The best rooftop bars in Orlando to visit

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There is nothing better than enjoying yourself on a rooftop bar after a tiring relocation. Of course, relocation is never tiring with experienced movers Oakland Park, so we can gladly recommend them. With more than a dozen rooftop bars in Orlando, we have chosen only the best for you. You certainly deserved to have fun and enjoy the magnificent view from above. We hope that you are not afraid of heights, as this is a very high experience that everybody should try.

best rooftop bars in Orlando have handcrafted cocktails, a man at the counter is making cocktails
The best way to relax after the move is to visit some of the best rooftop bars in Orlando

One80 Skytop Lounge

This rooftop bar is the first on our list of the best rooftop bars in Orlando. It is one of those places that makes you use all moving services Florida and move to Orlando immediately. Located on the 17th floor, it gives you quite an amazing view of the city. The panoramic view is paired with beautifully decorated both interior and exterior of the bar. This beauty comes with a price, though, so you will need a bit extra money for the night. There are also VIP seatings, hence if you want to be seen, this is the right place for you. One80 Skytop Lounge will give you a sensation as if you are on top of the world, with great cocktails,  insanely comfortable sofas and a pleasant company.

Hanson`s Shoe Repair

While you are adjusting to your new home, there is no reason why you should not explore the city and its best rooftop bars. Located in one of the oldest buildings in Orlando, this bar is really worth visiting. There are several things that make it unique, one of which is the fact that you actually need a password to go in. The password can be obtained if you call the bar between 1-7 pm, or through their Twitter account. Live music is another thing that makes this place among the best rooftop bars in Orlando. You will enjoy yourself, we can guarantee you that.

This is not the end of surprises when it comes to this bar, as they offer cocktails that you have never tried. There are no usual cocktails, everything depends on the imagination of the bartender and their cocktail menu is really rich. What is also cool is that there are only about 30 seats, so it might get crowded at times, but the most important thing is to have fun.

a steak arranged with cheese on top
Many of the rooftop restaurants offer delicious steaks, just make sure you make reservations one day ahead


For those of you who are not comfortable with drinking high above the ground, Latitudes is the perfect place for you. With them being this cool, you will not notice that a rooftop bar on the 3rd floor does not actually have a breathtaking view. Here you will find yourself going through the Chillers bar on the ground floor, and then you will go by the Big Belly bar on the 2nd floor, only to arrive at Latitudes. A great thing is, you might meet your new neighbors here, as this bar is very popular.

The inside of the bar is amazing, as well as the outside, as you will have a feeling that you have stepped on a beach. The decoration is quite something and you will remember it for a long time, as they have outdone themselves. If you are in the mood for some tropical cocktails, you are in the right place. What is really fantastic here, next to the beachy vibes, are the prices. Namely, there is a happy hour where you can get 3 drinks for the price of 1. Even for the most suspicious ones of you, this must seem great and judging by the happy customers, it is.

Aero Rooftop Bar and Lounge

A perfect place for a night out, except that this is on a rooftop and not in a club. It certainly gives an edge to the whole experience. Filled with plenty of people, live DJs, and excellent cocktails, you will want to repeat this Saturday night. As in the Latitudes, you have an option to choose between the bars that lower in the building, The Patio, and 64 North, but we recommend that you go straight to the Aero.

The terrace is mostly used for dancing, but you can rent private cabanas if you want to be seated. There are sofas and tables, in Copacabana style, so we are sure that you will love it. If you rent a place to seat, you will have a feeling that you are VIP, as it is very comfortable.

people toasting with cocktails
In these rooftop bars, you will find everything from wine, cocktails, beer, you name it, they have it

Other rooftop bars in Orlando

As we already mentioned, there are more than a dozen rooftop bars in Orlando. And although they all deserve a special place here, we are going to mention just a few more.

  • Eleven at Reunion Resort – Next to handcrafted cocktails, you will be enjoying a pretty good steak here, which is a major plus, as you can agree. Additionally, in the evening you can witness beautiful fireworks at Epcot. The only flaw is that the bar is quite small, so reservations are necessary one day before.
  • STK Orlando – You do not have to wait for the evening to visit this gorgeous rooftop, as they serve brunch on the weekends, and we are glad. You can choose between the inside of the bar and the outside. If you are into DJs, you can be inside, but if you just want to have dinner and enjoy the view than outside is perfect for you.
  • Capa Spanish Steakhouse – But steaks are not the only specialty here. They say that their wines are among the best ones served in Orlando. It is quite a romantic place, so you will not have to think twice about where to go out next. They have delicious seafood as well, and fireworks are just a cherry on top of the cake.

We hope you will enjoy any of the above-mentioned rooftop bars in Orlando, as their reputation is astounding. What is common for all of them is a pleasant atmosphere and lovely people. And of course a great view. Enjoy!



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