Arranging a perfect garage sale – how it’s done?

stuff on a perfect garage sale

If you are planning on getting rid of unnecessary things and earning some money during the process, a garage sale is just what you need. Get ready to move, pack, sort out and sell all of those things you don’t need. Arranging a perfect garage sale demands a lot of organizing and effort. However after you are done with your perfect garage sale, you will be satisfied. You will have gotten rid of all the things you don’t need. Moreover, your wallet will be bulky with that extra cash you made. For a successful garage sale, you need to make a plan and stick to it. It is also important to prepare supplies and sort out the items you are going to sell. It is also important to make some sale signs and advertise your garage sale.

umbrella, suitcase, bike, telephone, clock - perfect garage sale
Planning is important for arranging a perfect garage sale

Plan your garage sale

Planning is very important when arranging a perfect garage sale. A first step would be to plan a date. The most popular days are Friday and Saturday. If you want to have a four-day garage sale you should count in Thursday and Sunday. Early mornings are the most popular times of the day. In the summertime, this is the coolest part of the day which is important. A perfect timing would be, for example, from six in the morning until noon. When it comes to seasons an early fall or late spring is perfect. You should also avoid very hot months. For example, you can avoid August and wait until the middle of September.

Get everything in one place

Decide what you are going to sell and get everything in one place. Take a box and go from room to room and put in everything you don’t need anymore. Pack like the pros and get everything sorted. Check the closets, attic, garage, and basements. Those are the places with the most things. Don’t discard something because you don’t think it is valuable enough. You would be surprised at what people buy at garage sales.

See if you need a permit

Some cities demand that people have permits for garage sales. Go to your city hall office and check if you need a permit. You may apply online in some cases. Check if that is possible. If you do need a permit and you don’t get one you might experience some inconveniences. They might find you and even shut down the sale.

Advertise your perfect garage sale

Get an ad in the local newspaper. This is a great idea because people will get informed about your garage sale. You will probably have to pay about 15 dollars for an ad but it will be well worth it. Don’t make the add too long because you might end up paying per word. Focus on the most popular things like furniture, collectibles or toys. Don’t forget to write your address and the time when the garage sale will take place.

Write online ads

Online ads are a great choice because you are not limited by the number of words. You can describe your items in detail and that will attract more shoppers. Try posting on free garage sale sites like Craigslist, Garage Sale Hunter, and Garage Sale Source. People who are looking for a garage sale will be able to see your ad. Do not post it to early. For example, if you are organizing the garage sale on Saturday you should post the ad on Wednesday or Thursday.

Make the signs

You should make garage sale signs so that people can see that you are arranging your perfect garage sale. Write ‘GARAGE SALE’ on a board and draw an arrow that is pointing towards your house. You can also write your address so that people find your sale more easily. If you want to stick your garage sale sign in the ground you should use wood paint stirrers. You can get them for free at home improvement stores.

sign for a perfect garage sale
Put up a sign that says ‘ GARAGE SALE’

Prepare for the sale

Make sure you prepare everything a day before the sale. You should have a chair, a change and paying table. You can display your items on some tables or on the ground. Use your garden furniture, you can hang clothes on the garage door. You can put together two crates or boxes and display some items there. Put the delicate items on tables and set them near a fence to be more secured. You will need to have change for your customers. Prepare a lot of fives, ones and some quarters.

Sort and price the items

The customers will be more likely to buy your goods if they are well organized. You should separate everything into categories. For example a book bundle, toys bundle and clothes bundle. If you have a lot of clothes you can consider dividing them into men’s, children’s and women’s clothes. Even though some people put items into boxes and price them, it is a better idea to price all of the items separately. People will bundle up the boxes and leave a mess searching through them. So use manila tape and write the price of every separate item on it. Your prices should not be too high, nor too low. You should be prepared to bargain on the day of the sale.

things on a perfect garage sale
Keep the items you are selling organized

The day of the garage sale

On the day of the garage sale itself be ready one hour before the sale. One hour before the starting time everything should be out and the signs should be put up. If your garage is somewhere not available enough set everything in your front yard.
Don’t act too pushy or hover over the customers.They will definitely ask questions and try to bargain. Stay seated and let them come to you with questions.
• Use your best-negotiating strategies on the last day. That is your last chance to sell everything
• Put your chair in a place where you can greet people and say a friendly hello. If the people are feeling relaxed they will surely buy something.

Deal with the leftovers in the right way

There are going to be items that will not sell. You should donate them to charity and get a tax deduction. All of the items you donate are tax deductible.  You can sell bigger items like couches and TVs should be on Craigslist.

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