How to get precise Florida moving quotes?

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Moving to Florida? Yes. Welcome to the land of the Sun and prestige beaches. Your new life is waiting just around the corner, but before you start living the fairytale – you will have to deal with the moving process itself. Moving is almost never a simple task, and many people get anxious even thinking about it. It requires a lot of thinking, planning, calculating, flexibility and patience. That is the main reason many people fear doing it on their own. We all know how small relocation mistakes can turn into a real nightmare. If you want to move stress-free, it is time to start your search for the right moving company. And even more importantly, you should try to get precise Florida moving quotes.

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Before you move, make sure you get precise Florida moving quotes.

How to get accurate Florida moving quotes?

Getting Florida moving quotes that are real and precise might be even more challenging than finding the right moving company or even housing solutions. But, getting an accurate moving estimate is possible! We will try to help you get one in the following article, so make sure you stay tuned and enjoy! Prepare yourself, and never let the anxiety get the better side of you. The whole relocation process takes a lot of time and patience – and getting quotes and looking for the right moving company is just the beginning. Save the nerves, you will need them later!

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The only way to get accurate Florida moving quotes is to create a detailed inventory.

What is exactly an estimate?

Moving quote should give you an accurate idea of what your relocation project will cost before you load your valuables on the movers truck. It should provide you with information that will give you a better picture when calculating a budget. You can even get an estimate over the phone or online, but moving companies are only legally bound by your written estimate. A moving quote is just an approximate price, and a written estimate is a legal document that protects you and a moving company.

What are the types of estimates?

All long distance moving companies from Florida can offer you two types of quotes. An estimate can be binding and non-binding. If you get a binding estimate, the moving company is required to honor the price that they have provided you with previously. If you decide that you want some additional items to be moved, the moving company can and will charge you extra money. A non-binding estimate represents the mover’s best guess of your relocation cost, and the final charge can change, so we don’t recommend it if you want to get an accurate Florida moving quote.

Who can provide you with an exact moving quote?

Trustworthy and professional moving companies will always provide you with precise Florida moving quotes. However, each relocation is unique and takes different calculation. The precise moving quote estimate can then be conducted in 3 ways:

  • Over the phone. If you want to get quotes over the phone, prepare yourself. You will need to give your estimator detailed list of items you wish to be moved. And when we say detailed, we mean really detailed. If you miss-inform your over-the-phone-estimator, the price you get on a moving day can differ than the one you got over the phone.

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    Getting a quote over the phone isn’t the most efficient way to get an estimate, but if it works for you – do it.
  • Online. Getting accurate Florida moving quotes over the internet is possible, but just like with the over the phone quotes, you will have to provide your moving company with a detailed inventory. Stay focused, and give it your best!

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    Getting an estimate over the internet might be the quickies way to get the clearer picture before hiring anyone.
  • In-home. If you want to get the most accurate moving quote possible, calling a moving company to visit your house and to do an in-home estimate is the best way to get one. This option is the most reliable one. Professional estimator knows where and what for to look in your house. This person is trained to notice even the smallest details.

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    Get an in-home estimate if you are looking for precise Florida moving quotes.

Read everything before signing any legal document

It is very important to read all your moving documentation carefully. And don’t forget including your estimate in that process. Read all the fine print. And then, do it once more. This is the only way to avoid unexpected expense and hidden fees. If anything on your estimate looks suspicious, ask the moving company to provide specific details in writing. And remember, never get quotes only from one moving company. The more you get, the better idea about the market you will have. Having more than one estimator come to your house will also provide you with the chance to negotiate. Most moving companies will lower their estimates, just to prevent their competitors from getting the job. So, be smart, and use this as an advantage.

Why is hiring a moving company actually saving you money?

This might sound strange, but if you work with our moving team – you can save a lot of time and money. Our moving crews are ready to take on any kind and size of a moving project. They can provide you with not only the best moving services but also with the most precise Florida moving estimates. We know how important it is to stay in the lines of your previously calculated budget. Our moving specialists will do everything in their power to provide you with the highest quality of services, and all that at an affordable rate. Our movers in Florida have a logistics team that will keep you up to date, and you will stay included in the planning from the beginning to the end.

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