What to do for family fun in Lake Worth FL

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What can you do for family fun in Lake Worth FL? Well, Lake Worth is a city in Palm Beach Florida. It has 35.000,00 citizens. The name of the city originates from the lagoon which hugs the eastern part of the city walls, called Lake Worth Lagoon. In 2019 the name of the city was changed to Lake Worth Beach. However, you probably know these facts, since you are reading this article. On that note, you are either:

  • visiting this city on a vacation or;
  • planning to relocate to Lake Worth (if so check out movers Lake Worth FL, which will provide you with the fastest and the most efficient local moving you will ever experience)
Lake Worth beach offers many family fun activities.
The Lagoon was named after General William J. Worth, who led U.S. forces during the last part of the Florida war, which was the longest and most costly of the Indian conflicts of the United States.

In either case, this city is an excellent choice for any of those two endeavors. Since the city has a total area of 6.46 square miles, it is gem packed with activities that will tickle your fancy. From exquisite cuisine to surfboarding. This city has it all. So no matter where you look there will always be something to do for family fun in Lake Worth FL.

Family fun in Lake Worth FL

Declared a town in 1918, Lake Worth has had a rapturous uprising. The Florida Land Boom in the 1920s gave rise to its economic growth and moving to Florida became popular. Nonetheless, this was followed by a series of unfortunate environment catastrophes and the Great Depression as well as the Second World War. However, since then the city has stabilized and is sewn with a tight-knight community with a steady economic and industrial growth. With a stable ground to stand on Lake Worth provides great tourist attractions and activities for families and friends alike! This article will deal with a few of them.

Visit Lake Worth Historical Museum for family fun in Lake Worth FL

The Lake Worth Historical Museum presents the history of Lake Worth in seven exhibit rooms.
The Lake Worth Historical Museum has an enormous archive of artifacts, books, photographs, and other materials that record the development of Lake Worth FL.

The donations are what founded the museum in 1981, not the taxpayers. To this day this remains true.  The non-profit organization called Lake Worth Historical Museum, Inc. and is its volunteers handle this institution. There is an exhibition that covers the cultural history of the immediate surrounding area of Lake Worth Beach. The national award for the best museum its size was awarded to this gracious foundation. Therefore this is a must for family fun in Lake Worth FL.

Street Painting Festival

Every year, around 600 artists converge to this city to create beautiful art pieces on the pavement with chalk. Painting the downtown streets of Lake Worth into a temporary gallery of art. Creating a diverse variety of large scale traditional, contemporary and 3D illusionist paintings on the street. The best part? It’s absolutely free! Make sure to check the street festival website for dates, as you do not want to miss this!

Finlandia Week

After World War II, a lot of Europeans immigrated to the United States of America. To this day Florida, and more specifically, Lake Worth Beach is booming with Finns.

Since summers are short in Finland, they rejoice in celebration every year to honor that part of their culture. This is called a Finlandia week in America. In Lake Worth, this festivity is organized in the Midnight Sun Festival. The program includes a plethora of activities. Finnish men carrying their wives. The wives rolling the men in wheelbarrows. Finnish food, crafts, and dancing. What is there not to love? The general admission is 5 $, but for kids under 4′ tall is free!

Lake Worth Tree Festival

Every year after the Street Painting Festival, Lake Worth organizes the Lake Worth Tree festival. Founded in 2005, this festivity educates the public about Florida native plants through educational presentations, hands-on booths, and plant sales. Every year there is a tree giveaway, and you do not want to miss that!

The William O. Lockhart Municipal Pier

The pier creates sandbars which catch ocean swells, making Lake Worth one of the most consistent surfing spots in South Florida.
The Lake Worth Lagoon offers many water activities, such as surfing.

Lake Worth Pier was the original name back in 1954. However, after the death of William O. Lockhart in 2003, the city commissioned to rename the pier in honor of his detrimental help to this community. Unfortunately, In 2004 hurricanes Frances and Jeanne and then Wilma decimated the Pier. However, rebuild, the Pier is now stronger than ever before. On a daily basis, you will see people fishing on the pier. Younglings surfing on the waves. Families basking in the sun, while their kids run around and play in the sand. This is a must-visit for people looking to spend some quality family fun in Lake Worth FL. It’s really easy to adjust to a neighborhood such as this one!

Bryant Park as the hub for family fun in Lake Worth FL

Bryant Park is a hub of activities in Lake Worth Beach. This is the place to be if you are looking for events and festivals that are currently ongoing. For instance, every year the city organizes an Easter egg hunt. Children can hunt for Easter eggs and there will be bounce houses and games. Followed by live music, food vendors and much more.

If golf is your forte, Bryant Park has you covered. It has two 18 hole championship golf courses. The Players Course is the original of the two courses and opened in 1974. The Champions Course was the host of the 2010 USGA Amateur Public Links Championship. You have 550 acres of unspoiled beauty to play with!

Honorable mention

In 2012, the city commissioned the opening Snook Islands Natural Area just north of Bryant Park. Amenities include a kayak launch, eight mooring slips, a fishing pier and nature walk around the mangroves of the southernmost of the Snook Islands. People can see dolphins, manatees and an assortment of tropical birds are including herons, ibises, egrets, oystercatchers, pelicans, cormorants, and other waterfowl.

Unlike when moving to Miami the high cost of living and traffic jams are not present in Lake Worth Beach. It is a perfect substitute. So what are you waiting for?


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