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We are Moving Kings Van Lines and we are the reliable, quality, and affordable Fort Lauderdale movers you need. So, if you want a trustworthy moving partner, you are in the right place.

We take your relocation seriously, as we would our own. So, by choosing our moving professionals, you are hiring the best in the state of Florida. In our moving company, we treat customers like royalty and put all our efforts to satisfy their every wish and request. Constant investment in our moving services brings us many satisfied clients who are recommending our movers nationwide. You can read our reviews and you will see we are the Florida moving & storage company you can trust. Contact us and we will give you more information and free moving quote.

    Get A Free Moving Estimate

    Get A Free Moving Estimate

    Let’s face it – relocation is no easy business. It’s something that we all do at one point in our lives – but it’s definitely something no-one should do alone. Trust us – if you’re about to move, you need a group of trusted movers Fort Lauderdale on your side. And you won’t find any more professional and helpful than right here at Moving Kings Van Lines FL! Whether you need moving tips or services – we’re here to assist you! So don’t hesitate for even a second – and give us a call, regardless of what you need during your relocation. If you can be certain about one thing – it’s that we’re here for you.

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    Is relocating what you really want?

    If we were to give you only one piece of advice, it’d be this one – do a lot of thinking. Moving is one of those things where you want to spend as much time pondering your situation as you can. Why? Well, because this is basically something that will completely upend your life. And sure, that may be for the better, especially if you’ve got your moving checklist all planned out. But still – make sure this is something that you really want. Here at Moving Kings Van Lines FL, we want to help you out with moving – but we also want this to something you’ll remember fondly, and without regret.

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    So many tasks, so little time.

    So assess your life, and try to distill everything down to some simple terms – why are you really relocating? And then, think about whether you can achieve what you want in your current surroundings. If not, or if you’re simply looking for a fresh start – then contact our movers Fort Lauderdale right away! And we’ll start working on your perfect relocation as soon as possible!

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    Broward Country Transit, Metrobus, Palm Tran, Tri-Rail


    Lauderdale Beach, Las Olas Blvd,


    Dean Trantalis

    Where will you move to?

    Naturally, once the decision to move away is firmly in place, the next logical question is – where? Because it’s not something you should choose arbitrarily, so don’t start buying packing material just yet. Of course, Moving Kings Van Lines FL will be more than happy to help you relocate anywhere. But if you want this to be a good call in the long term – you definitely want to do a lot of research before settling on a place. First of all, see if the local way of life is something that suits you. And then, start looking for a job there. Definitely, don’t move to a place which has a job market that doesn’t fit your profession or one that’s in an economic turndown. These are all things to think about before calling movers Fort Lauderdale, or any other place for that matter.


    Crimes (Violent)


    Elementary School


    Middle Schools


    High Schools


    Colleges (If Any)

    Keiser University, The Art Institute of Fort Lauderdate, Sandford-Brown Institute-Ft Lauderdale

    Is Fort Lauderdale the right call?

    Once you start going through your list, you’ll realize that Fort Lauderdale is one of the best places in Florida – and even in surrounding states. Why? Well, let’s just say that this is a town that’s got something for everyone. First of all, if the big city bustle of Miami is a bit too much for you – then this is the next best thing. And you’re just a short drive south away from Miami itself, so you can even commute for work if you find something there.

    A beach.
    Yes, you will love it here!

    Speaking of work, we believe that you’ll find Fort Lauderdale more than accommodating in that regard. Especially if you work in the tourism industry – you’ll have absolutely no trouble finding work here. Also, a lot of conventions are held here, in one of the many convention centers in the city. Lastly, one thing about Fort Lauderdale’s economy people forget to mention is: the yacht industry! Many luxury boats, big and small, are repaired and manufactured here. And let’s not forget the beautiful beaches. Truly, whether you’re moving for business or pleasure – this city is a pretty good choice.


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    24 mins

    Is Moving Kings Van Lines FL the company to hire?

