How to find a perfect storage unit when moving to Tampa

Do you have a lot of items that you need to move? We are pretty sure that the answer to this is positive. Usually, people only realize how many items they actually own when they begin to pack for the move. And as easy as it sounds, you can`t just get rid of every item that you don`t need at this moment. That is why now is a good time to find a perfect storage unit when moving to Tampa. If you store your items, chances are you will reduce a whole lot of stress when packing. And licensed movers Florida will safely transfer your items to the facility that you choose, stress-free.

Green storage units pictured in daylight - it's easy to find a perfect storage unit when moving to Tampa
Find a perfect storage unit when moving to Tampa by defining what exactly you need.

First things first – Define what you need

If you are looking to find a perfect storage unit when moving to Tampa, you need to define exactly what you need. This will make your search immensely easier and less stressful.

Make an inventory list

Making a decision to store units in Tampa, leads you to the next step. Go through all of your stuff, room by room. Decide which ones you will need to store and write them on paper. It will give you a much better insight into how much space will you actually need. Make sure that you store only items that you plan on using once the season is over, or once you move into your new house. There is no point in paying rent for stuff that you will never use, even if you are downsizing into a smaller apartment.

What type of items will you store?

Will you be storing items that require special temperature and other conditions? There is a difference if you are storing books, CDs or your car, for example, and storing clothes and furniture on the other hand. It is a good idea to call the storage facility and ask which categories of items require special conditions, just to be sure. No matter what type of items will you store, great movers Jupiter Fl will help you, though.

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Choose the right size of the storage unit in order to get the maximum out of it.

Storage size

Now that you know what you will be storing, it is time to decide what size of the storage unit will you need. Here, it is really important to choose the right size of the storage unit. If you choose a too large storage unit, you will end up paying more and you will have vacant space in the unit. On the other hand, if you choose a unit too small, you are in for frustration. If you have no place in the storage unit to stand and walk through it to take what you need it can get crowded really fast. Let us see what size you will need:

  • 25-50 square feet: – This size is enough to accommodate a one-bedroom apartment. Depending on how many items do you have, choose what suits you best.
  • 75 square feet: – Enough to accommodate a two-bedroom apartment. You will be able to fit everything in there, this size can receive around 150 medium-sized boxes. However, you can choose to store your furniture here as well, as there will be plenty of space for a couch and kitchen appliances.
  • 100 square feet: Enough to store a smaller 3-bedroom apartment or 200 medium-sized boxes. If you need to store such a huge amount of items, we know you will find a perfect storage unit when moving to Tampa.
a sign that says closed
Make sure to know the difference between the working hours and gating hours before you rent a unit in Tampa.

Follow these steps to find perfect storage unit when moving to Tampa

As with the tips on how to find a reliable moving company, the perfect storage unit will require you to do some research. Here are the things you should have in mind:

  • Compare prices – In order to find a perfect storage unit when moving to Tampa, it is essential to compare several storage facilities. Narrow the choice down to 5 different storage facilities and compare their prices. Also, see if you can get a discount.
  • Visit the websites of storage facilities or call them – See if they have a discount for the first month of storage. Usually, the first month costs only $1, and the prices tend to be lower if you are in for the long-term storage.
  • Check the reviews – Reviews are a great thing that tells you just how good or bad the storage units are. Based on the experience of the former users of storage units, you have been able to find a perfect storage unit when moving to Tampa.
  • Check the working hours – When you rent a storage unit, you will be able to go to the unit whenever you need something from it. In every storage facility, there are working hours and gating hours. The gating hours is the period of time when you can get in your storage unit. On the other hand, the working hours are for employees, so if you need to talk to them, you must check the working hours. If both working and gating hours suit you, you may have found your perfect storage.

Visit the storage unit before renting it

In order to be sure that your items will be stored in a perfect storage unit, it is best to see it for yourself. Insist that the employees show you the exact storage unit where you will store your items. Otherwise, if they just show you a similar unit, you will never be sure if the one you got is of worse quality.

We are certain that you will find a perfect storage unit when moving to Tampa if you follow the simple steps mentioned above. And, remember, store only the items that you plan on using later on. Good luck!

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