Tips for living in smaller spaces

furniture you might pick when living in smaller spaces

Living in a small, cramped apartment has become a staple of modern life. The rents in big cities skyrocket, so people tend to go for smaller, more affordable apartments. After that, they search either for ways to optimize their living space or for storage Lake Worth to put the rest of their things in. However, what if we tell you that you don’t need to give up on your items? What if we can help you deal with your tiny apartment with some easy and helpful tips? In this article, you can find out some of our best advice on living in smaller spaces!

Streamline everything in your apartment

One of the best things you can gain from living in a small space is that you will find out more about yourself than you already know. This is an excellent opportunity to push your boundaries and reevaluate who you are as a person – and what you value in life. So, when you get started with your life in a tiny apartment, first think about everything you have. You will want to minimize everything – and leave every but what’s necessary. Of course, you should not throw away everything – you are free to keep anything that you like and makes you happy. For the other items, though, you can call movers Oakland Park FL, and they will take it to a safe storage unit.

a dinner table
Minimalism is great for living in a tiny apartment!

So, start decluttering as soon as you can! Everything from old receipt to the magazines you read and the clothes you wore should go! The more you have lying around (or hanging around) will only make your already tiny space feel cluttered. Remember, the more you organize your small living space, the better and bigger it will feel!

Good organization is the key when living in smaller spaces

As you might have noticed, you will need great organizational skills if you want to live in a smaller space and not mind it at all. And even though some consider this a superpower, it is something everyone can do! However, it will take some practice and getting used to. Luckily, leaving just one or two items behind when living in a small apartment means that you already created clutter. This will serve as a great motivation to keep everything clean and tidy all the time.

It might sound tiring, but cleaning a small apartment is a necessity, though. Smaller living spaces work the best when you organize them correctly – and constantly. So, make it a habit to organize your place every now and again. There are many smaller things you can do and many ways in which you can get more space. Either get special shelving that will make your kitchen look huge, or get a loft bed to increase floor space. Think outside the box, and you will be happy with your apartment!

You have the power over the design when living in smaller spaces

There are perks to living in a small apartment, though – and it’s not just the rent. These are most clear when it comes to designing your interior and decorating your home. Because you live in such a small space, any little change you create will be dramatic, and yet cheap!

yellow wall
Pick a bold color to make your rooms pop.

One of the easiest things you can play with is the color. It is simple enough that you won’t need to work too much with it – yet it can give new life to your place. Changing just a shade of color can completely change the look and feel of your whole apartment. For example, you might want to pick lighter colors for an airy effect and to make your home look bigger. What’s even more interesting is that you can paint your walls black, and this will add depth to your rooms. This, in turn, leads to your room looking bigger. The same rules also apply to furniture. You can use bright colors in an odd item to lead the eye around the room and add interest in it. Don’t go crazy with the patterns, though – they can swallow a tiny space with ease!

Picking the furniture when living in smaller spaces

The items themselves can affect the room when you are living in smaller spaces, too! The main thing to consider when picking your items is that they should visually expand your home. for example, low-profile seating can make it seem like the ceilings are really high in your rooms. Things from glass, wire or acrylic and light and do this, as well as open shelves. If you find items with exposed legs, you have also hit the jackpot! The thing to watch out for is not to only get smaller items. Break this pattern with one or two bigger pieces. Remember, you are not making a dollhouse, but a small space you can live in!

Another thing to take note of is that there are many furniture items that can double as two or three things! These usually offer a lot of extra storage space together with their primary function – and they are perfect for life in a small space! So, when you go hunting for furniture, you might consider getting a trunk instead of a coffee table. This way, not only will you have a place to put all your magazines in, but you also get an interesting item for your guests to put their drinks on.

furniture for a small apartment
Carefully pick the furniture items to make your apartment bigger.

Think outside of the box when looking for these items, and living in smaller spaces will turn into a fun experience! Each room will have something new to offer your guests on your move-in party, and they will love visiting! You can use the kitchen island as a dining table, and install hooks on bookshelves for coats and hats! If your guests like to spend the night at your tiny apartment, then get a sleeper sofa or a fold-out desk! The world is full of possibilities, and they are waiting for you!

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