Ways to reward movers for a job well done

reward movers for a job well done

The fact of the matter is – you never really need to reward movers for a job well done. Fundamentally speaking, it is their job to do a good job, if this makes any sense. Hence, before we proceed you need to understand that this is, in no way, pushing you towards any extra costs or extra concerns when it comes to the service of your movers. They are there to do a good job and to make sure you are one very satisfied customer. This is what all our moving agents strive towards. We offer the best moving and storage Florida experience and that is a fact. Many people who have experienced our services are more than aware of this fact. This is why many of the customers that we have are coming based on recommendations from friends and family.

However, in spite of all this, there are some moving agents that really wish to take everything an extra mile. This means going beyond the line of duty and doing something ‘extra’ for you. This is not something that we have instructed them to do. This comes out of their own free will and kindness of heart, in an attempt to turn you into another satisfied customer. Now, make no mistake. The extra things your movers do for you can be just tiny signs of curtesy. Or, it could go as far as them doing things you never imagined them doing. In my opinion, and based on my experience thus far, this is something that deserves extra encouragement. Still, this extra encouragement doesn’t need to be tons of cash, or something big. For small signs of courtesy and professionalism, you can reply with the same.

black man moving furniture
Your movers will always do a great job, no reward necessary!

Reward movers for a job well done – it will go a long way

Your movers will do their best to do their job. And, in most cases the job well done will be a given. I mean, you are paying money and you expect a job well done, this is normal. However, when a group of dedicated movers Wellington, for example, shows up at your doorstep you will easily see the eagerness in them to help out and do the best they can. The point is – no type of reward is mandatory. But if its an extremely sunny and hot day, and they are carrying a six people couch, you will see that they are getting tired. They can get exhausted. None of them are machines, after all (even though sometimes they are so good you think they are).

So, the bottom line is, if you wish to reward movers for a job well done – you will make them very happy. At some point, we need to focus on not losing the ‘humane’ factor. Not only in this example, but in every interaction we have with other people. Sometimes, you will be on the receiving end of this ‘reward’, and you should know just how happy it will make you. Sometimes, it can be a kind word. In other cases, it can be a glass of a cold refreshing drink. Details like this make all the difference in the world. Remember how good you feel when you receive just a pat on the shoulder, and know that they will feel the same way.

hand holding sweets
Not everyone likes sweets, but everyone appreciates a reward!

So, what are the ways to reward movers for a job well done?

As mentioned before, none of these ways to reward movers for a job well-done need to be big or expensive deeds. It can go from a kind word to a tip, it all depends on how you feel in this situation. And how well the job will be done will dictate how much you will wish to go out of your way. You may have some extra money lying around if you deduct some moving expenses. Just do not think that this is a suggestion to give extra money, you’ve already given enough. If you enjoy doing so – feel free to do it. But, it is not necessary.

Offer a kind word

The simplest thing you can do is to be courteous. It takes very little effort and it costs nothing. If you see that they are trying really hard and that they are polite – respond with the same measure. Try to acknowledge that what they are doing is really hard, and you should try to make them feel comfortable. Even if you are unpacking by yourself, an occasional ‘good job guys’ can really take them a long way. Everyone loves to feel appreciated, and they do too. Also, invite them to take a breather. Sometimes they won’t feel comfortable to take a break, and breaks are welcome, desired even. If they don’t take short rests they could get hurt or damage something. So make sure they are comfortable with this.

Offer refreshments

Another thing that you can do, and that costs very little money and effort is to offer some refreshments. If its a hot, sunny day you can make some lemonade with ice and hand it out to the guys. This will allow them to both take a break and get hydrated because remember – they are doing very difficult manual labor. This will allow them to take a small break, it will refresh them and they will feel like humans. They will feel appreciated. And this will take them longways.

glass of water with vegetables
A good refreshment goes a long way towards happiness!

Give them a tip

Last but not least, you are always allowed to give them a tip. You don’t have to, and it is not mandatory in any way, but if this is how you wish to express your appreciation and reward movers for a job well done – you can. This will absolutely put a smile on their face. They are not rich, and every bit of money helps!



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