How to move stress-free?

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Many people become anxious when it comes to the moving process. And to be honest, changing home address without stress is almost impossible. The good news is that tension levels can be reduced to the minimum. The question that we will try to answer is: how to move stress-free?

Step 1: be positive

Change is never easy. It means that you will have to come out of your comfort zone, and it doesn’t sound like fun. Believe me, it can be. It is best if you start this entire process with a positive attitude. Change isn’t as bad as it seems, and something new and good will come out of it. And who doesn’t love the new start? A new beginning – new you.

Try not to think about moving home as of a scary thing that needs to be done, but as of an exciting new experience. This is very important. If you start preparing yourself for the worst, every problem that comes your way will look like the potential beginning of an apocalypse. What will happen next? You will start feeling anxious like never before. You don’t want this to happen. Be positive. Prepare yourself, and come to the realization that problems may come in your way, but everything can be solved. Everyone who moved before you survived it, so will you.

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It is easy to get stressed when you have to pack all of your belongings, but being prepared is a great way for preventing this from happening.

Step 2: be prepared

The main reason for all that stress is the fear of unknown. Not many people are used to changing address, and it is something that doesn’t happen very often. Most people change places just a few times in their whole lifetime. The great news is that you have internet! You can find a lot of information about moving out there. You can research this topic and become familiar with it. And when you form an opinion, and when you acknowledge problems and ways to solve them, all that pressure will wear off. It is that easy. Just believe in yourself.

Step 3: find some help

Sometimes the best way to move stress-free is to find people that will help you. Of course, if you are moving to the apartment that is just a few blocks away, you may not need assistance, but if you are moving your whole household to the other state, you will need all hands on deck.

Here you have two options:

  • You can move stress-free by hiring a moving company. This way, you can sit back and relax. A good moving company can offer you services like packing, moving, unpacking, pet moving, etc. You will literally have no obligations. This is one of the many good sides of professional packing services.
  • Another option is to ask your friends for help. They may not be as professional as movers, but they are a lot cheaper. You can pay them with pizza, and make this whole experience a party. If you are looking to save some money, this is a way to go.

Step 4: make a plan

If you think that it is not possible to move stress-free, making a plan will help you a lot. This way you will be prepared not only psychically, but you will already have solutions and ideas how to prevent them. Moving isn’t an easy task, but making a plan makes it easier. Make sure to plan out not only your every move but your time as well. Moving can take a lot of your time. If you ask anyone who ever moved – no one will ever tell you they had too much time on their hands. It is important not to postpone tasks. Write everything down, because you are going to forget things a lot when pressure kicks in. And, when it does, don’t give up – stick to your plan and give it your best.

It would be great to move stress-free by locking all that anxiety in this image of mail lockers.
Changing home address isn’t easy, but you can move stress-free if you make a good plan.

Step 5: create a budget

Finances can be a major stressor. It is important to know your boundaries, and not to overspend. Figure out ways to simplify things, calculate your budget and stick to it. There are many ways to save money and to move stress-free! Our most sincere advice is to hire a professional moving company. No hustle, no stress, no obligations. An experienced moving company will also save you some money. How? Well, they have donned it a million times, and they know what are the most common mistakes when moving and how to prevent them. And remember – mistakes can cost you a lot. Not only money but also time.

Step 6: there is no room for panic

It is almost certain that you will start to panic at some point. It is normal, and you should not be afraid of it. Actually, when you stop fearing it – you will stop feeling overwhelmed, and all that anxiousness will fade away. Take your time. Stop for a moment and take a deep breath. Don’t forget to eat and sleep well. When you start feeling anxious, it is a good moment to do something just for yourself. Something that calms you down. Take a warm bath, meditate, or go for a run. Have some fun. Don’t think about problems for a while, and just relax. It will not be easy, but you will succeed at some point.

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Sometimes, all that you can do is to just breathe.

Step 7: one action at a time

At some point, things will become hectic. How to cope with it? It is easy – simplify everything. When everything becomes chaotic, reduce the number of your commitments. Try to slowly get out of problems that look scary. Don’t give in. Time will solve everything.

Doing one thing at a time is the simplest way to start reducing your stress levels. Focus on small tasks, and soon small things will become big ones. In no time, you will get the job done, without even noticing it. Clear your mind of distractions. Choose something to work on, and don’t think about other problems. Getting things done without overthinking will allow you to move stress-free, and that is your main goal here!

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