Moving to Tampa – tips and hints

Tampa harbour

You are thinking about moving to Florida, but you are still not sure which city is good for you. Making a list, Tampa is probably one of the options. If you still haven’t decided whether moving to Tampa is a good idea, read this guide with some main tips and hints about moving to this great city.

moving to Tampa is a great idea
Tampa is a great place to live

Why moving to Tampa is a great idea?

This welcoming, mid-sized city can be a good place to move to. There are many advantages to consider when moving to the Cigar city, but here are some of them.


The city of Tampa has a great location. It is situated in the Tampa Bay area, and it offers a lot of charming spots and neighborhoods. Tampa is the third largest city in Florida, with over 350,000 inhabitants.  The population of this city is growing every day, and it makes the city more and more popular in the area.


If you like warm Florida sun, Tampa is a great choice for you. On average, it has around 250 sunny days every year. The average temperature is around 22 degrees C, with a humid, subtropical climate. Normally, snow is almost never an option so enjoying the beach, surfing and making sand castles are number one activity. Furthermore, there are high chances that you will have a home with a view of the bay.


The culinary scene in Tampa is something its inhabitants are very proud of. The diversity of restaurants offers a variety of dishes that you can try. This means that you can always try something new in this foodie, multi-ethnic destination.

moving to tampa offers you a lot of food chioces
Different food choices in Tampa are available for foodies

Cost of living

Tampa is famous for being an affordable city. Costs of having a house are around 25% lower than the country’s average. Furthermore, the unemployment rate is quite low as well, which makes it a perfect place to live in. Also, there is no state income tax and house taxes are around 2 percent.

How to move to Tampa

Once you decide to move, you might think the hardest part is over. However, every moving process takes planning and organizing.  You need to think in advance and prepare for the move. Here are the steps you should follow:

  1. Find the best neighborhood in Tampa – this city has a lot of neighborhoods. Each of these suits different lifestyles, so you need to explore it and see which one suits you the best. The best way to do this is to go around the city and imagine living in a certain part of it. Consider the commute time, the shops you like and other interests.
  2. Hire a moving company – especially if you are moving from far away, hiring a professional moving company to help you move is a great idea. They will deal with the moving your stuff safely and quickly. You can do it by yourself, of course, but you risk damaging or losing some of your valuables. That’s why handing that part of the moving to Tampa process to professionals is something you should definitely consider.
  3. Find a job in Tampa – if you already don’t have a job, try to find one before you arrive. As we already mentioned, the unemployment rate is quite low here, so it shouldn’t be difficult for you to find a career that you like. Another positive side is cultural diversity, which opens doors for many jobs regarding languages. Some of the industries that are popular in Tampa are finances, healthcare, shipping, etc.
  4. If you have a business, consider relocating it – having a business in another city is not a problem. Nowadays, you can easily hire a moving company that offers commercial moving services and relocate your offices. This process is something you need to plan in advance, so start thinking about moving your business on time.
  5. Find a school for your kids – if you have children, you probably worry about their education opportunities when moving to Tampa. You shouldn’t worry about this since there are many options. There are the University of South Florida, the University of Tampa, and for younger children – Hillsborough County School District offers excellent choices. However, you should think about this before you choose a neighborhood in Tampa, so it can be easier for you and your kids to go to school every day.

Renting a home in Tampa

If you are about to rent an apartment in Tampa, there are some things you should know. First of all, it can be pretty hot here, so the apartment you choose needs to have air condition. Also, having a washer and a dryer is a good option, since laundry rooms can be very crowded and take a lot of your time. Next, check the rental rules and tenant rights carefully, since they can be very different in different states. You should also know that the average rent is around $1178 a month, and it is lower than average in the US.  Many landlords will ask for a proof of income and will do a credit check before they rent a unit to you.

Things to do in Tampa

Moving to Tampa is far away from moving to a boring city. There are many things to do here. There is a rich nightlife, many restaurants, and breweries that you can visit on weekends. Some more attractions of Tampa include:

  • the Aquarium – sharks, stingrays and other pieces of marine fauna are always a great thing to see!
  • Beaches – some of the most popular Florida beaches are just a short drive away!
  • Zoo – the Tampa Zoo offers different attractions and events throughout the year. You can enjoy a safari trip, yoga in the wild, and different events for the youngest.
moving to tampa gives you access to beautiful beaches
Florida beaches are a short drive away

As you can see, moving to Tampa is definitely a great idea. You just need to plan your move carefully and think ahead. We hope that this guide to moving to Tampa helped you chose this sunny city as your new home.

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