Top Florida suburbs for families

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Planning on moving to Florida any time soon? Congratulations! Whatever the reason for your relocation is, like education, profession, career or just to start a new, you should always pick a place that is the best for your family! We thought about this and decided to present you with some of the best Florida suburbs for families!  This way you will know more about these places and it will be easier to decide where to move!

One of the top Florida suburbs for families is Davis Islands

Located in the near neighborhood of Tampa, Florida, this particular suburb has a population of over 5,200 residents. It belongs to Hillsborough County, which makes it one of the most desired places to raise a family in Florida. What you can expect here is a modern and dense sense of suburban life, where most of the people living here own their houses. Meaning, the percentage of renters is very low. You can enjoy your Sunday afternoon in a lot of restaurants, parks, coffee shops and local bars. Also, people of all ages and professions live in Davis Islands. So if you decide to move here with your family, get ready to live in a miniature city. What’s most important to know about this place is the high ranking of their educational system as well as affordable housing.

Affordable houses in Davis Islands as one of the top Florida suburbs for families
Affordable houses are what makes Davis Islands one of the top Florida suburbs for families

Davis Islands are always a top choice for anyone who wants to raise a family in a good neighborhood. Knowing this, it will make it easier to focus on finding a perfect moving company that can help you with your moving to Florida. Put your mind at ease and leave it to the professionals to take care of your relocation!


Weston is one of the perfectly planned places. What makes these places wonderful is the fact that the city itself was designed by the people who made Walt Disney World. So you can bet that it was made with style and a good taste. Weston officially became a city in 1996, when it also became a part of the Miami metro area. It is located right next to the Everglades. It holds a tittle as one of the most affordable suburbs in Florida. Besides that, it is also one of the most desirable places for families and young professionals.

a kid drawing
Weston has great educational system

If you like to enjoy artistic events and galleries then Weston is the place to be. Take your children to all of those different art places and introduce them to the world of art. This is exactly why Weston is one of those Florida suburbs for families you can enjoy fully.  And if you have school-aged children then good news! The education is Weston is highly rated and respected. As for the affordability of the houses, the prices range from $ 100.000 to several million. So you will surely find something that is suitable for you and your family!

And, while you can focus on house hunting, to make it easier, you can find reliable movers with ease. Furthermore, you can have an exceptionally professional moving services Florida as well!


As one of the best Florida suburbs for families, Fish Hawk is a place that will leave you breathless. With a population of almost 20,000 people. It also belongs to Hillsborough County, and by the standards it holds, it is also one of the most desirable places to live with family in Florida. Want to know how it is to live here? Well, you will meet a lot of rural mixed feelings, and you will be happy to know that most of the people own their homes.  Take your kids out for a walk in many parks after they are done attending one of the most respected schools in the county.

Nothing sparks the imagination in our children as good games and stories. And if you want to help your kids adapt fast to your new home, then you should definitely organize some game nights where you will all enjoy playing. What’s good to know is what are the top games to play with your family! It will surely bring you a lot of joyful moments!

Rowena Gardens

As a neighborhood in Orlando, the population of this suburb is just about 1,300 people. It belongs to Orange County,  and people really love living here. If you want to live in a suburb that has a good mix of urban feeling and with all the homeowners then this is the place for you. Like many others we mentioned before, there are a lot of parks bars, restaurants and other shops in this small place. As for political views, this suburb tends to be liberal. And the quality of life is regarded as one of the best in Florida. Enjoy everything that Rowena Gardens offer you while your kids attend good schools in this area.

people in the restaurant
There are many restaurants you can enjoy here

Because this place is good for families, that should be a reason enough to move in. And, the endgame of your relocation will be happiness and peace. But, before that, you will probably have to deal with relocating with children. No, problem, just follow a simple long distance moving with children guide and you will be on your way!


These are what we consider as one of the best Florida suburbs for families! We hope that our guide helped you with your moving decision and made it easier to chose where to move to. If you already lived here, please tell us more about it! We will be happy to hear from you!

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