Top sports bars in Oakland Park, FL to visit

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So you have decided to hire movers Oakland Park FL and move to the promised land of Oakland Park, FL? That’s great news! However, just as with any new city that you move in, starting a life there can be hard. One of the parts of kick-starting your new life there is socializing. Finding new places to hang out, and new faces to talk to. The regular season for the NBA is soon starting, the MLB is in its prime and there are even more sports events on the horizon! So what better way to find new friends than in sports bars in Oakland Park, FL?

sports bars in Oakland Park, FL
Sports bars are an awesome place for hanging out!

Now hand-on-heart, picking the top sports bars in Oakland was very hard. Since there are plenty of excellent choices. However, at the end of the day, we had to make a decision. So without further adieu, this is our list of the top sports bars in Oakland Park, FL to visit.

Visit Stout Bar & Grill as one of the best sports bars in Oakland Park, FL

We will start off our list with a recommendation that is more on the pricey side. However, we do consider Stout to be one of the best sports bars out there.

Stout is an upscale Sports Bar & Grill. They offer a whopping 100 different Whiskeys and Scotches. While on the topic of alcohol, they also serve over 50 different Beers and more than 25 Wines! Now, their food is amazing. Their menu is an Irish Infused Grill menu. Meaning that they have dishes ranging from Seared Ahi Tuna to our classic Shepherd’s Pie. Now that’s not the best part. They also have a 60-foot long bar made out of Old Chicago Brick which is coated in Hammered Copper

If you like to drink Brandy you will love Stout Bar & Grill!

So what are you waiting for?

Everything we have mentioned above makes this place the most unique Bar in South Florida! With dine-in seating for over 200 people, finding someone to grab a beer can be as easy as pie! Now alright, they have the booze and the food. But how do they handle the sports coverage? Well, they have 40 TV’s (all HD) that have a JBL surround sound, with all the sports packages. So you won’t be missing any action in Stout Bar & Grill. So hire long distance movers Florida, and check this place out today! 

Big Dog Station

Now we may have started ambitiously with our top pick, seeing as to how pricey it is. If however, you are looking for a more local feel, with cheaper prices look no further than Big Dog Station.

Burgers and fries
There are so many variations of burgers here you will definitely find the one you are looking for!

Unlike rooftop bars in Orlando, Big Dog Station is a local sports bar in Oakland Park Florida. If you’re looking for a local feel with a really good drink and food prices, BDS is hard to beat. Big Dog Station offers great fresh food made to order and we mean burgers, wings, fries in so many variations it will make your head spin! To top it all off, they have their own homemade spicey Gator Sauce. They also have a full liquor bar with a wide selection of beers both local and imported, so you can make sure that your tastebuds will be drenched in the most beautiful beers out there.

But wait there’s more!

So if this sounds like something you are looking for, check out BDS, enjoy some delicious food and watch your team bring home the victory. Now to top it all of, BDS is also known for being an awesome spot for live music and events. As well as for awesome events such as charities and different types of parties. Redneck pool party anyone? So make sure to definitely check this place out on your way to Oakland Park!

Bookamper’s Sports Bar & Grill as a line of sports bars in Oakland Park, FL

This was a tough one. We were trying to find something between unique and cheap. And there are plenty of sports bars like there out there. However, there is one that stood out the most to us. That is the Bookamper’s Sports Bar & Grill.

Bokampers Sports Bar & Grill was founded in 2008 in Flordia. However, since then 5 restaurants have opened in South Florida. So it’s more of a line of business than one pub.  That’s why we ended up with this place on our list. It’s a blend of the previous two places we have mentioned. This Sports bar is focused on being a local haven to fans of all sports. They manage to create an amazing atmosphere with televisions covering every wall and rival fans cheering their teams on under one roof, and the overall excitement makes for the perfect environment for friends, families and sports fans of all ages!

In conclusion

Summer in Oakland Park FL is almost nigh. Colder weather is approaching. Rain, hard wind and sucky-sucky foggy weather. However, that doesn’t mean it’s the end of the world. Most people start hanging out in bars and restaurants. Thankfully Oakland Park has a lot of those. Not only, does it have a lot of bars and restaurants, it also has awesome sports bars. From upscale pubs such as the Stout Bar & Grill to a cheaper option such as the Big Dog Station or the Bookemper’s Sports Bar & Grill. You will always find something fun to do. It can be watching games, playing pool or darts. Whatever you choose, you can be sure that you will never run out of entertaining things to do.



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