How to boost your relocation budget

Three stacks of coins.

Let us ask you this – are you facing relocation in the near future? If you are, you are probably sitting down at your desk after receiving a moving estimate, wondering how in the world you are going to pay for it. Moving is an expensive endeavor and, as such, is dreaded by millions of Americans annually. But what if we told you that there are ways to boost your relocation budget and incorporate more moving services in Florida for the same price? It takes some wit and resourcefulness, but we are sure you have those in spades. Take our ideas as another way to help you trim your costs and enjoy a stress-free and cost-effective relocation!

For starters, choose your moving partner wisely

We could go on and on about trimming the costs of your move for days, and it still wouldn’t be enough if you were to choose a moving company with steep prices. Simply put, some movers are just too expensive. As a layman in the moving industry, you probably think that expensive equals quality. But that couldn’t be farther from the truth.

Boost your relocation budget with coins from a piggy bank.
The best way to significantly boost your moving budget is by hiring your movers carefully.

Whether you are choosing movers Lake Worth FL or the ones stationed in Miami, what you need to look at is the affordability to quality ratio. Good companies can still be affordable, as those movers care about their customers. And the best way to care for your clients is not to impose incredible prices. Therefore, be smart during this first step. Ask for a couple of moving quotes, read online comments about them, and then base your decision.

Of course, you could always opt for a DIY move

While a DIY move does sound alluring, the reality oftentimes proves to be different. The truth is that when contemplating between a DIY move and hiring movers, in 90% of the cases, you should go for the latter one. The only time when we would encourage you to try to move by yourself is in those instances when you are just moving next door. Then not opting for movers is a great way to boost your moving budget, and we support it!

Be careful what you take with you

One of the best and most proven ways to boost your relocation budget is by paying attention to the overall weight of the cargo you are having transported. Plenty of movers charge by the weight of the cargo. Therefore, not transporting a piano will significantly cut the price of your move. But, we understand that those items have great value for you, which is why no one suggests you throw them away. What you should do is be realistic about your situation. Has your sofa seen better days? Is the pool table of your son necessary now that he’s off to college? Do you really need all of the clothes that haven’t been able to fit you in years? Any object that will demand more money for transport as opposed to replacing should be left behind.

A sofa and a coffee table.
To boost your relocation budget, you’ll have to part ways with some of your beloved items.

For those items you decide to get rid off, you can not only save money on the costs of transportation but also make a profit from selling them! Haven’t you heard that people love yard sales? Put up a few signs so that the people in the neighborhood know what not to miss and enjoying seeing those dollar bills stack up! This garage sale will turn out to be a godsend.

Why not boost your relocation budget by reusing packing materials?

If you have chosen a moving company, you already know that most movers will offer you packing services in Florida. Or any other state where you are located. At the risk of sounding too self-promotional (as we are a moving company) let us tell you that it’s highly advisable to always opt for packing and unpacking services. Yes, they cost extra, but the amount of stress and trouble they save you from is priceless. Now, if you don’t opt for this service due to a lack of money, we entirely understand. There is still a way to boost your moving budget even further.

If you opt for DIY packing, the first thing you’ll need will be packing supplies. Things such as moving boxes Florida, dollies, moving straps, protective packaging, etc. are all things that cost money. But there are ways to be thrifty about it and save a few bucks.

  • Visit dollar stores in your area, as they often have all the smaller packing supplies you need, such as tape. 
  • Ask your friends and family whether they have any extra cardboard boxes and other supplies leftover from the days when they were moving. 
  • Visit your local supermarkets and bookstores. They have sturdy cardboard boxes galore and they won’t mind giving them away.
A cart in a supermarket.
Supermarkets are filled with cardboard boxes, ready for you to become their new owner.

Think about investing in a storage unit

There are plenty of occasions when renting a storage unit while moving will be a good idea. You could be downsizing from a four-bedroom home to a two-bedroom one. Or you might simply want not to the clutter-up the new space but still keep your belongings. Simply, you want to boost your relocation budget by relocating as few items as you can. The truth is that investing some money in secure storage is always the best idea. This way, you don’t have to worry about the wellbeing of your belongings, but you also don’t have to keep tripping over items that seem to be everywhere. Take into account that a storage unit will also help you save money while moving, which sounds contradicting. Isn’t storage supposed to cost? Yes, but it costs less than transporting your piano overseas.

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