How to remodel your kitchen without breaking the bank

A few jars on a kitchen window

Home renovation is something we all must do from time to time, and it will not come cheap. Of course, this depends on our personal needs and preferences. But whichever part of your home you decide to remodel, it will require a lot of time and money. Some parts are fairly cheap, but some are a big investment. Therefore, we will help you remodel your kitchen in the best possible and yet most affordable way. After utilizing a few innovative ideas, you’ll emerge with a brand new kitchen without hurting your yearly budget.

A fine touch

Like we mentioned before, the basic idea is to remodel your kitchen with less money invested. If it means that you’ll invest a bit more time, that is fine. It is always better to do some things yourself. And your renovation does not have to be expensive. If you combine small affordable purchases and a few smart ideas, you’ll get a positive result.

This includes the utilizing of your kitchen space. Then, how cluttered are your floors and corners? Also, how many things are laying around and if your cupboards are well organized. You should cover all those subjects before you make a remodeling plan. Besides, you managed to transport the china cabinet safely. It would be a shame that you do not have a safe and gorgeous place to display it.

Colors will brighten up your space

Instead of buying new kitchen pieces, think about refurbishing the old ones. Re-painting wooden cabinets and surfaces will bring a fresh new look into your kitchen. And brand new smell too. But keep in mind that some materials are not easily painted over. Some cabinets and kitchen pieces are made of wood, plastic, and metal. Check out what you have and search online for the best method, depending on what you have. But two most common situations are that you need to either re-paint or re-surface.

Various colors you can use to remodel your kitchen
Choose a color and give your kitchen a fresh look

Also, you should keep the colors bright. White and blue will open up your space and you’ll have the notion that your kitchen is twice as big. Finally, use the same technique with the kitchen walls. White is the way to go, but you can always experiment with something new. If that is your choice. Think about this method when you are about to remodel your kitchen. With a few cans of paint and a bit of gloss, you’ll breathe a new life into your kitchen.

Let there be light!

Another very smart way to refresh your kitchen look is the light. If you are lacking proper lighting in your kitchen space, you won’t be able to see all those new colors you implemented. That is not good. Therefore, we need to let the light in. Best way to do it is by simply changing the overhead light with a decorative fixture and a stronger bulb. This will provide enough light for the whole room.

Secondly, if you know how it works with electricity, or have a friend to do it, it would be cheaper. Then you can install a few light spots on the sidewall near the kitchen sink.  Or simply installing LED lights which do not require any meddling with the electricity. Place them under, on top, or inside your kitchen pieces. That will bring enough light to the environment and keep the mood great. So, look for cheap lighting at your nearest utility store. Bring more light into your kitchen. It will make cleaning and cooking much more comfortable.

A few more lucrative ideas to remodel your kitchen

Here are a few minors that can improve the overall quality of life.

  • Walls – Keep in mind that walls are a huge part of your kitchen space. Utilizing that space wisely can double the current space you have. For example, you can install all sorts of hangers that can be used in various ways. You can either hang all your pots and skillets to be more accessible. Or just to have few wire hangers with cleaning rags and hand cloth. Possibilities are endless.
  • Floors – Like in any other part of the house, changing floors is the most expensive part. Therefore, you’ll need to invest a bit more if you are about to embark on such an endeavor. But, if you are not up for it now, a simple carpet or a kitchen rug will refresh your kitchen. It is an affordable temporary solution that is easily washable and replaceable.
  • Sink – Sink is the heart of your kitchen. You are spending most of your kitchen time next to it. So, when you are about to remodel your kitchen, do not forget to buy a new faucet. Give your sink a fresh new look, using the metal spray paint. But, use sandpaper to scrape off the old paint before applying the new one.
  • Backsplash – It is a problem for everyone. Therefore, you can install a few decorative tiles behind your sink and prevent the water from reaching your walls. There are many decorative options and materials. But one thing is certain, it is visually appealing and useful at the same time.

Find more space

Sometimes we have more kitchen appliances and dishes than we need. It requires you to find a space for it. Hence, declutter your drawers, and throw away or donate what you don’t need. Although, if you have the option of additional storage space, that would be good. Use the space you have in your attic, garage, or in a storage unit. If you do not have one, check your local cheap storage solutions.

Couple of cups and plates on a kitchen cupboard
Every item should have its place. Declutter regularly.

Changing the surface is the way to remodel your kitchen

Changing the surfaces and countertops is a very good option. It is affordable and yet, it will refresh your space and provide a new look. Wooden or ceramic countertops are the way to go. Simply by adding a sizeable wooden cutting board will bring a fresh look to that part of the kitchen. And while we are on the topic of surfaces, you should always keep them clean and accessible. Look around your kitchen and you will realize that you cluttered your space. We all do it since the kitchen is one of the places in the house with countless random items.

Therefore, check yours, and check if you can remove some of it. All those cans, bins, bags, and small random items can be placed somewhere else. For instance, you can reuse old moving boxes and place those items inside. Keep them all together in one, or a few boxes, depending on the nature of the items you are storing. Find a spot in the cupboard or remove them completely. It is important to keep your space clean and decluttered. Clean and obstruction free countertops will display a tidy message and open space.

In case you are moving

If you are thinking of moving to Orlando, you’ll have to find a suitable moving crew to assist you. That means that you should do research and find a trustworthy local company. Go online and find a couple of moving companies and do a background check. Check if they are reliable if they are licensed, and if they have all the means to perform. Since there is a lot to do, and time is short, a moving company is a way to go.

A girl researching on her laptop
Research and find a reliable moving company

Movers provide services for packing, unpacking, storing, and a plethora of other moving services. Check on their offers and purchase what benefits you the most. Hence, we will recommend checking out the West Palm Beach movers. Among them, you will for sure find a moving crew with amazing experience and knowledge in the moving industry. Hire your movers today and let someone else do the hard labor instead.

These were the most basic of ways on how to remodel your kitchen most affordably. There are many ways on how to do it, and we are sure that you’ll think of a few along the way. We hope that you’ll have a great time while improving your living space. Good luck!

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