What to pack last on moving day?

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Moving is never easy. You need to plan everything in advance in order to make it work. Moreover, you need to prepare everything in advance as well. People who say that moving is easy obviously never had to struggle with packing. It is the only thing that can leave us in doubt over weeks, even months before the move. You can always call packing services Florida and have an easy way out, but what if you want to do it on your own? Fortunately for you, we have prepared a short packing guide. This will help you get a better grip on what to pack last on moving day.

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See what item fits each box before doing everything in the last minute

Make a list

So, in order to be prepared for the move, you need to make a packing list. The list should include all the items you think that you might need. Furthermore, you need to double-check the list every now and then just to make sure. Believe us, some things can often “go missing” even though you were sure you packed them. So double check everything!

The list should look something like this:

  • Essential items – All the items you can’t live without. Laptops, TV sets, your most prized possessions and items you simply can’t leave behind. Make sure that you set your priorities straight when making the list of essential items.
  • Necessary items – All the items without which you can get by, but would rather avoid it. Items such as some clothing items, blankets, pillows, et cetera, belong to this category.
  • Replaceable items – Items you can easily replace in your new location. Plates, knives, forks, a few chairs, et cetera.
  • Junk items – Items you will never need in your life. Junk items are usually those items which we never use but still keep around. Never bring junk along with you on your move. Getting a storage unit for your extra items is a good idea.

By making this list you will ensure almost a risk-free packing process. It sounds simple and all, but it is never easy. Make sure to double-check the list after double-checking it once! You can never be too sure when packing is concerned!

Things you should pack last on your moving day

So, you have made a list, great! This is the first step to packing only, there is still a lot to go! Now, since you have separated the items by their necessity value, you can start packing! Always make sure to pack the essentials and necessities first. That way you will have enough time to decide if you want to bring more items as well. For example, the first thing to pack is your laptop, your TV set, your most prized possessions, et cetera. But how to decide what to pack last on your moving day?

Carefully consider what you want to pack last on moving day
Carefully consider what you want to pack last on moving day

It is simple. You should call a moving company or hire professional help and check the details with them. Check BBB for the best reviewed one. They can approximate the costs of the move and you can decide if you want more items or not. The more you bring the more expensive it will be. So, if you have any items that you can leave behind, do it. This will make sure that your move is not as costly as it would be. whether it is a local move or long distance. Moreover, it will allow you to bring more valuable items. Pack last what you think would be worth it from the “replaceable items” on your list.

More things you would want to pack last

However, you do not want to pack only replaceable items last! If you have any breakable items or any items that might get damaged during the travel, you should pack them last definitely. You should focus on the bigger items first and move towards the smaller ones. That way you will feel more secure during transport. Moreover, if you are bringing any food, make sure that you pack that last. Food can get spoiled pretty fast, you don’t want that to happen! Pack food at the last possible moment before the move!

Breakable items should be packed last on your moving day as well. The storage in a transporting vehicle can only get smaller and smaller as you load it with items. You need to make sure that you know where your breakable items are. So, you will not be putting your porcelain sets in the back, nor the glass chandelier. Remember, you don’t want to accidentally break or damage your items, be careful.

Things to have in mind before the move

Before the move, you should have some other things in mind. If you are in any way not sure about the process of packing or anything else, you can call the moving company. Moreover, they will be able to help you with anything. They are professionals after all. Simply give a few calls, and you are good for the day. You can always rely on moving companies and some long distance movers, Florida, for example. They do this on a daily basis, you can trust them.

professional packer and mover
Professional movers can suggest what to pack last.

They are also experts on packing. If you are by any means not sure what items belong to which category, they can help. Furthermore, they will estimate the cost of the move. This way you will have everything under control. The professional services also include packing. They can do the entire process for you if you have any doubts. Do not forget this option.

The process of packing is opposite than the process of unpacking. You need to make sure that you can unpack everything you bring along. If you, for example, pack a hot tub or something that requires a lot of people, the same will be for unpacking. Make sure that you are always prepared for everything!

Overall thoughts

Packing and moving are never easy, once again. You are there to make sure everything goes according to plan. The more you prepare, the safer it will be. Pack last the breakable items and food items. This way you can avoid any bad situations that might happen. Moreover, make sure to call professionals if you need them. They are the safest option when you are not sure. It is your call, after all, so good luck and have fun packing!

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