Tips for organizing your garage like a pro

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Organizing your garage may seem like a dreadful task that you just want to postpone indefinitely. All the clutter that has been carefully placed in the garage over the years makes you shiver instantly. Furthermore, it is not easy to stay organized after the move. Well, the time has come to organize your garage like a pro. Follow these tips and we promise you that once you organize your garage you will never go back to how it was.

Pick a date

Depending on the size of your garage and the number of items that you have in it, you may need more time to organize it properly. It is best if you choose a weekend that you will solely dedicate to organizing your garage. It may take only a day, of course, but then you will have a whole extra day to admire your beautifully organized garage. Once you picked a date, do not change it or postpone it, that is a trap we all tend to fall in to.


Let`s face the truth, the majority of items in the garage are not often used, or even needed for your everyday life. Some of them are broken, outdated and unnecessary. Sort them out and we will tell you four different ways to get rid of them.

Car toys, old watches, cords, a remote control on a green canvas on the desk.
Declutter your garage by donating, selling, or throwing away the items you do not need, or that do not function anymore.

Throw them away

If they absolutely cannot serve any purpose, then you can simply throw them away. Use the trash bags and go for it. Everything that is broken and you decide that it cannot be fixed should be in a trash bag. Check the expiration dates on your cleaning supplies, or car supplies and if they expired then throw them away. If you know that something should be thrown away but you are attached to it emotionally, take photos of it.


A garage sale sounds perfect if you have a lot of things in your garage that you or your children have outgrown. These may be bikes, roller shoes, old tools, everything that can still serve its purpose. Organizing your garage means that you can easily earn some money to buy new things for your garage.


If you have not been able to sell everything you meant to at the garage sale, donate the items. You will make someone happy with the old TV that functions, but you have a brand new one. Always remember that your goal is to declutter and organize your garage in a way that will fit your needs better.


Your heart wants what it wants. There is nothing bad in keeping some items that you are attached to. Just make sure they do not take up much space. If you want to keep your first bicycle, there is nothing wrong with that. You can paint it and set it as a decoration for example. Also, you can make the most of public storage. Keep your items in public storage Lake Worth and you will always have the items stored safely and with affordable prices.

a garage sale sign on an old brown chair in the backyard
A garage sale can help you tremendously when organizing your garage. You will get rid of all the things you do not need and earn some money as well.

Make the most out of shelves

Shelves are your best friends when it comes to organizing your garage. Open shelves will make your garage look neat and everything will be easily accessible to you. You can use wall shelves, but also corner shelves and make even more space in your garage.

Shelves in the garage with different tools stored on them.
Shelves are your best friends when it comes to proper storing of your tools and items that you keep in the garage.

Labeling is the key for organizing your garage

The boxes that are in your garage will become like an open book, once you label them. Buy permanent markers and label every box that you have and state what is in it. If you are keeping boxes with old photographs, tools, supplies, just write on them and make organizing your garage easy. You can reuse the boxes after relocation and save money as well.

Make the most out of the ceiling

After you have thoroughly decluttered your garage and placed and labeled your items carefully on the wall shelves, it may happen that you still need more space. Do not worry, nothing is lost, you can easily place the items on the ceiling itself. Nowadays, there is a plethora of equipment that you can purchase for your ceiling storage. If you are moving to Tampa, you will find great weather and a lot of equipment stores that can help you organize your garage.

The ultimate tips

  • Place the items that you use every day, like bikes, near the garage door so they are always within reach. The items that you rarely use or use seasonally can be placed on the back of the garage.
  • Keep the items off the floor. As we mentioned already, you can use the walls to the maximum and you can use the ceiling to help you store your items. But, all this effort will go to waste if you place items on the floor and trip over them.
  • Use good lighting. A well-lit garage will look bigger, professional, and it will make it easier for you to find everything that you need.
  • Keep the dangerous items, like chemicals or sharp tools locked in a cabinet. The dangerous items should be kept out of reach for children and locked safely.

Keep your garage organized

After organizing your garage like a pro, it should only be fair after all the effort that it is organized all the time. Once you use something, make sure to put it back where it belongs, make this your habit. When something is broken, either repair it or throw it away immediately, do not wait. And make time to organize your garage thoroughly at least twice a year. Good luck!

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