    After you’ve picked out your new dream home, there’s only one thing left to do – hire some local movers Fort Lauderdale to help you out. But Florida has a lot of competing moving companies – so how do you choose? Is Moving Kings Van Lines truly the best call you can make when it comes to this? Well, naturally – we believe that it is. And we hope you’ll learn about us and realize the same thing! Because when you’re moving with us, you can always expect your things to be handled by some of the most professional and experienced movers in all of Florida!

    We’re dedicated to our client base

    Our goal in this business is twofold, yet simple: to be the best, and provide our customers with everything they need in the process. These two goals are really one thing – because being the best means truly being dedicated to your customers. And as you can see from above: these aren’t just empty words. Unlike other moving companies, when we look at a relocation, we look beyond moving day. We want to make sure that you’re making an informed decision, that’s the best possible one in your situation. After a while, we want you to look back on your relocation as one of the best calls you’ve ever made. And nothing makes us happier than being a part of that!

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    We will do everything that we can to satisfy all your needs.

    Our movers Fort Lauderdale are the most professional in the business

    Of course, caring is never enough – to do this kind of job correctly, you need professional movers. And our movers Fort Lauderdale are nothing if not professionals! We’re talking about hardened veterans of the relocation game, who’ve done enough jobs to know everything they need about the business. If you need someone who knows all about disassembling furniture and moving tricky things – we’re the people to call! And it’s not just about knowing everything about moving; they’ve also driven up and down Florida more times than they can count. If you need someone who knows the area and knows their business – you can count on Moving Kings Van Lines FL!

    We’re efficient and waste no time

    At the end of the day, professionalism isn’t just about being knowledgeable; it’s also all about how you approach the business. And even more importantly – it’s about how you approach your clients. Luckily, we understand this perfectly. Which is why our movers Fort Lauderdale are always punctual, and eager to help. Also, over the years, we’ve perfected our moving process through a lot of experience, and trial and error. If you need help moving something bulky, or an item that’s got an awkward shape – there’s really no-one better than us. So if you want to see how true pros handle a relocation – make sure to give Moving Kings Van Lines FL a call!

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    We value your time!

    We are a trustworthy company

    Moving to Fort Lauderdale is a big step for anyone, of course – it’s definitely not something that you do every day. And if you don’t have much experience in this kind of thing, this task can look quite impossible to take on. There are a lot of things to plan out, and a mountain of smaller tasks to complete before the relocation is done. But whether you’re moving in 7 days or in 70 – this isn’t something you need to do by yourself. With a professional moving company there to guide you through the process, a relocation can actually be a breeze.

    You’ll have a stress-free relocation with us

    And trust us – hiring Moving Kings Van Lines FL will allow you to move with ease. And really, the best relocation is one that involves no stress. Which is why we’re fully dedicated to bearing the brunt of this relocation. Quite simply – we’re there to do the heavy lifting for you – in every sense of the word. We know that having an easy move requires a lot of planning, calculating and thinking about your what you’ll do next. And that is precisely where our movers Fort Lauderdale come in!

    You can rely on us to take care of your personal belongings with the attention they deserve. Our movers take pride in treating the possessions of our customers as they would their own. Indeed, when you leave your thing in our care – you can be sure they’re in the safest of hands. So call Moving Kings Van Lines FL, and stop worrying! Our experience and devotion speak for us. And the main goal for us is to have as many satisfied customers as possible; furthermore, we will do everything in our power to make you one of them. Just feel free to contact us at any time, and our team will jump to your help.

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    Our team is always ready to help any way they can!

    You are not alone

    With relocation being as difficult as it it, people are often afraid to do it. But if you’re sure that’s something you want to do, you shouldn’t refrain just because it seems too hard. After all, everyone needs to move at least once in their lifetime! And yes, the process of moving is long and stressful, which is why many fear it. But, you shouldn’t! Because if you contact our movers Fort Lauderdale, you won’t be going through it alone. In fact, you’ll have a trustworthy friend at your side.

