How to prepare your plants for Florida relocation

prepare your plants for Florida relocation

Relocation to another country only happens for a few times in your lives, usually only once. It is important to stay sane on a moving day. Doing it right is the only goal that you have from the moment you make a decision to move. Many things should be taken into consideration while moving. It is definitely not easy to pack your whole life in boxes and set off. When you think about all the things that you should relocate, plants are usually the first thing that comes to your mind. Prepare your plants for Florida relocation with ease with our useful tips.

Laws and regulations

Although it does not seem to be something that would be bound by law, relocating plants is actually very serious. You may ask yourself why? For example, in Florida, you cannot import citrus plants, due to possible disease outbreaks and insect infestations. These things truly can happen when you bring a plant from a distant area. In order to avoid any issues on the borders, it is best to get familiar with the USDA restrictions. Also, do not be surprised if your plants may be inspected prior to entering Florida, as the officials must be certain that there are zero chances for any issues concerning plants. The entire economy of plants may be jeopardized when there is an outbreak of plant disease.

Here is the list of most common plants that cannot enter Florida without a special permit:

  • Any and all kinds of citrus plants and their parts
  • Aquatic plants
  • A dogwood plant or its parts
  • All host fruit that can be subject to being infested by fruit flies
  • Lettuce seed and plants, etc.
a garden full of plants, two chairs and a family house in the back.
Prepare your plants for Florida relocation so that you can have a garden full of beautiful plants in your new home as well.

If you have to leave them behind

Now we are familiar with the possible outcomes if a plant that is restricted enters the country. And the prospect of leaving the plant in our old country is not that scary or repulsive. Even though you have nurtured them for years, it may happen that you cannot take them with you. However, there is always a solution. Leave your plants with your reliable friends or family. With someone that you trust and that will look after your plant with gentle care. If you have a plant lover friend, then they will be more than happy to receive that wonderful gift. And if during the years, the law changes, you can always relocate it later.

Before the move

Plants do not require much special attention, you need to water them when necessary and that is pretty much it for most of the time. But, a few days before the move, prepare your plants for Florida relocation. Make sure to water them properly. This is really important because your plants will then have soaking wet pots during the move itself, and you do not want that. This way they will be moist and ready for the journey. Cut off all the dry leaves of your plants, so that they are in good condition for the move.

a green plant in a brown pot
Water your plants two or three days before the move and cut off all the dry leaves.

Consult a professional

Just like you would take your pet to the vet before the relocation, consult a horticulturist about your plants. They will be able to give you the best advice on how your plant can survive the journey in the best possible way. It is essential not to make any obvious mistakes during the move and risk losing your plant for it. Although you can never be fully prepared, extra care is welcomed. You will be happy once your plants are right next to you in your new home. Both you and your plants should adjust after moving home.


Bear in mind how will weather affect your plants. If you are moving to Florida from some colder areas, make sure to know how your plants will react to it. Moving to Tampa, for example, will bring you over 250 sunny days a year. There is no snow here, and the climate is very humid. Usually, your indoor plants will be safe and sound, but make sure that your plants enjoy the sun and great weather just as much as you do.

three amaryllis in three brown plant pots next to the window
Check how the Florida climate will affect your plants, make sure they enjoy the sun as much as you do.

Prepare your plants for Florida relocation

When you begin to prepare your plants for Florida relocation, there are several options to choose from. Choose the one that will fit your needs and your plants` needs best.

Moving by car

If you are relocating your plants by car, make sure not to put them in the back of the car. Extreme temperatures can seriously damage the health of your plants. Especially if the journey is longer. It is best to put them in the cabin of the car, with you, so that they have enough oxygen. Also, when making longer breaks, like staying in a hotel for the night, take them out of the car. They will appreciate it a big way.

Moving by plane

When buying tickets or making reservations, search online for the polices about the plants. Use your knowledge about restricted plants that cannot be imported to Florida. You can never fully prepare your plants for Florida relocation, but you can certainly be on top of your game with our useful tips.

Hiring a moving company

Many companies do not offer the service of relocating plants, unlike Boynton Beach moving companies. Having professionals taking care of your plants means that a huge burden is taken off of your chest. You can significantly reduce stress by hiring a proper moving company that will safely relocate your plants to your new home. Your plants are living organisms and they deserve the best possible care that they can receive. Prepare your plants for Florida relocation and do everything necessary, but if you feel that you have too many things on your mind, just hire a professional. You will not regret it.

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