5 easy ways to spruce up your rental apartment in Lake Worth

Spruce up your rental apartment in Lake Worth

Your apartment may not be your own place, but you still want it to feel like home. However, rented premises are not always the way you want them to be. The moment you finish moving household goods, they can become boring, and sometimes even creepy. But, there are ways to spruce up your rental apartment in Lake Worth.

Why do people want to upgrade their rental apartments in Lake Worth?

We all want to live in a place that suits our needs the best way possible. And also to reflect our personality and state of mind with our apartment design. But, that is not very easy when you are not the actual owner of the apartment. In order to satisfy both things, people have come up with some ideas on upgrading the rental apartment without making huge changes.

Living room
Hanging some interesting paintings can help you spruce up your rental apartment in Lake Worth

Since you do not own the property, you cannot easily upgrade walls, floors and kitchen appliances without proper notice. Thus, expressing your individuality and design style is not so easy when you just rent a room. Of course, your piano movers Florida can bring your favorite instrument, but that is not enough for personalizing. However, there are simple rental methods you can do to make your apartment feel like home. Here are some original and simple updates you can do yourself.

Here are 5 easiest ways to spruce up your rental apartment in Lake Worth

1. Install new faucets and showerheads

If you want to refresh the look of your kitchen, you do not have to remodel the entire kitchen. It would be very expensive and laborious. Instead, you can replace the faucet to give your kitchen a new spark. There are several types of faucet designs that you can look at and choose that will beautifully complement the existing color and texture patterns of your sink. Make sure you select the correct size and configuration so that the new faucet matches the sink correctly.

In the same way, you can upgrade your bathroom by replacing the showerhead. You can easily install a new shower head by unscrewing the old head, wrapping a new Teflon tape around the new showerhead, and then putting it on the shower.

2. Replace your door handles, knobs, and other small parts

Changes, no matter how small they may be, can revitalize your apartment. If the door handles and cabinet handles are old and worn (and sometimes even faded), you can simply replace them with new ones. What’s good about this is that you can buy handles in packs, which gives you great savings.

Some are in sets of five, ten or more. If you want a more intricate design, you have to pay a little more. You can do the same with your light switch plates, toilet paper holders, toilet seats, pegs, and hangers. These are very simple improvements, but they can spruce up your rental apartment in Lake Worth.

3. Improve your lighting

Add a new spark to the light in your space by upgrading your existing fixtures. To choose the right type of lighting, evaluate the function of each room and decide if it needs general lighting, lighting for work or accent lighting. When purchasing new lighting fixtures, carefully read the packages that contain information about the lumens and the intended use.

Instead of setting with ordinary bulbs, you can also wrap them in shades that will give a fresh shine to your apartment. While you can participate in simple do-it-yourself projects, such as redesigning containers as pendant lights, another idea you might consider is investing in smart home lighting, where you can create different types of lighting and play with them.

Ceiling lamp
This is your opportunity to show how creative you are

In addition, you can mix different lighting inside your space. Be playful and add some task lighting to your ceiling light. That way, you can still complete tasks even when the general light is off. For your cabinets and shelves, you can install rechargeable lamps and LED lights. You can find all of them on Amazon.

Before messing with anything electrical, make sure you turn off the power correctly. Use a circuit tester to make sure that the electricity is completely off. It is recommended that you also have a friend or someone who can help you connect the wires and fix the new lights to the ceiling or wall.

4. Maximize space

If you live in a small apartment, space can be a big problem. Living in smaller places can make you feel bored or depressed. However, with wise updates, you can still take a fresh look at space without taking up too much usable space. For example, instead of filling your apartment with several items of bulky furniture, you can use multi-purpose devices, such as a sofa bed or an ottoman with a place to store things underneath.

For your kitchen, instead of several base and wall cabinets, select a tall cabinet in which you can already place many plates, bowls and other items for cooking and eating. If you do not have enough workspace, you can install wall-mounted cutting boards or choose modular folding counters.

5. Spray fresh paint

This is the most logical update to fully give your apartment a refreshing look. It is also the best way to express your personality in your space. However, this is not the easiest update, since it takes a lot of time to prepare it and do the real work. Before you go shopping for paint cans, check the rental and talk to the landlord about painting. You can get permission to implement your project if you need to repaint the apartment to its original color after the end of the rental period, or your landlord can give you the right to paint it in any way convenient for you.

Wall painting
Why would they refuse free wall painting?

With all the tips above, updating your apartment does not have to be a daunting or difficult task. It also does not have to be expensive at all. With the right tricks, you can easily spruce up your rental apartment in Lake Worth, make your apartment about yourself and turn it into your real home.

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