How to prevent mold in your storage unit?

prevent mold in your storage units to save yourself form a nightmare

One of the most persistent nuisances you can ever encounter is mold. To make matters worse, mold that can be found in a storage unit is a true nightmare. This is why we are going to discuss a few ways to prevent mold in your storage unit! This persistent nuisance can ruin almost anything you decide to store, so it is imperative to start dealing with the matter as soon as it becomes visible. You can’t ignore this. Storage units are simply an amazing tool that you can have in your arsenal. Storage Lake Worth is at your entire disposal, for whenever you might need it. And the needs for storage are plenty!

prevent mold in your storage unit to save yourself from infected walls in the future
This can be a huge pain in the neck!

You can use storage units either for when you are moving. Likewise, you can simply use them at any moment! I can’t remember when I wasn’t in a too cramped up place where I didn’t need some extra storage room. Storage units become quite handy in these scenarios! Imagine living in a 40 square meter apartment, but you have a collection of books you have to pack somewhere. Having no basement, and other alternatives, you are able to rent a storage unit. In there, you can store almost anything you could ever dream of! Books? No problem! Stack up shelves and pack as many books as your heart desires.

And not only that, you can pack a lot of things in your storage unit! Unless, of course, mold strikes. In this unfortunate scenario, you could end up losing all your books, and more. But fear not! There are ways to prevent mold in your storage unit, and we are going to discuss just that!

Prevent mold in your storage unit – it isn’t that hard!

Ask any moving services Florida, and they will tell you the same – storage units are a blessing. They do so much for you that it makes them worth it any day! But, little hiccups such as mold can ruin the entire experience and convince you otherwise. We are here to help you battle this forsaken enemy! It isn’t hard, and prevention is the cure for all mold-related issues.

As long as you dedicatedly battle mold before it even occurs, you are pretty much all set. But, how do you prevent mold in your storage unit? The trick is usually found in Home Depot or any other store of similar nature. In there you can find complete isles, if not sections dedicated to fighting and preventing mold. Believe it or not, this is an enemy of many, and industries have paid close attention to mold and in the ways of getting rid of it.

But, before we speak about removing it – we need to understand what mold is and how it comes to be. In the most layman of terms, mold is a mushroom. Well, technically it is a fungus, but it all comes down to mushrooms for us who don’t really care about the theoretical approach. What this means for us is that it is a living organism that ‘sprouts to life’ when all the conditions are met. In humid circumstances, where there is anything from wood, paper or drywall – fungus sprouts to life. From that point on, it multiplies taking over entire surfaces. These are the green smudges you start seeing on your walls. How do you battle it? You don’t. It is far easier to make sure it never occurs, and there are a few ways to achieve that.

microscopic look at mold
This is technically a fungus.

Prevent mold in your storage unit – check for humidity

Basically, the first thing you always want to do is measure humidity. You can use a simple tool for it that will measure the humidity of the room as well as the neighboring rooms. If it shows signs of anything above zero, you are at some sort of risk. In this scenario, you need to determine the source of this humidity. Maybe it’s a burst pipe somewhere or something located in nearby storages that evaporates to an extent. Humidity like this almost never happens for no reason, and out of thin air. If it’s there – something has to be causing it. Try to discover what this is in order to try to remedy it.

Use special paint

Alternatively, there is one thing you can do that will almost guarantee that you will prevent mold in your storage unit. Try using very specialized dry paint. This paint is something you can use to re-paint your entire storage unit. If done properly, you are more or less fully secured from any mold ever having a chance to appear in your storage unit.

a wall covered in mold
It can spread more than you can imagine. And fast too!

On the other hand, there is something else you can do. First, grab a blow dryer or any type of heat – shooter. Make sure to dry out all the walls, 100%. There can’t be a single humid piece of wall. Once done, you can use a very special spray coating that goes over the existing paint. It’s in a spray can, so it will be rather easy to apply. Once you are certain all the walls are completely dry, take the spray can and cover all the accessible surfaces of the storage unit. This way you will be absolutely certain that your surfaces are protected and are not accepting any mold. Prevention is key.

In case it happens anyway…

The key to a remedy for mold is making sure to physically dry out the wall, especially parts infected by mold. This might take hours sometimes, but it can’t be helped. You need to dry out the infected wall before you can start doing anything. Once done, grab a sharp object and start scraping until all is gone. Once you remove everything, grab the same spray as mentioned above and run it over the surface. This should do the trick! If you get lost, our local moving services are at your entire disposition!


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