How to spend summer in Oakland Park FL

A pier.

The summer season is always associated with happiness and liberty. While summer is a magical season on pretty much any place on the planet, it is particularly amazing when spent in the Sunshine State. And if you are looking for a perfect summer getaway in Florida, you should certainly put Oakland Park on the list of possible places. In fact, one trip to Oakland Park is usually all it takes for people to get on the phone and call movers Oakland Park FL! Whether you are moving or just visiting this beautiful place, here are a couple of ways to spend summer in Oakland Park FL!

A person holding an ice cream cone.
Enjoy this summer in one of Florida’s hidden gems – Oakland Park.

Pretty much any activity in Easterlin Park is a great way to spend summer in Oakland Park FL

Do you feel like a day in nature always promises to make for a fun day? If you do, then paying a visit to Easterlin Park will certainly be worth your while. It’s a good park if you want to take a leisurely stroll, a vigorous hike, or have a fun day playing volleyball with your friends. Easterlin Park is a great place for both singles and families, as well as large groups of friends. What are some amenities that this park has that make it a perfect place for spending summer in Oakland Park FL?

  • Easterlin Park has many camping areas which are also suitable for barbequing.
  • The surrounding area is beautiful, with two lakes, plenty of trees, and wildlife.
  • Trails for walking by yourself or with your dog.
  • Playground for the kids.
  • A bathroom which is available near the main office.

And now for possibly the best part about Easterlin Park – it’s almost completely free to spend a day in this beautiful spot. The entrance fee is only $1.50 without any fee for children 5 and under, making it a perfect place to have fun on a budget.

A woman looking at an orange piggy bank.
Trying to have fun this summer while on a tight budget? No worries!

The people who live near Easterlin Park say that they spend almost all their free time in this beautiful park. And, who knows, perhaps you will do the same if you decide to move to Oakland Park. With the right moving services Florida, you could be living in your dream home within weeks.

For an experience that’s really out of the ordinary, visit Garman Sculpture Works

At the end of our lives, memories are all that we are left with. And if you want to make a great memory which also comes in a physical form, just visit Garman Sculpture Works. The process begins with a phone call through which you will make an appointment. The workshop is in an industrial area with Funky Buddha Brewery close by, which is a place that makes great craft beers and where people usually stop after visiting Garman Sculpture Works. It’s certainly a great place where you can sum up your experience.

Once you enter the premises, you will be greeted by a person that will walk you through the process and potentially give you some ideas about what you can do, but the choice is all yours. When you decide what type of sculpture you want, the process will begin. The mold will be brought out and once the molding process is done, you are free to go home. When your sculpture is done, you will get a phone call and arrange the pick-up.

Oakland Park makes for a good home by many standards, but it’s places like this that really make it a unique place in Florida. With this sculpture in your home, you’ll have a permanent reminder of that perfect summer in Oakland Park FL you once spent!

A beach to visit this summer in Oakland Park FL.
Summer is the season you’ll want to remember for good things only!

For an educational summer, visit Ethel M. Gordon Oakland Park Library

We know that you probably never dreamed about spending your summer cooped up in some library. But if this does sound like the perfect vacation for you, then you’ll want to visit Ethel M. Gordon Oakland Park Library. What those who visit it frequently have to say about it is that this is a small, homey library with the friendliest staff ever. No matter the problem you have – they are more than happy to fix it!

But that’s not all – the books they have in here can help you with anything. From learning how to relocate your family stress-free to learning the French history, this is the place to do it. Even if the library doesn’t have a book on a topic you are interested in, you are more than welcome to find the necessary sources online. With WiFi and public access computers, surfing the web is as easy as ABC. 

The best part? If you own a membership card, an entire day in Ethel M. Gordon Oakland Park Library won’t cost you a thing. Now you’ll have to admit that the best way to spend a productive summer in Oakland Park FL is by acquiring new knowledge, and this is just the place to do it. So work on getting your membership card and finish off the summer as a new and improved version of you!

Your summer in Oakland Park FL is bound to be an amazing one!

No matter which activity you end up choosing, this summer in Oakland Park FL will certainly be a great one. After all, you know what they say – it doesn’t matter where you are, as long as you are with the right people. And the location is already a great one! Now all that’s left is to find the right group of people that will help you make this summer an unforgettable one!

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