape, scissors, markers, paper, etc. What can make unpacking much easier is packing up items from one to two rooms inside every box. In case the items on your shelves have some order, create a number system to remember where everything goes. By doing this, you will not have a problem putting them where they belong. Yet another piece of advice would be to use tapes of different colors for different rooms. For example, use yellow for the kitchen, blue for the bathroom, red for the bedroom, etc. Also, make sure you inform your local movers Florida about your system so that they know where to deliver them.

Unpack the bedrooms and bathrooms first

If you are thinking about the ways in which you can unpack efficiently after moving, have this in mind. Since the moving process has been exhausting, and these two parts of your home are used most often, you should do something about it. Once your movers get your mattress into place, start unpacking your bedroom. In case you would not like to go into details, feel free to unpack just the essentials.

When your bedroom is in question, there is no need to unpack all the items- get just the essentials

Yet another one of the unpacking tips would be to prepare your sheets, pillowcases, and pillows. Put them in a separate box and there will be no need for you to look for them when you need them. You can do the same when your bathroom is in question. It will be enough to have toothpaste, toothbrushes, toilet paper, a towel and shower gel with you.

Unpacking one room at a time will help you unpack efficiently after moving

This is precisely the moment when you will realize why labeling your boxes was so important. When you enter a certain area of your home, the moving boxes will be waiting for you. After that, all you will need to do is to unpack them and put everything in its right place. Another thing that can help you unpack efficiently after moving is making a list of your rooms in order of importance. For example, your priority rooms should be bedrooms, bathrooms and the kitchen. On the other hand, garage, basement, and the guest room can wait for some time. Of course, it is needless to point out that it is advisable to clean everything first. If you forget to do this, it can only be annoying later to see some spots that should not be there.

Avoid distractions during this process

If you are thinking about unpacking your TV first, we would advise just the opposite. The reason for this is simple. This can be a great distraction for you and your unpacking can be prolonged. Therefore, leave it for the end, when you have unpacked everything. The same goes for your games. After you unpack your TV, do the same with your games.

A child drawing
By asking someone to watch over your children, you will be able to unpack efficiently after moving

If it happens that your children are still little or you have some pets, the best idea would be to ask someone to take care of them. That someone should certainly be a person whom you trust. By doing this, you will know that your children are safe and you will be able to complete all of your tasks more quickly.

In this article, you have had an opportunity to see how to unpack efficiently after moving. Basically, when your organization is good, nothing can prevent you from reaching your goal. If it happens that you have a large number of moving boxes and you do not think you will have enough time to unpack them all, feel free to store some of them. By doing this, you will certainly lower your stress level and increase your productivity. Therefore, think about all of this beforehand and there will be nothing to worry about.

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