    We are here for you! You can rely on Moving Kings Van Lines! It doesn’t matter if you are facing this task for the first time or not. Our team of movers Fort Lauderdale can take on any kind of relocation, and you can rest assured that your belongings are in the safest hands. Our crew possesses the necessary knowledge and skills to deal with your relocation. Thus, the best solution is to let Moving Kings Van Lines FL take care of everything for you. This will save you a lot of time and money. You can focus on other tasks while our team handles the transport and everything else.

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    Our movers Fort Lauderdale are at your service! Give us a call, and we will start preparations for your moving day!

    What do movers Fort Lauderdale FL offer?

    As you might have gathered by now, Moving Kings Van Lines FL isn’t run by amateurs. We’re talking about a moving company with long experience in the moving business. And this has enabled us to know exactly what our customers want out of movers Fort Lauderdale during a relocation. Which is why we are here to offer you all the services you might need while moving.

    And it’s not just our varied services that should draw you towards hiring us for your relocation. As we’ve mentioned, the professionalism and reliability that we have to offer is something you won’t find in many other moving companies. From the first moving estimate to the final unloaded box – we are fully dedicated to fulfilling every request our customers might have. So, if you want a trustworthy moving partner, look no further! At Moving Kings Van Lines FL, you are in the right place.

    • Household, Commercial, and Military movers Fort Lauderdale
    • Packing/unpacking your personal belongings
    • Local moving services
    • Long distance moving services
    • Storage facilities

    We have specialized in commercial moving

    Truth to be told, we have done this more times than you can imagine. No matter the size and complexity of your moving project, we are here to help you. Our movers Fort Lauderdale are offering you their expertise and knowledge if you need it! You should know that we are a moving company that fully understands the complexities of a commercial relocation.

    An office that can be moved by our movers Fort Lauderdale
    Do you need some help with your business relocation?

    Really, it’s something completely different from every kind of move. Here, you’ve got an entire company and its employees to think about. And needless to say – the relocation needs to disturb your workflow as little as possible. Don’t worry though – from giving moving tips to setting up the new office space; we’re here to help you any way you can. You can count on Moving Kings Van Lines FL to treat your company with the same care that we would our own.

    Military relocations are also our forte

    If you are a military person who needs to relocate, we are the right fit. Trust us – we realize all of the intricacies of the lives of military personnel. So you should know – we’ve handled this type of relocation many times before. If you’re looking for someone who will handle your military move with the discipline and punctuality akin to the army’s; you’re in the right spot! Our movers Fort Lauderdale are the best on the market for this job – without any doubt. Moving Kings Van Lines FL is able to ease the relocation process and take good care of your possessions while you transition to a new post. So don’t think twice about contacting us for your military relocation – we’re ready to serve!

    If you need some assistance when packing your belongings call us

    After making a plan, budgeting and calculating your next move – you will need to start packing. And here’s a piece of information you should realize right away – packing isn’t something to take lightly. Many people make the fatal mistake of underestimating how difficult packing will be. In fact, this process can take a lot of your time, and make everything seem a lot harder than it is. Because if you haven’t left enough time before moving day for getting moving supplies and packing everything up; you’ll be in a real bind!

    But once again – our movers Fort Lauderdale are more than eager to lend you a hand! There’s really no reason to grapple with this all on your own if it can be avoided. Really – if you don’t want to waste too much of your time packing everything yourself, our crew is ready and waiting for your call! We’ll relieve you of all the stress and nervousness that comes with packing up your entire household alone.

    Moving locally or long distance – you can rely on us

    As you’ve gathered by now, our movers Fort Lauderdale are here to give you the quickest and the most efficient relocation! At the end of the day, there’s one thing that remains obvious – simply put, we know how to do our job. Our movers are highly trained and professional, and ready to react in any moving situation. And if you don’t believe us, ask anyone! Moving Kings Van Lines FL has helped people move all around Florida state, to their great satisfaction.

