How to get rid of the clutter before the move?

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So -you are moving to Florida soon. And it seems quite easy. But before you know it – things get hard. And complicated. As the time passes – it gets even worse. Is there an end? Yes, there is. However, in order to make things simpler and easier on yourself, you will need to take some steps. Once you start completing tasks, one by one – things will look much less complex. And they will be. But what are the steps you must take in order to make relocation possible? Stay tuned, and learn how to do it. Let us give you a hint – you will need to get rid of the clutter before the move. And not only that! Keep on reading and let us help you move with ease!

Make a moving strategy and stick to it!

This concept is very important. That is, if you want to move hassle-free. And we believe you do. So, make a good plan and do everything that is in your power to stick to it. Postponing tasks is never a good idea. But it might be a good idea to make a moving checklist. It will provide you with a much clearer picture of your relocation and tasks that need to be completed before the moving day comes.

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Make a plan and stick to it!

What needs to be done before the moving day comes?

A lot. Be realistic – moving your whole life to another place can’t be an easy task to take on. But, if you come prepared, and complete tasks one by one –  you can relocate stress-free.

  • Calculate your budget.
  • Hire a moving company on time.
  • Get rid of the clutter before the move.
  • Gather packing supplies.
  • Pack your belongings.
  • Wait for the movers to come and enjoy your new beginning!


Calculate your budget and try to be realistic about your finances. You are the only one who knows how much you are able to spend on your relocation.

Look for a moving company that covers all the bases

Once you do – you are ready to start looking for the moving company. But, be careful. There are many movers on the market, but you will need to find the right one. How? Try to find a mover that offers a wide range of moving services – at an affordable price. Never settle for anything rest. You deserve the best of the best. Also, make sure you don’t get scammed. Hire only reputable movers. The people you entrusted your belongings with need to be properly trained, licensed and insured. That is the only way to ensure your belongings safety. And that is what comes first, isn’t it?

Your belongings and how to get rid of the clutter before the move?

In order to move with ease, you will need to say goodbye to some of your items. This is not a moment to become sentimental. Once you start feeling nostalgic- remember one thing – you need to get rid of the clutter before the move if you want to make it easy on yourself.

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Keep it clean and simple!

Start off with items that you don’t use or need anymore. You have many such items in your house – for sure. Everybody does. And there is no better time to say goodbye to some of these items than right before the move.

Go through your closet, attic, basement, and every corner of your house. And the result? You will find so much clutter everywhere that it will surprise you. But it shouldn’t really. This is something that happens to all of us. How to get rid of the clutter before the move? You have more than one option here.


That’s right. You can sell some of these items. Online or at a yard sale. One person’s trash is other person’s treasure. And the best thing about this – you can even make some money this way. Probably not much, so don’t expect to become a millionaire over the night – but enough to make the relocation period easier.


How about helping the ones in need? There is no better feeling. This way you will help someone who needs it, and you will get rid of the clutter before the move. It’s a nice little bonus. Isn’t it?


Give your belongings a second chance – don’t just throw them away. Remember the impact we have on our planet! And – try to be nice to it!

Give away

Ask your friends and family members if they would like to take some of your belongings – of course, ones that you don’t need anymore.

And – if everything else fails – throw away some of your belongings.

Be reasonable sign - in context of how to get rid of the clutter before the move.
Be reasonable – you don’t need everything!

Gather packing supplies and start packing

Once you get rid of the clutter before the move, it is time to start packing. But before you do – you will need to gather some packing supplies. And we advise you to get professional ones. That is – if you want to ensure your belonging’s safety. And if packing seems like a hassle – look for Florida packing services. They might come in handy.

Wait for the movers

You should hire the moving specialist in advance, but if you haven’t done it yet – you are in the luck! Moving Kings FL is at your service whenever and wherever you need us to be! So – call us today and get a free moving quote and all the help you might need. And once you get in touch with us, all you will need to do is to wait for our team to come to your house and take care of everything for you.

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