Things to do for fun in Lake Worth FL

Things to do for fun in Lake Worth FL

A young yet historic city on Palm Beaches, Lake Worth combines cutting-edge art and high-tech cultural offerings with more than 1,000 ancient buildings. This stylish, vibrant city center is the base of the Palm Beach County Cultural Council and Lake Worth Theater. As well as the annual city parade and street painting festival. You might be wondering what are some other things to do for fun in Lake Worth FL.

This western art community, filled with coffee houses, antique shops, mom and pop restaurants and art galleries, will surely give you the opportunity to experience the art of living in Florida. No wonder many people hire movers Lake Worth FL and move there.

Girl on the beach
And the beach is just one of the reasons why you should move there

Here are 10 things to do for fun in Lake Worth FL

1. Lake Worth Downtown

This vibrant city center is best described as colorful, artistic, and bohemian. Along the two main streets, Lake Avenue and Lucerne Avenue, visitors can stroll through an eclectic mix of shops, restaurants, art galleries, music venues and unique specialty stores. Lake Worth has become the center of the finest visual arts, experimental music, dance and theater groups. And its abundance is reflected in many local boutiques, art galleries and public art that dot the central streets. You can buy enough stuff that you will have to take storage units Lake Worth FL. One thing not to be missed is the annual Street Painting Festival, where colorful murals fill avenues.

2. Palm Beach County Cultural Council

At the headquarters of the Cultural Council in the historic building of Robert M. Montgomery Jr., located in the city center, you will find galleries of exhibitions by local artists. As well as the Roe Green Uniquely Palm Beach Store, which features beautiful jewelry, bags, accessories made by artists, and books made at The Palm Beaches. While you’re there, head to Visitor Information Center and grab the Council’s award-winning art and culture magazine. As well as brochures and publications from cultural organizations throughout Palm Beach County.

3. Lake Worth Theater

The Lake Worth Theater is occupied by the former Oakley Theater, the oldest building on the Palm Beach County Art Deco Registry. Today, the Playhouse is proud to offer many major and alternative programs, both live and in film. Year-round programming includes award-winning dramas, comedies, musicals, premieres, Broadway favorites, children’s shows, international ballets and movie operas, as well as a series of live concerts. In addition to a theatrical performance on the main stage, Playhouse presents daily independent and foreign films at the Stonzek Theater, an intimate black-box theater equipped with a large screen for viewing and high-definition projection.

4. Cottages of Lake Worth

Lake Worth Cottages allow locals and visitors to experience the backstage atmosphere of Key West historic cottages. As well as the hidden beauty of Lake Worth. The city has a cottage heritage unique to South Florida. There are about 1,000 cottages in Lake Worth, many of which are located on 25-foot-wide plots of up to 1,000 square feet. During a house tour in cottages, visitors can check out more than 10 of these fancy cottages, as well as get the opportunity to chat with hospitable homeowners who embody living large in small spaces.

5. Lake Worth Casino Building & Beach Complex

On the shores of the Atlantic Ocean is a historic building and the Lake Worth Casino beachfront complex. Perfect for soaking up the sun and admiring the scenic views. The new casino building remains faithful to the original architecture of the 1920s. Although there is no gambling in the new building, the name “Casino” remains a reminder of the history and importance of this building for Lake Worth residents.

Pier Lake Worth
There are also other things to do for fun in Lake Worth FL in that area

The complex has an oceanfront park and picnic area. Beach beds and umbrellas can be rented on the beach. In addition, you will find William O. Lockhart’s famous city pier, a popular fishing spot for locals where you can also dine by the ocean at Benny’s Beach Restaurant. It is a perfect place for family fun in Lake Worth. This modest little water shack is known for fresh seafood, but they also make delicious American breakfasts and pastries.

6. The natural area of the Snook Islands

The Snook Islands Nature Area, part of the Lake Worth lagoon, provides 100 acres of wetland for tropical birds such as oystercatchers, cormorants, herons, and pelicans, as well as dolphins and even manatees. It also has a long list of amenities that the public can use, including an accessible 545-foot boardwalk and indoor viewing platform, 590-foot fishing pier, kayaking/canoeing, two bike racks, two training kiosks, three benches and three small preschool berths for six boats and a water taxi. There is no parking directly at the Natural Area, but there is street parking to the west of the municipal golf course.


The new HATCH 1121 building can be found at the intersection of the FEC and Lucerne Avenue railways, west of Lake Worth city center. Widely known as a frescoed building called The Great Wall of Artists, HATCH 1121 has become a place that connects society through culture and art. This newly refurbished exhibition space is located in the Art Overlay area of Lake Worth and is managed by LULA Lake Worth Arts. The name LULA comes from two main streets in downtown Lake Worth: LU for Lucerne Avenue and LA for Lake Avenue.

8. Benzaiten Creativity Center

The Benzaiten Creativity Center is located in the historic train depot. The center is run by renowned glass artist Rick Eggert. This 14,000-square-foot complex has a glass studio and a hot shop where you can watch live narrated glass-blowing demonstrations. As well as exhibit beautiful, hand-made sculptures by local craftsmen. Visitors can also take a basic glass blowing course. There they will have the opportunity to see how magical glass work can be. In the lesson, the participants get a step-by-step guide on creating a basic form of glass. And the next day they will make a piece to take it home.

9. Bamboo room

The Bamboo Room is one of the best live music venues in South Florida where you can enjoy underground music. The main room has excellent acoustics, a magnificent view of the big stage and a good place in the house! Any evening you will see classic rock, blues, indie rock, jazz, dance music, folk and everything else. What is a better way to beat the post-move blues than with the actual blues? There are many parking spaces and it is only a few minutes walk from various shops and galleries.

10. Fun Depot

Fun Depot is an entertainment center for the whole family, which has a half-mile go-kart track, an interactive laser arena for 30 people and batting cages (currently closed during the repair) for a heartbreaking and fun pastime. They also have over 200 video games for endless arcades. From the latest games to the classic games of the old school, you will surely get a lot of fun. Try your luck at the slot machine, bet on the game of poker. Or go to the races and give the opportunity to ride. If you need prizes, they got it too!

Winning prizes
Buy your fun pass for great prizes in the prize center

There are plenty of things to do for fun in Lake Worth FL. All you need to do is to make a decision on where to go first. Take your time and try to enjoy everything completely.

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