    That experience is the guarantee your relocation will be performed in the best possible way, as are all others when handled by Moving Kings Van Lines FL. You can always reach us, and we will be more than happy to provide you with any information or advice that you might need. Our movers Fort Lauderdale are always at your service and ready to solve every concern you might have. If you are looking for one of the best local moving companies in Florida, give us a call!

    We are ready to go the extra mile

    On the other hand, Long distance moving is sometimes the hardest task you can take on. Why? Well, first of all, it involves a lot of planning and preparations. And remember – you’re dealing with a lot more here than you are when you’re moving across a shorter distance. Also, it’s not just that it’s more, it’s different as well. The budgeting, the supplies you need – everything gets exponentially more difficult across bigger distances. And unfortunately, so does stress. So why go through all that, when you have us? You’ve got the best long distance movers in Florida right here, ready to answer your call and bring you solutions!

    A road.
    We are ready to go the extra mile!

    We are just a call away, always ready to help you. So while your moving project might seem scary to you – it really doesn’t have to be! Our team of professionals will make sure you make your transformation with ease. We can handle a long relocation as well as any other kind, so why wait and stress yourself out? Just give a call to Moving Kings Van Lines FL – and the great distances will be shorter than ever!

    Storing your belongings was never easier!

    If you lack space in your old or new home, storing some of your items is a great plan! If you see a lack-of-space issue creeping up, it’s best to act as soon as possible, to prevent further complications. Trust us – this move will make everything much easier. Also, after doing so, you will see how big of a difference decluttering can make. Once you’re done with finding storage options, you’ll have a much clearer picture of your moving process going forward.

    It’s nothing to worry about – many people need some short-term solution for their items! And if you realize that you are one of them, our team is ready to help you as always. Our storage facilities are affordable, secure and easily accessible. So why not stop worrying about space? Once you leave your belongings in our care, you’ll be able to go through the rest of your relocation with a big load off your shoulders!

    Tires for swimming - our movers Fort Lauderdale will help you anyway they can!
    We are here to save you from all that stress!

    Why pick our movers Fort Lauderdale?

    We consider our company a reliable and trustworthy one. Therefore, we believe that by hiring us, you will do yourself a great favor. Trust us, you and your belongings are in good hands. Moreover, we cannot wait to offer you our help by providing you with the best moving service there is all across Florida. Our professional staff is always ready for the move, and happy to assist you with anything you need. During your relocation, you are in safe hands and there is nothing to worry about. We have proven that each and every customer comes first to us and that we do everything to meet and even overcome your expectations. For these reasons, we invite you to see for yourselves all of this that we have said. Welcome!

    What Our Customers Say

    Most definitely a moving company you can trust! The entire Moving Kings team were amazing! The movers worked so hard packing and loading our items, and I received delivery as promised.

    Jason Stein

    Moving kings has provided me with outstanding services. I could not have gone with a more trustworthy company! Everything went smooth sailing, from the moment I booked, up until the day of delivery...

    Raveesh Kumar

    I was relocating from Maryland to Miami Beach Florida, the second I posted my information looking for a quote I got hundreds of phone calls. I received many different prices and I spoke to many different...

    Brenda Shea

    I was relocating from Maryland to Miami Beach Florida, the second I posted my information looking for a quote I got hundreds of phone calls. I received many different prices and I spoke to many different...

    Brenda Shea

    Here is a quick summary of my experience with Moving Kings - feel free to read below for a more in-depth experience: -Customer service was great with communication and clear about expectations..

    David Goldstein

    We moved 1,146 miles away to be with our children and grandchildren, I went online for quotes and got about 40 phone calls. Moving Kings had a good rating and we liked everything that was included in...

    Mike G

    Why Choose Us?

    We offer in-home and over-the-phone estimates

    Our movers will load and pack your household

    Your items are fully bonded and insured while in our possession

    We do our own deliveries

    We have a great referral program Get $100 for referring family and friends