Tips on how to hire high-quality piano movers

A close up of someone playing a piano.

Are you a proud owner of a grand piano you have bought after diligently working for years? Or is your piano a valuable piece you received as an heirloom? Whatever the situation may be, if faced with relocation, one of your biggest worries will be transporting it safely. And, of course, in a way that is budget-friendly, if there is such a thing. When it comes to piano moving, hiring a regular moving company won’t be enough. You need someone who specializes in moving this heavy object. But, how to hire high-quality piano movers without breaking the bank? Well, as a company with top piano movers Florida, that is a question we can easily answer.

What is the importance of hiring piano movers?

Before we delve further into the matter, let’s first cover one basic thing. A lot of people to this day don’t know why it’s so important to hire quality piano movers. Well, the truth is that pianos, as you already know it, are heavy and bulky objects. Moreover, they are extremely valuable, both sentimentally and money-wise. When it comes to the transport of both valuables and big and heavy objects, you should leave it to the pros. Moving companies like us, Moving Kings Van Lines FL have experience with relocating the aforementioned objects. Such teams will have no problems securing your items, disassembling them, and then setting them up again in your new home.

A child playing a piano.
Allow your kids to have the same fond memories of your piano as you do!

So, if you want to avoid a financial loss which will happen once you attempt to relocate a piano by yourself and damage it in the process, give a call to professional piano movers. Besides, attempting to relocate a piano on your own might end up with you being in the emergency room with a broken bone or a strained back. Do you even know how much a piano weighs? Think about it!

How to hire high-quality piano movers

When hiring plain old regular movers, there are certain qualities you would look for, right? Be it household or commercial movers you were looking for, local or long-distance ones, every relocation is unique. Why should it be any different when it comes to piano moving. So, when faced with the task of hiring these moving professionals, pay attention to the following traits.


Nothing, and we do mean nothing beats experience when it comes to moving professionals. When you hire movers who have been relocating these special objects, you can pretty much rest easy. You know they have had their fair share of experience when it comes to dealing with all piano types. Even if any problem does present itself, experienced piano movers will know the best and most efficient way of solving it. This is not to say that you must find a company that has been on the market for 20 years and more. No, a few years of experience should do the trick.

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How to hire high-quality piano movers is something you’ll know after learning which qualities to look for.


The next thing to look at is how well-equipped your potential piano movers are. No person or group of people can relocate a piano without special equipment. Sure, you may be used to lifting hundreds of pounds in the gym, but a piano is a challenge of its own. Not only does a company need to have a spacious moving truck, but also specialized moving equipment, that may consist of moving straps, dollies, and even cranes for the heaviest of pianos. Your right piano movers should be able to relocate any piano type safely and without any major setback.


Do you think piano moving is as easy as it looks? Do you think that all you need is some strength and you are good to go? Remember that looks can be deceiving sometimes. The truth is that piano movers have had to go through hours upon hours of training. They’ve had to learn how to transport a piano without:

  • Damaging the item itself
  • Damaging your property
  • Hurting themselves
  • Hurting other people

Safety is the operative word when it comes to this relocation type. Still wondering how to hire high-quality piano movers? Well, just inquire about their training and it should tell you everything you need to know. And always remember to tip your movers at the end of the day if you were satisfied with their services, of course. No harm can come from showing some appreciation.


In every single on Moving 101 book you read, you’ll see one recommendation, and that’s to get storage services. There are justified reasons for this. For starters, if moving long distance, there are plenty of situations where you won’t be able to move into your home as soon as you thought. Moreover, different problems can arise and, usually, all of them can be solved with a good storage solution. For that reason, when thinking about hiring piano movers, always make sure that they offer storage solutions, as well. It’s much easier to rent a unit from the same company that’s helping you relocate than to go about searching for a new one.

A view of storage units.
To know how to hire high-quality piano movers, you’ll have to think in advance.

Give yourself some time

Understand that this is not a process that can be done overnight, nor should it be. Don’t rush with making a decision as you could easily make a bad one. In life, some things take time, and this is certainly one of them. Are you still wondering how to hire high-quality piano movers? You really shouldn’t be after reading this article. Just make sure you look for the four traits mentioned here and we promise you that you can’t make a mistake. And, whatever you do, please don’t attempt moving a piano by yourself. It’s simply not worth it!

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